Protesters target Lynas’ AGM in Sydney


A small band of determined protesters turned up at Lynas Corp’s AGM in Sydney to highlight to shareholders the risks involved in the project.

The Australian Mining website also featured news of the protest.

This was the open letter to Lynas shareholders handed out to Lynas shareholders on the spot yesterday.

There are many risks associated with the rare earth project in Malaysia which you have not been told. Lynas Corporation is not a typical mining company with fixed asset and a sound track record of practical experience in the mining sector. Nick Curtis is a merchant banker, not a miner. The company’s investment is only as flimsy as what his PR team have managed to spin, hoping that the truth on the ground will never surface because they are out of mind and therefore should be out of sight.

What are the risks associated with the Malaysian rare earth plant? (see the handout in .pdf format)

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Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
2 Dec 2011 8.56am

The Ivory Coast imported (in return for $$) toxic wastes
from Europe and scattered it across the country, thus seriously damaging the health of many people.

How different is Malaysia’s Lynas project from the above?

Lynas is just trying to use Malaysia as a permanent dump site for toxic and radioactive wastes.

1 Dec 2011 9.17pm

Why did BN government allow this project to go on when documentary has shown how people suffered severe skin diseases and lives were threaten and taken away???