PJ vigil spot turns into rakyat’s Speakers’ Corner


vigilPhoto by Rakyat@work

A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices as Rakyat@work reports from the 11th Abolish ISA vigil in PJ:

Yes, last night was special, last night was different. The united rakyat had a chance to experience and sing O Holy Night together as ONE bangsa. Thanks to a handsome young lad (that would be Sivin Kit!) with a guitar who led the crowd into the season of Christmas. You had to be there to feel it. It was something we hardly experienced before. It was special! Everyone participated either by singing, humming along, or just soaking in the wonderful tune of gratitude and hope.

Ever faithful city councillor Richard Yeoh started the event on time and recited the usual SOP before getting into the event proper. Last night’s event was dedicated to the Sukhree’s passing, and rightly so because of his dedication and commitment to pursuing what is right as a rakyat of Malaysia. We remember him as one of ours and may his soul rejoice with God. A minute’s silence were observed. A friend of Sukhree’s read a poem in remembrance of him and Raja Petra Kamarudin later provided additional information about Sukhree.

RPK shared with us that many nameless, faceless and selfless people have sacrificed and paid with their lives for the good of the rakyat and this country.

Among them was Sukhree. RPK recounted how on one occasion Sukhree had only RM20 with him and may not have had money to reach home after an event. RPK felt so moved that he gave RM100 – that’s all he could afford at the time – to make sure Sukhree got home.

Sukhree was someone who did not want to be tied down by a job with long hours because he wanted the time to participate in human rights-related events. He opted to live for a just cause. (We should always remember that no matter how peculiarly a person behaves, there’s always a reason behind it. We just need to ask and find out; never prejudge.)

In fact, RPK had made arrangements to get Sukhree to KT for the coming by election, all expenses taken care of. Somehow God had other plans and we now entrust Sukhree to His loving hands.

“I want my children and my grandchildren and thereafter to be able to stand up like me and tell the world that we are truly a Bangsa Rakyat Malaysia,” added RPK.

From their very own personal experience, both RPK and Marina have lived through the challenge of educating our people about the importance of regarding themselves as Bangsa Malaysia above their own ethnic origin. For years, we have been kept apart despite being brothers and sisters – all rakyat Malaysia – by a small but powerful group with ulterior motives. It’s time that all the true loving and peaceful rakyat of Malaysia wake up to a new dawn. Malaysians deserve a better life right here in Malaysia and not just overseas.

Those who have migrated still hope and wish that our country will one day improve and mature into the Malaysia they once knew, many years ago. At one of the previous vigils, some mentioned that “change can only happen if people are willing to make a stand.” Are you willing?”

As RPK and many others were sharing such thoughts last night, I noticed what looked like a plainclothes officer, holding a note pad and pen – but he wasn’t writing anything on it. Occasionally, he would just stare into open space as if trying hard to understand why he was there. I just pray that he understands that what the rakyat are doing at these vigils has everything to do with his own family’s future as well. I hope he took home with him a message of hope and love for the folks of this country.

The best part was that this spot has become the rakyat’s Speakers’ Corner – a platform for anyone who wants to share their points of view on how and why these vigils must go on: to get rid of this ISA! I would like taking this opportunity to wish all Malaysians a blessed Christmas and happy holidays.

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We cares
We cares
25 Dec 2008 1.56am

Wishing all Malaysians and their families a Blessed Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

May the Lord Bless and Watch over all Malaysians and their Loved ones this Christmas 2008.

And May He Bless the works of all your hands in the New Year 2009.

Let’s continue to Fast and Pray for Wisdom, Revelation, Peace and Tranquility to prevail.

24 Dec 2008 10.31am

wishing all my MT friends a very merry christmas & a happy new year!

24 Dec 2008 12.00am


our path and beliefs may be different but I pray that you will be blessed mightily.

23 Dec 2008 6.32pm

Adding to what RPK has said, geographically Malaysia is in the middle of three great civilisations – Malay/Indonesian, Indian and Chinese. We should look at our differences as strengths instead of weaknesses to be stamped out.

The Malays can look after Muslim clients from the Middle East and the Indians and Chinese can take care of customers from India and China respectively. Malaysia is truly Asia in a nutshell!

23 Dec 2008 2.34am

Sukhree rest in peace at heaven.You are the master piece, son of M’sia.The victory at Kuala Trenngangu by PAS dedicate to you Sukree.

23 Dec 2008 2.28am

Anil^^^^:This is the an XO articles.You have the feels of all the M’sians.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and fellows M’sians.You have the dream long time ago to realise the M’sia for M’sians .The vigil at Dewan Sri Pinang have to proceed,somehow did the state govt.really backup?The vigil is just a message to the present fedederal govt.We M’sian deserve the rights to express our feelings towards the abuse of a draconian law ISA. Paula Khoo was arrested at the last vigil.This should’nt happen if the present state govt. do somethig before that. We Penangites initiate the change after… Read more »