Political turmoil in Putrajaya

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Stay calm. Whatever happens in Putrajaya, the people’s will must prevail.

The last thing that should happen is for discredited corrupt politicians to make a comeback through the back door. And many among the people will not take kindly to those who associate with these disgraced politicians who are adept at manipulating race and religion for their political ends.

Let the people’s mandate and the democratic process be respected.

This is a statement from Aliran:

Resist attempted coup in Malaysia!

Aliran is disgusted over the political chicanery of politicians who have clearly betrayed the people’s trust and put their lust for power over the country’s interests and future.

This pack of plotters’ political manoeuvring and attempted coup over the weekend does not augur well for the country. It is obviously an attempt to oust the duly elected Pakatan Harapan government and subsequently install a ‘back door government’. This dishonours the people’s mandate that was given to PH in the 2018 general election.

We, the people, have a democratic right to choose the next government if the PH government should fall as a result of these political machinations. Politicians do not make the choice for us. We have the legitimate right to choose a government in a parliamentary democracy.

It is an insult to the intelligence of the rakyat when this cabal of plotters claim that what they are doing is to act as a “balancer for the sake of stability”, especially when many members of the group are not known for their democratic practices and reform agenda. It is even more worrying when a few of them are heavily tainted with corruption charges and allegations.

The main reason Malaysians, especially civil society, called for change ahead of the last general election was that we were tired of politicians who were deceitful, unprincipled and self-serving, who manipulated race and religion for their own ends.

It would be a living nightmare for us all if such characters return with a vengeance. What would become of the promised reforms?

Civil society has a much bigger role to play in a nation that has been undermined by corrupt and unscrupulous politicians. Not only do we need to be vigilant against these undemocratic and unprincipled moves, we must build principled leaders.

The immediate future may not look too bright right now, but the struggle must go on for those who believe in creating a new Malaysia.

Aliran executive committee
24 February 2020




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24 Feb 2020 5.19pm

The people means nothing, what stands in the way is a 94yr old who created most of the problem in the first place. Malaysian leaders are pathetic, Malaysians ordinary citizens are pathetic, Malaysia is pathetic.

Ma jiji
Ma jiji
28 Feb 2020 9.00am
Reply to  Bigjoe

Haha, now the blaming game started as usual ! Again, tell him seriously this time, don’t take for granted Rakyat are donkeys !

1 Mar 2020 3.09am
Reply to  Ma jiji

You really think Malaysians cannot possibly be donkeys? GPS has a state election in a year, they choose to join up with PAS that can destroy their way of life instead of doing a deal with DAP that are only after their corruption. GPS clearly think their rakyat are donkeys and they are so wrong?

25 Feb 2020 10.57pm

Political turmoil would not have happened if MACC and the courts have expedited those corrupted politicians to Sungai Buloh Resort within a year after GE14.

SNP Blackford
SNP Blackford
27 Feb 2020 7.32pm

19 Penang Attractions To Offer 50% Off For Penangites For 2 Months Starting 15th Mar


Let’s all take a breather from Politics and support our state tourism.

Anil just curious are you a true born and bred Penangite right (-07 ic) ?

1 Mar 2020 4.04pm

Back door democracy will scare away investors.
Stock market in KL will go down because no confidence now.
Sad that those corrupted politicians like Bossku may escape punishment now.
Are you not angry, Mr Anil when river of justice is muddled with rubbish?

SNP Blackford
SNP Blackford
29 Feb 2020 12.16pm

Penang to see rise in number of foreign buyers


Penang might just be the lone PH state left standing come next GE. Expect a crash-proof property segment as nons and expats alike will flock into the state to safeguard their way of life, indirectly sustaining the property market?

25 Feb 2020 3.24am

What a freaking joke. Azmin and Bersatu are literally throwing out the dictionary on what betrayal and working with enemy mean. Unbelievable how over entitled and spoilt Malay leaders are and the people expect them to reform?? How more gay can Azmin be??

28 Feb 2020 4.39pm

Rakyat are screwed by Bersatu!

Old fox deceived us all!

Looks like muafakat ummah will benefit after all!

Sad day for democracy!

28 Feb 2020 1.26pm

We all know the mastermind of Langkah Sheraton, to set up malay only coalition. Sad to see so many traitors. Malaysia Baru is a concept rejected by them? Snap election will bring back the crooks of kleptocracy!

25 Feb 2020 10.09pm

Mahathir has let the cat out of the bag. All the drama is because Bersatu and Azmin & Co threw a tantrum about Mahathir being held accountable for his promise to handover power to Anwar. How the hell no one has slap them silly and told them to quit politics…, I find shocking. These people do not get it, they are part of why Najib and Rosmah stole tens of billions and nearly bankrupt the country and our children’s future at least already partly stolen. Hell, these people should not only be out of politics, they should be taxed to… Read more »

25 Feb 2020 2.01pm

Nationalism is an euphemism for racial and religious bigotry. Malaysia is progressing in slow painful steps towards democracy. The Mahathir-Anwar fallout was step 1. The 2018 election was step 2. Now, in step 3, the Agong is ensuring that no legislator can escape declaring his allegiance if any — with the Federal Chief Secretary as withess!

However, the trap to stagnation and failure remains open until “bumis” realise that their so-called privileges only expoited and ruined them — and other citizens — through classic neo-liberalism.

1 Mar 2020 12.22pm

Will Muhyiddin bring back GST?

Will Gerakan join Perikatan Nasional?

Will MCA get one or two minister positions?

28 Feb 2020 5.38pm

Fiirst, the ruling councils of the conspirators parties hold separate meetings on the same day. “Coincidentally”, major East Malaysian parties fly in. The next day, Mad Hatter resigns from the leadership of govt. and party. He gets mouth-pieces to tell us why. Then, he resumes the party post but says he wants the public to “allow” him to form a “unity” (non-partisan) govt.

What about the PH fellow-travellers? Its leaders plead for MH to stay on. This includes the long-awaited messiah, Mr. I-have-the-numbers. Perhaps they even have stated this position to the King. 2 days, later, they changed their mind.

28 Feb 2020 10.45am

Former prime minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah are set to appear on an episode of the Netflix documentary series, Dirty Money. They can be seen on the trailer of the second season of the show, set to premiere March 11:

Ma jiji
Ma jiji
27 Feb 2020 7.27am

Now, which is which ?
Really, we Rakyat are at the receiving end for such an U-turn regime ! Just don’t play play too much lah !

24 Feb 2020 3.27pm

The new dawn It doesn’t take to the sky All the knots are tied Leaving a sour taste in the mind The people’s mandate The high-light in 9 May 2018 Suddenly the dark storm ravishes By the betrayers greedy for power The deja vue of 2009 The back door way in Perak The people’s mandate was hijacked A taste of bad history Now a familiar story The back door to Federal power The betrayers of the people’s mandate They gather to grab the government The hive of activities yesterday The betrayal of the highest degree The people will take notice… Read more »