Report on Penang Forum’s meeting with CM


The Penang Forum Steering Committee had a meeting with the Chief Minister last month to raise issues of concern.

In the interest of transparency, the Steering Committee have come up with a report summarising the discussions that took place during the three-hour meeting on 16 October 2011. (I had mentioned briefly the topics that were discussed at this meeting in my blog last month.)

Read the report on the Penang Forum website.

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If the angmos come out with such as comment without scientific study, they will get sue for defamation. See if the Angmos do that in their country? Can an expert made a comment just base on seeing unless one is THE GOD and knows everything. Angmos are not as good as one thing. UMNO Governent which build the Kuantan Port using Angmos know how and technology are no longer operating. What happen to Kuantan Port? Ah Soon Khor is deep silence on this matter. To some it is a crazy idea but to others, they see different just like a… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

On Siltation at Gurney Drive PF showed pictures of mud flats etc. CM said the Developer’s Consultant had claimed that the silting was caused by the dredging at the port(?!) Experts from PF revealed that Danish hydrological consultants (without prejudice and study) had observed the site quite carefully and postulated (again without prejudice) that the siltation was from the E&O/Straits Quay project. The CM asked PF to find a reputable international independent consultant and recommend to the State. PF stated that the study should be independent of E&O and the developers involved in the land reclamation deals should contribute to… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

On Land reclamation policy PF stressed that a comprehensive Land Reclamation Policy was required. The State should conduct its own Master Plan which can then be tendered out but it cannot wait to be presented with proposals on a case-to-case basis. Reclaimed land should be alienated on leasehold basis and never on a freehold basis. This is enshrined in the National Land Code 1965. The State should ensure that any reclaimed land should always leave some area for public parks, green spaces, usage and access. PF suggested a minimum of 30 per cent, the CM responded by saying he was… Read more »


Because of frequent appearance of Ong Eu Soon in your blog I decided to switch reading to other bloggers.
Sad but true.

Nk Khoo

Did your mother stop you? No need to take Anil in ransom, only idiot will listen to your nonsense.


To be honest, Ah Soon can be very annoying at times…

I wrote to Teh Yee Cheu about the road in Tg Bungah, and to my surprise he gave me a detailed reply. That will never happen in BN government !!!

We expect Penang to be turned around overnight with everything puts in the right perspective but do we realise that Federal is holding the funds???

The one who calls people idiot is actually the bigger one !!!

Sze Tho

Those who are so quick to throw up remarks about other people’s mothers show a distinct lack of upbringing. As can be seen by their habitual insults of opposing view…threats to flame others…and yet claim to be of intellect. Amusing isn’t it?

Donat Anthony Theseira

It would not be such a wise move to rush into mega housing projects in Penang at the present time. The State would do well to first solve the present traffic problem that has become become a huge public nuisance. The slow moving traffic in both directions on the Penang Bridge is a daily thing. Has there been any study to calculate the amount of fuel that is wasted and at the same time the contribution to global warming? We are messing with the environment. Time to stop and take notice. An efficient public transport system should have been in… Read more »


Name me one city in the world that is with fewer cars? These days a family will have at least minimum 2 cars. So, how are we to have fewer cars on the road??? I saw some houses, 2 cars parked inside and few more parked outside, so how are we to have fewer cars? Donat, your family own how many cars? So, we hope that we are the ones who drive on the road while others taking public transport so that we can drive with ease, thinking of our own convenient only !!! A tunnel is a good way… Read more »


Some of us think Penang Island is wide Serengeti Plain ripe for unlimited wildebeests migration 24/7/365 to come rampage with glee! Kick up storms of traffic jams, noise and air pollution! Believing Penang Island is naturally created for this purpose! It is no common sense to believe Penang is expendable like a balloon by just adding more air not knowing when to stop adding foul breath air. Until it burst painfully in the face! Managing the volume of cars on the road is not a question of undemocratic option or choice. It is common sense management of environmental responsibility, much… Read more »


Tram in Penang if byYTL venture like the airport or train to Sinkapore – no objection from UMNO Federal . Ah Soon Khor venture. UMNO must object

Ong Eu Soon

Increased density development in Penang PF showed a few slides depicting a digitalised rendition of a city block of projects of 87 units per acre adjoining each other.There are several projects in Penang that have submitted for the increased densities, this is a cause of great concern due to the over stretching of infrastructure, amenities and the traffic impact. The 87 units per acre are supposed to be for very limited and specific areas only (in particular ‘transport nodes’) but it appears as if development projects throughout the State are applying for this increased density. The CM assured PF that… Read more »


Many UMNO bus companies are pokkai – no business due to lack of human catchment. A lot of cows only in those regions. Once there is no cow sense with higher housing density, all UMNO bus companies will ask for a share to run into these area.
Who wil be like AH Soon Khor running a pokkai service. Worst – losing money and contributing to air pollution through burning oil.

Ong Eu Soon

On traffic issues, LGe talk about the possibility of reintroducing tram. Why now LGe claimed that his administration can’t do anything on traffic and it is the federal’s responsibility? If LGe can undertake Tram project why can’t he undertake a BRT project? Why can’t LGe implement my Penang Citizen’s Alternative Transit Initiative? Tell the world if LGe has the gut that my initiative is not practical and not the right solution for Penang’s traffic woes! Is LGe Bo Hood 2.0?


The impression I got from reading the report is that LGE did not prepare for it and he is talking nonsense, sad to say Penang is in a big mess right now, gonna be worse in future.

Ong Eu Soon

On Penang Hill, LGe should explain why his administration has totally ignore the views of the project manager of Penang Hill facelift. Why pick Jimmy Lim as the main architect and project manager and refuse to listen to his advice or views. LGe should fire Jimmy Lim if Jimmy is really incompetent to carry out the job! Why Jimmy Lim is so frustrate with LGe administration on Penang Hill facelift project? Is this how LGe treasured local talent?

Nk Khoo

LGE is an empty tank …

Ong Eu Soon

On the Local Plan PF expressed frustration that the LP has yet to be displayed. This is obviously linked to the proliferation of high density – increased plot ratio development being applied for throughout the State. The CM stated that they were waiting for the Special Area Plan SAP for George Town to be ready so that the two would not contradict each other(?!). The George Town SAP is in its final stage. Can the Local Plan really not be done simultaneously with the SAP? They are by the same planners, they surely cannot be that different. LGe’s worry about… Read more »