PGCC: Now you don’t see it…


Turf club land

The Penang Turf Club land as it stands now (without the Penang Global City Centre) in the distance as seen from Komtar.

Now you see it! (the twisted towers of the PGCC, that is).

Turf club land with PGCC towers

Sure looks like the mothership has landed. Now just imagine 38 other 40-plus storey towers in front of those two towers…. (It’s tough to cram them all in, even on photo editor!)

The photo was taken from Komtar. Thanks to the creative Penangite who worked on it and sent these to me.

Notice: A public forum organised by the PGCC Campaign Group on the Implications of the Penang Global City Centre project for Penangites will be held at Dewan Sri Pinang, Room A/B/C, on Sunday, 7 October 2007 at 9.30am – 1.00pm. All are welcome.

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11 Dec 2008 8.36am

It does look like a spaceship from HELL landed in Penang! after that, massive destruction will cover all over Penang ….

18 Oct 2007 5.29am

awesome illustration! the landing of the mothership indeed.

forgive the sudden barrage of comments scattered all over your blog.
i only just discovered your awesome blog.

Samuel Goh
Samuel Goh
6 Oct 2007 1.34am

I have posted a ‘Bloggers’ Prayer’, suitable for any topic in any blog, in my blog to be shared with all bloggers. Kindly comment on it. Thanks.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng Sat. 6th Oct. 2007