Protest reaches Lynas’ HQ in Sydney


The Save Malaysia Committee with the assistance of Australian NGOs staged a protest outside Lynas Corporation’s headquarters in Sydney over the construction of a rare earth refinery in Gebeng near Kuantan.

The protest from 12.30pm to 2.00pm yesterday was followed by an hour-long meeting between six Save Malaysia reps and Lynas CEO Nicholas Curtis.

The Save Malaysia Commmittee are now heading to the Australian Parliament to meet with MPs and senators over the controversial plant, which they fear will lead to radioactive contamination in Gebeng and surrounding areas.

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I have Monash Melbourne student newspaper snippets on the Lynas issue. Let me know if you are interested in this. I hope we can share this across.



Let’s Lynas Corp. built their rare earth processing facility in some other countries other than Malaysia, we Malaysian don’t need to accpet this highly risky business operation that can (harm) many of our fellow Malaysians in the case of industrial incident, let’s continue the protest until Lynas decide to move their plants to other locations outside Malaysia.


A point of view from outside Malaysia:
Examine the facts and Stop the politics and get on with the Business
of nation building.
Numerous countries would want this seperation plant.
It will boost your economy … you will attract high tech
companies and their vendrors to your country.
If you are afraid of that small amount of radiation then stop using cell phones,watching tv and give up your computers

Phua Kai Lit

So ….. please go ahead and move your Lynas plant to
any one of those “numerous countries (that) want this separation plant”. (For good measure, please name these
“numerous countries” for us Third World simpletons too).

The residents of Kuantan would gladly stand up and wholeheartedly applaud your unlamented departure from our beautiful hometown.

Assoc Prof Phua Kai Lit (Kuantan Boy actively assisting my
friends, relatives, fellow Kuantanites in resisting plans to turn our town into a permanent dump site for toxic wastes)

Berani Kerana Benar

While protest on Lynas still gaining heat, the potential loss of another safe fixed deposit in Barang Naik’s Johor is also gaining moentum ?

Read this interesting survey :

The question among urban folks in Klang Valley, Penang, Kuching is whether Johoreans have also waken up from hibernating slumber ?


This is what blogger nkkhoo has to say about reasons why support for BN is still strong in Johor:



As a Johorean myself, I am very sorry for my fellow people whom seem to be blinded with wrong understanding of “Contented with what you have !!” We are indeed bleesed with a beautiful mother-land to live in, BUT….. we do not need to be sucked dry by the current BN governent, which know nothing about human rights and social justice!! They selfishly take care for themselves and their cronies under the expenses of all Johorean, who trusted all these years of BN’s stupid LIES !! Please, Please ALL Johorean, WAKE UP!! We deserve a much better living standard and… Read more »


Johoreans seem oblivious about the tsunami tide in peninsular past 3 years. Even Kuching/KK folks appear to be more in tune with current barang naik scenario.
Probably majority Johoreans earn livings (Anil mentioned 600K Msians working in Singapore) in Singapore hence do not feel the price escalation issues faced by typical Malaysians elsewhere. Also a lot of Felda folks in Johor earn a windfall so still very comfortable with the situation.
Betul ???


This is an interesting topic that Anil can consider expanding for further discussion.

Johor is the last bastion for Umno and MCA?

My theory is that if election is held on weekday, most of the eligibible voters may not be bothered to vote in Johor as they are busy making money across the causeway in Singapore. To them the politics and events in Singapore has more direct impact on their livelihood.

However, BN may need to divert more fund away from Johor to recapture other states. This may play into the hand of Pakatan.


From what I have gathered from my friends in Johor, the people there are now realising that supporting BN is a mistake, having witnessed their action on Bersih 2.0!


Johoreans should wake up fast from the drugs administered by BN that has lulled them into contention.

Andrew I

Yes, the lay claim to everything syndrome whose sufferers include Gherkin Khan, Charlie Chickadee, Kommited melodic, Datuk Star and his protege, what’s her name.

Andrew I

p.s. you shouldn’t use big words like inane. This will give Gherkin an excuse to use his 1 email to ask his English teacher.

Phua Kai Lit

No, he/she is most probably well-educated.
(Just bad at propaganda).
After all, he/she keeps reminding us that he/she owns a chain of mini markets throughout Malaysia.
To borrow the language of my Marxist (gasp!) cousins,
a “self-satisfied bourgeois”

Kangkung Professor and social democrat Phua Kai Lit

Gerakan K

Whatever lah kangkung. I still waiting for the coming soon report.

By the way, who is Marxist ??? I only know Maxis !!!


No degree, no diploma, no certificate, no education Gerakan K

Andrew I

No wonder your comments end up in the drawer. Ignoramus.

Andrew I

You don’t know what a Marxist is? Good opportunity to 1email your English teacher. You can then send another to find out what an ignoramus is.

Phua Kai Lit

Good job!

Gerakan K: We’re waiting to read your typical inane comment.
Let’s see — it’s likely to be “They demonstrated freely in Australia, a democratic country. They demonstrated in Malaysia too. Therefore, Malaysia is a free and democratic country under our wise, caring BN regime”

Kangkung Professor Phua Kai Lit

Gerakan K

No, I still waiting for your coming soon report.

Phua Kai Lit

Decision if and when to release our Australian technical consultant’s report is in YB Fuziah Salleh’s hands.

I am just a simple advisor.


Kangkung Professor Phua Kai Lit

Gerakan K

Oh ya kah ??? For your info, I’m also just a simple adviser. You who is Charlie Adam ???

Kenny Dalglish listen to my advise and sign him for the future. YNWA !!!

Andrew I

What are you yapping about?