Rainbow rally lifts opposition in Malaysia


Here’s something I wrote for Asia Times: In a run-up to highly anticipated national elections, an estimated 100,000 people supporting the political opposition thronged Merdeka Stadium in the national capital for a rally organisers referred to as a “people’s uprising”.

Signalling a potential shift in government tack, unlike previous rallies where the call had been for reform of election rules and procedures, the event was not suppressed by security officials.

The rally was laden with historical symbolism, with opposition politicians likening their campaign to unseat the ruling United Malays Nasional Organization (UMNO), which has held power with coalition partners since independence from colonial rule in 1957, to the country’s break from its colonial masters. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim bellowed “Merdeka”, or independence, exactly seven times during the mass gathering.

His rally cries harkened to Malaysia’s first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman’s seven emotional chants during the official handover ceremony from British rule on August 31, 1957, at the same stadium, which was constructed specially for the announcement of Independence.

Full article in Asia Times Online

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18 Jan 2013 5.24am

Dr. Mahathir (seems to be) implying the GE is a already rigged that UMNO/BN would still win by a small margin even with this demo…

18 Jan 2013 1.04am

I don’t know how a one-time cash aids is good policies. I don’t know how the replacement of one outdated law with another as oppressive law a good policy.

I am yet to see what 1Malaysia is. 1Malaysia is in print everywhere but 1 big racism and 1 big oppression is still practiced everywhere.

Did I miss anything Gerakan K?

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
17 Jan 2013 1.16pm

We are in a very interesting period. How are BN good policies (e.g. minimum wages, cash aids, numerous outdated laws reform) vs pakatan street demonstrations and magical promises (e.g. free education up to degree level, free tolls, free [INSERT HERE YOUR WISHES]) ???

I prefer 1Malaysia rather than ‘Pas Islam for all’ even without all good works by 1Malaysia PM Najib. Freedom is PRICE-LESS. Do the right thing,

BN [X] – PAKATAN [ ]

17 Jan 2013 9.25pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Hi Gerakan K,
Thank you for your comment. You are entitled to your views and the right to differ as I don’t expect everyone in Malaysia to vote AGAINST oppressive, corrupt, racist and intolerant leaders.
BN [ ] – Pakatan [X] and I will exercise my constituitional right, democratic duty and universal right to differ just like you. :).


Salak (@Salak97628845)
17 Jan 2013 1.16pm

Yeah! There’s something somewhere over the rainbow! Hope & great things. Lets hope we don’t mess it up!