Reclaiming our streets: Towards sustainable transport


Fed up after the petrol price hike? Depressed over inadequate public transport? Why not channel your frustrations into something more productive such as lobbying for sustainable public transport? Penang Forum and the Working Group on Public Transport are holding a forum in Penang soon.

Penang public-transport-seminar 2013

We are pleased to invite you for a forum co-organised by Penang Forum and the Working Group on Public Transport.

The forum, followed by a workshop, seeks to understand the public’s needs on public transport towards a liveable city and sustainable development.

The forum is part of the effort to stimulate a nationwide campaign to advocate for policy change both at national and state level.

Reclaiming our streets: Towards SUSTAINABLE transport
Date: 14 September 2013
Time: 2.00pm – 6:00pm
Venue: Caring Society Complex

2.00pm – Registration
2.30pm – Keynote adress by Gurmit Singh (Cetdem)
2.45pm – Panel of speakers

  • Alternative vision for public transport by Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj (MP for Sg Siput)
  • Problems faced by persons with disabilities by Khu Li Fang (Wheelchair users of public transport)
  • Transport issues in Penang by Lim Thean Heng (Implementation Coordinator of Penang Transport Master Plan)
  • Problems Faced by state goverment in resolving public transport issues by Chow Kon Yeow (Penang State ExCo member for Local Goverment; Traffic Management; Flood Mitigation)

3.45pm – Workshop Groups (coffee/tea break)
5.00pm – Plenary
5.45pm – Closing

Admission: RM5 (Students and senior citizens free)

We look forward to discuss this important issue with you.

Kindly fill up our online registration form. For any enquiries, please contact Chon Kai 019-5669518.

Penang Forum and Working Group on Public Transport

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On the subject of housing, Mah Sing’s boss Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum was named 2013 Entrepreneur of the year at Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Awards. Such award ill spur other developers to emulate him to build expensive housing beyond the means of average Malaysian?

Wonder why there is no such award to recognise those who build affordable housing for the masses?
There is no incentive to do so?


In the gilded corporate world, where there are enormous rat race egos to boost day & night beyond one’s capacity to contain within reasons & limits, why should there be any form of recognition for humble social responsibilities for the needy? Among the most obvious among self-serving industries is advertising, media & marketing. Awards, by any means & hooks are the Bing Chui to parlay during pitchings even before any realistic account winning by the accounts dept ‘singing office boys & pole-dancing girls’. The housing industry also got hooked after witnessing such playful & fun annual extravagance & partying frenzies… Read more »


Prices of new houses in Malaysia are expected to increase by 10 percent, primarily due to the absenteeism of foreign workers and higher cost of construction materials.

This is the effect of Operasi Cantas and Petrol price hike.


Noway I will discard my car to opt for public transport in Penang. Pedestrial walk is not there, any minute I will get hit if I walk on the street. I am also wary of the snatch theives on motorcycles. It is not that I don’t want to go green, I just don’t want to get killed. I try to be as green as possible by owning a small car to save fuel. This is the most I can do! Our streets is not safe!

Super Spontan

The event should be held at a convenient place where participants can take public buses to attend it. If held at Caring Society Complex, i think only Bus #304 can get there.

If held at Komtar (many empty rooms there which MP Chow can get for free rental!), then all Rapid Buses reach it (for those YBs, ALL buses that start with 1, 2, 3) conveniently !

Looks like its another “Syiok Sendiri” event ? No offence intended.

Black Cake Loves Baling Komtar Tower

No, Komtar Tower kena baling too many Black Jelly Cakes. If held here, Black Bus full of angry Penangites will convene. Then YB Chow will have 2 hands full of black jelly!!!
Remember Botak Relau Hill not settled yet lah!!!

Super Spontan

Looks like Black Cake has successfully struck fear among the penangites to the extent that civil talk cannot happen there ??? Stand up for your rights peacefully otherwise you 4ever let such bullies controlling your future !


I cannot help noticing the panellist are from Baby Boomer Generation.
How can they relate to the GenX & GenY folks who grew up not taking public transportation?
Car ownership is becoming a must for the young ‘fast & furious ‘generation, for thrill as well as a pre-requisite to attract potential spouse. This is a sad reality.

Anyway, Rapid Penang is much better than the ‘Bas Pajak’ system operating in Johor Bahru.

Siew Kut

state to hold informal session with SPAD in the absence of general public ? no wonder sustainable public transport improves insignificantly all these years. May i offer some few cents worth of suggestions : a) Many Public Bus Stop without proper signboard with bus route info. This is basic and must be implemented earliest otherwise poor perception of RapidPenang forever exists. However, i must thank Rapid for removing many pasted advertisements like from Ah Longs (need consistency) b) Then make sure ALL bus stops have proper light-up at night to make passengers/users waiting there feeling safer. c) Buletin Mutiara offer… Read more »


May I (respectfully) ask what is the point of having this function when the people who fully control our public transport is not there (ie SPAD).


May I (respectfully) ask what is the point of having this function when the people who fully control our public transport is no there (ie SPAD).


Don’t ever expect Najib to announce new Proton cars.

Still being #DUA, he can only launch PeroDUA cars.

Mahathir has so far the one who launches Proton new models; and this clearly shows who’s the master of bolehland.


Problem is most Malaysians especially the young ones are shunning public transportation (bin chui issue) and prefer to own their own vehicles. Blame it on our BN’s National Automobile Policy that is promoting Proton.

joo kok

things may change when barang naik and devalued ringgit decrease our purchasing power. hopefully public transportation could be improved for more economical travel.


Anil, just look at our bus stops and see how they put the cart before the kerbau. Nice steel and glass bus stops, but no signs informing what route or how frequent the bus runs. Any new or unseasoned user will be left guessing.

Google Maps actually has a way for you to get bus times. Just zoom into the road where you are at, click on the bus icon, and it displays the Routes and scheduled (but not real) Time.


Moving around with motor bike is cheaper and more convenient. Public transport is for those that after moving from one point to and another they would not move anymore until they finish work or whatever they are doing. For those that move around to go shopping, visiting complex or sight seeing, it is not so convenient as most bus stop are either out of the way or you have to walk quite a distance to get to it. That is why you really need to move by car if you have a family or by bike if alone. With bike… Read more »


RM5 to attend the forum ? add RM5 for patrol to get there it becomes costly to provide feedback.

They can learn from anil to engage feedback from readers online. This way Penangites from abroad can share input.

We thought Penang gomen going IT like Jeff Ooi used to say ?



Unfortunately, Im in Melbourne for the long term and won’t be able to participate. What you can do is get some photographs… or get a friend to do it… of several nice bus stops without any bus information.

People have a point when they say using RapidPenang is inconvenient. Apart from lack of information, feeder services are non existant, slow, connectivity is poor, and you must buy a new ticket everytime you do a transfer. The design of many housing estates are also not conducive for public transport.

Siew Kut

On Sunday especially many migrant workers take RapidPenang. I am not being a racist or having social class distinction. I meant you can hardly find a seat with buses packed with people. To alight from packed bus another issue especially for those disabled folks.
Don’t ever expect many youner folks (migrant workers included) to offer you their seats.


Many are still waiting for their dream car after Najib promise cheaper cars.
That is another example how rakyat are deceived all the time.


Style mesti ada, so how to date a girl if you take public bus?
this is the reality for GenY!


Most Malaysians so used to get into car the moment out of home front door and drive off. Tell them to walk a bit to the bus stops (unless bus stop right in front of home) they shall complaint of heat etc. Also Penang gomen no need to push everything to Federal gomen. Federal has been proven not effective afterv 56 years for efficient public transport syatem for they are being reluctant as primary focus is to sell Proton/Perodua/Naza vehicles. Now RapidPenang still not profitable (mismanagement ?) and UMNO Penang has asked Penang Gomen to chip in RM1million to support… Read more »