Cops block anti-nuke energy protest


About 500 police personnel in many trucks and cars were deployed to block a peaceful anti-nuclear energy gathering in Port Klang this morning.

The police stopped the opposition’s anti-nuclear protest at the Pulau Ketam jetty in Port Klang before it could begin at 10.00am. Klang MP Charles Santiago spoke of intimidation and said that police were on the verge of making arrests.

Some 200 protesters managed to slip through but hundreds of others were turned away at a couple of major road blocks while at the venue, organisers negotiated in vain with police officers.

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Why don’t Malaysia really Boleh for once to tap our sunshine for solar energy? Don’t tell me our universities cannot do r&d to come up with such solutions?

What happened to the power from Bakun dam? Lost in South China Sea? Tun M care to explain?

If Najib is still keen on nuclear, he should buildthe reactor in his hometown Pekan, and let his people send him the mandate in the next elecion.


It seems to me we are being promised breakthroughs in the efficiency of solar panels and storage of the electricity generated almost yearly – for decades. Solar is the greatest threat to Western hegemony, as the sun shiines brightest where they have not settled.


Someone from one of the local unis (I forget which) posted some links to some credible-looking research into solar power, albeit in a sub-field which I think is a ‘toy topic’ at best and a deliberate misdirection at worst: that of individual installations of a few solar panels on roofs that were not designed to capture solar power. Since I’m fond of conspiracy theories, my explanation for why ‘individuals owning PV’ is common and larger installations are not is much the same as I would imagine why motor cars were originally only allowed on roads with a man holding a… Read more »

Abel Sam

I think it is not too difficult to have solar panel that can convert sunglight to electricity for the purpose of boiling water or heating water for shower. With large adoption and economy of scale, cost could be brought down. We should do this to conserve energy usage the green way.

It is made not feasible by those power producers who want us to buy electricity from them.


You can’t boil a kettle or take a shower from electricity generated by a solar panel on your roof – that’s the point. The instantaneous power demand of a kettle or hot shower is almost always greater than the output of a one-house installation of solar panels. You can store energy from solar panels in batteries and boil a kettle from your stored energy, but on a house-by-house basis, that’s a lot of equipment to boil a kettle! Also – how are poor people ever going to afford their own solar power station / power conditioning / storage equipment? ‘Conserve… Read more »


Maybe our innovative engineering students a UiTM and UTM can develop a low-cost solar panels?


If Malaysians dont take to the streets in trying to stop this nuclear nonsense…. they are going to be dead anyway…especially their children…


I’m impressed to hear that hundreds turned out for an anti-nuclear demo in Malaysia.


Yeap. After pak lah. the subtleness is terrifying.

On one hand you get 1malaysia, GTP and the feel good press in daily dose, and on the other, newspaper/media had all but reverted back to pre-pak lah days.

Then you get perkasa, kita and whatnot.

Remember the alamo…… i mean Perak?

It’s the subtleness my dear…changing public opinion without changing anything really. Competence? Accountability? Transparency? show me the money, i say.

Change……is in the perception.



gerakan k,

hello welcome back.

btw, where do you stay? how about building a nuclear plant next to your house. Its safe, dont you worry. afterall, thats what the govt gonna say.


I second to that. Yes, please build a nuclear plant or rare earth plant just next to Gerakan K’s house because his BN govt said it is safe and don’t worry.

Gerakan K

Salah siapa sekarang ???


Yeap. We are moving back to Mahathir era politics. Some of the recent arrest are disturbing. But it’s not something we all didn’t know. This was what people predicted was going to happen when Najib was going to become Prime Minister and this is what is happening.


Polis should spend time tackling crimes, not hassling rakyat!


Just patrolling on foot in Jalan Chow Kit is a skittish nightmare or excuses of gangland fears, what can be hoped for these ‘Tau Kua’ men in blue?

Roy Yong

How to ‘rakyat didahulukan’ when the voice of rakyat is curtailed by the polis in such peaceful protest ?

Each time Perkasa has its protest, the polis is doing nothing. What a double standard!

1Malaysia, 2 Standards of practices