The questions you didn’t hear at Penang Forum 5


Not everyone who wanted to raise questions at the recent Penang Forum 5 had the opportunity due to time constraints. So organisers allowed participants to submit written questions; close to 70 were received.

On 24 August, the Penang Forum Steering Committee submitted this list of questions to the Penang state government and local councils for their response. The concerns centre on a litany of local government and property development issues including worries about high density development and Penang turning into a concrete jungle.

The fascinating list of questions can be found on the Penang Forum website. Have a quick read through.

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5 Sep 2012 2.35pm

It shows that the LGE PR govt has concern for the state and people and is willing to listen and not as reported by the pro UMNO BN media or some trouble maker hawkers who gate crash and smash car at the recent DAP Raya house.

These gate crasher are not there to make a complaint. They being used just like the mosque attack in Kedah for political mileage.

5 Sep 2012 8.08pm
Reply to  Yang

Let’s not speak to soon. I would like to see the state govt. respond to each and everyone of those queries and then take action to address the issues raised. The answers given can then be posted on the website as well for everyone to scrutinise. I have read them all and they seem reasonable and genuine.