Francis Loh takes over from Rama at Aliran


Leadership changes in the social reform group Aliran.

It’s been a long day today and a new chapter in Aliran’s history beckons.

Aliran held its 35th annual general meeting today. Rama has decided to step down as president and political scientist Dr Francis Loh is taking over.

What can I say about Rama’s 18-year tenure? He kept the light shining magnificently during the darkest moments of our nation’s history, when all seemed hopeless, especially after Operation Lalang. During the judicial crisis of 1988, sales of Aliran Monthly, which he edited, rocketed.

There was his fearless voice speaking up for justice and democracy. Surely, he will be remembered as one of our nation’s heroes – a true champion of democracy.

Thankfully, we have another voice for greater democracy, Francis Loh, around to take over.

See Aliran’s statement today.

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without doubt Gerakan K is the masterpiece from Pakatan.
Look at the havocs he has created – demise of boh hoot in Penang and slim chances for the image recovery for Hock None.
Just go to downtown kopi shops and starts talking about Gelakan and you get Gelak Ketawa !


Aliran has had an outstanding track record of serving as Malaysia’s public conscience since its inception in the early1980s. I thank and salute Rama for his steadfast and capable captainship of Aliran – and congratulate Francis for stepping forward to keep decency, truth and justice alive!


Gelekan K is really a PR agent ?
In a weird way, he may well be, if you consider the actual effect of what he writes…

Gerakan K

Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali, and Ahmad Ismail = PR agents !!!

Agree or not ???


Aliran under Francis Loh’s leadership needs to provide ‘bite-size’ quickie info for Generation X and Y via social network to balance/counter the newly launched propaganda social network tool by Najib Regime.


Pakatan Rakyat is ahead of Najib employing effective cyber messenger.
A classic case for future political science case study will be the guise of Gerakan K to create hatred towards MCA/Gerakan/UMNO.

Gerakan K

The best site for rocket =

The best cyber messengers for rocket = Boh kari, Young and tonglang

I only hate rocket destroying my kampung with endless concrete and cement !!!

Andrew I

Is that because you’re not getting a cut? Didn’t hear you complain about concrete when your durian was the king of fruits?


When did Gerkhin start living in kampung?
Thought gadget game ‘boy’ loves things concrete, green glass, aluminum and hitech! And of course, the Gravy Train.
BTW, my daily spontaneous inspiration from Kopi-O kau kau at my favorite kopitiam is not sponsored by Rocket Chance. Unless I risk my reputation taking a free sip of Barang Naiki Kopi Korek-Korek Habis at the narrowest of all lorongs off Macalister Road.
Every thing has a price and my value of Rocket Chance weights more than worthless Gelak-Gelakan of the Barang Naiki Dan Korek-Korek Habis.

Andrew I

That’s the chameleon in a troll for you. Sometimes he is gherkin, sometimes cucumber.


Which kampong are you talking about. If its KB Pala, then you have been mislead by the very party you trusted, UMNO, Gerakan, MCA and most of all MIC and Semi Value who promise 3 millions.They promised you the moon but now you and the 9 get nothing. And you and them still trust the very people that cheated you. Come election these 9 will be used again as propaganda but then it will be history for them. This time any propaganda won`t work because the proof is there standing for all to see. LGE and PR promise them a… Read more »


This is just to say thank you to Mr Rama, who has done a magnificent job at the helm, giving tirelessly of himself for a cause he holds dear to his heart, his vision for a better Malaysia. In a better world, in a “Golden Age”, there would be no need for Aliran and the like, because human consciousness would have elevated, and decency, compassion, fair-play, honesty and love would govern man’s actions. In a world such as ours, however, Aliran is a beacon. And Mr Rama is an exceptional light. Best wishes to Dr Loh, who carries the torch… Read more »


Gherkin! You must be a hardcore PR Supporter! Putting your finger up everyone’s …, in the name of Gelakan! So this will only make us HATE BN & Gelakan even more.
You are doing a great job Gherkin!

Gerakan K

If you value my contribution, then buy me a cuppa !!!


Aliran has championed the cause of justice, democracy and what is right for decades.

In fact, for much of that time, the majority of the Malaysian population was still “asleep” , happily giving Mahathir , then Badawi their de rigueur landslide election victories.

I have a deep respect for Aliran’s integrity, far more than that of any politicians of whatever party.

Gerakan K

Aliran should close shop. We don’t need another rocket friendly organization that disguised as NGO.


When you close shop whether business, political or whatsoever, it means that the people or customer does not support you. In the case of Aliran it has the support from various segment of society so it does not have to do so.. But in the case of Gerakan, MCA, MIC and PPP, they should really close shop because they have lost the support of the people. GK should also close shop here because his comments is not for justice and fairness but to bodek the govt or to get some privileges or to become a wannabe.

Andrew I

What comes from the mouth reaches the ears, what comes from the heart reaches the heart.

What comes from Gerakan Korek reaches Indah Water.

I nearly fell out of the chair laughing when I heard about the coming invasion of cyber troopers.

Don’t worry, Gherks. You’ll always be my favorite troll.


Gerakan K, you sound so serious!
For your party sake before the shutters come down, here’s Gelak-Gelakan for the day:
The Laughing Song-George Younce

kaki pulau

Joy! Gerakan jadi Gelakan mau tutup kedai tak lama lagi! Hahaha…hihihi…yahaha….etc.

warrick singh

i am a subscriber to this informative magazine that not only gives us views from the ‘other side of a coin’ but makes a superb read !
Best wishes to rama and may the good lord ( call him by any name ) continiously bless this “truly enlightened and blessed soul ” !!
Cheers _ warrick