Penang Transport Masterplan workshops


The consultant undertaking the Penang Transport Masterplan, together with the State Secretary’s office, is organising a workshop for ‘stakeholders’ so that we can air our problems and hopes regarding transport in Penang.

The consultant also hopes to get ideas from ‘stakeholders’ on how to solve these problems and to come up with the best transport system possible for Penang Island and Seberang Perai.

It’s an ideal opportunity for those of us who believe in sustainable transport to make our views heard – especially if you are pedestrians, cyclists, bus users and ferry commuters. All of us – the public – are the real ‘stakeholders’ and we should be pushing hard for sustainable transport (especially public transport as opposed to infrastructure for private motor vehicles) in this era of congestion, air pollution, global warming, rising fuel prices and depleting oil reserves.

Two workshops will be held, one on the mainland and the other on the island:

Mainland: Tuesday, 21 June 2011, 9:30am at Dewan Dato’ Haji Badawi, Jalan Bagan Luar, 12220 Butterworth (that’s the building at the padang in the town centre);

Island: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 (Wed), Bilik Seminar Cempaka, Caring Society Complex.

I think you have to confirm your attendance. Please phone Cik Azwa/Encik Afiq at 04-650 5683/5682 for details.

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Any trasportation policy that does not discourage car ownership will be a failure in my opinion.


just wana share some of my opinions from point of urban planning for transportation system to be voice out. first, a loop connection from mainland to island by bus through penang bridgeS and future tunnel, main stations located at georgetown, bukit jambul, butterworth, bukit mertajam, valdor, then local bus for each main station to serve secondary loop at major residential, commercial and industrial area, also provide free or rental bicycle for local residents s well as tourist at major station, so dat folks can move around…..with proper tree shaded bicycle lane, maybe later can add in tram or more water… Read more »


Why not try Thai style tuk-tuk, convenience and cheap. give licenses to as many as people as possible so they could be self-employ


never ever bring back (privatised/pajak/leased) ‘cowboy’-style mini-buses ! they give Penang a lousy image ! Teng Hock Nun has had hard time with them and some said he lost Pulau Tikus because he couldn’t handle these mini-buses !

KK Tan

True. Never repeat the failure of Gerakan!


Proposal that be can put forward to Penang Forum or Transport Masterplan :

RapidPenang to issue RM30/mth pass for unlimited ride to passengers. This can raise additional RM3M revenue (assuming additional 100K new converts to use public bus).

This is a serious proposal that can help save taxpayers’ money used to widen or expand road/tunnel system in Penang.

Siapa sokong, pls thumbs up lah !

Gerakan K

Gila !!! RapidPenang will go bankrupt this way !!!

YL Woo

Penangites complain about traffic congestion while most of them still clamour to own a car. We must change the mentality of owning a car as a status symbol. It is a waste to see lone driver driving his car. We need to enforce car-pooling at city centre!

A flat RM30/month bus pass is a good idea. Afterall, I see most of the RapidPenang buses are yet to be loaded to its intended capacity. Upfront payment also discourages cheats (passengers and bus drivers alike).


The other day, I took RapidPenang bus from Bukit Jambul Komplex to Paya Terubong/Farlim. All the way, I was the one of the 4 passengers who took it from different bus stops.
It may be a waste of diesel but still they have to run the transit. It makes economic sense for them to encourage more to use Rapid buses as a way to go around.


sometimes we have to understand the mentality of people in developing nations.
A car reflects the economic status symbol.
Those from poor background once they can a car they shall start driving around simply to show the statement that “We have arrived !”.
So may be with Barang Naik transformasi program, people can realize the fact that such act is silly as we shall continue to be in “poor” category as owning a car in expensive environment can hurt the pockets significantly.


Not only RM30/mth pass, RapidPenang should seriously consider having piped-in music for attracting the GenX,Y,Z! How about mobile access on the bus? These Gens like to show-off their latest iPads and iPhone. Make life attractive / showy and you bet these Gens will come to RapidPenang like bees to honey. Also have car parks in the outskirt for transport transition to buses, especially those going to mainland or into the city. And have weekly contest like free Prepaid Cards, free Movie tickets, free Starbucks coffee coupons, free MPH / Popular book coupons, free this, free that. Remember, if you don’t… Read more »


How about getting Hannah T as ambassador for rapid Penang to attract youger generation to appreciate Rapid Penang ?

For those who live in Klang Valley, do come over to Penang as RapidPenang is so much better than RapidKL. Even Patrick Teoh sang praise of RapidPenang !


This so called Govt which allows feedback is led by a … Why hold such important event on a working day knowing most working people who commute daily and get stuck in the traffic would not be able to attend? Why hold this now after more than 3 years when they promised to solve the traffic problem in 2008 , one of their election manifestos. (the toll in butterworth is still there)



You are the 80% of those who only travel in the morning and evening to work and back only. So the congestion is at that time and many decades ago, ideas such as car sharing have been suggested.

Problem is that there many be more buses but the cars bully the buses that there are no dedicated bus lanes and taxis in order for the public buses to travel faster. In additional there are some who have to change one or two buses to reach a certain desination. This added cost every time one change a bus.

Penang Voter

Only this Government allows feedback from THE PEOPLE.

Under BN, it is TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT !!!! So, we took it and kick them out once and for all


While our National Apanama Policy (NAP) is focusing on getting people to own cars (Proton of course), I hope the Penang Transport Masterplan will strive to improve public transportation to make it more efficient, reliable, safe and affordable to all.

Why buy a Proton when you are actually subsidizing overseas buyers who can buy Proton at their how countries at half the price we are paying here?


My suggestion is only buy second hand cars, so we don’t contribute any hard-earned cent to these flee-coffers of indecent taxes for more obscene Barang Naik antics of Gila-Gila, Shiok-Shiok. Compare with repair costs of 2nd hand cars, you don’t pay more than the obscene sales tax in a period of 4 years or more if you get a good condition used car. Anyway, why support buy new cars (and get taxed mindlessly) when we are still penalized with more petrol price increases? It makes no abacus sense! Don’t tell me it is good for the environment to increase petrol… Read more »


For public bus like RapidPenang to be successful, effort must be made to remove the stigma among the GenY that public buses are for poor people who cannot afford owning a private car. Also must counter the NAP that encourages Proton ownership.


Can those who has the knowledge tell an ignorant person like me the difference between Penang Blueprint (Koh) & Greater Penang Masterplan (Idris Jala) and how such implementation by Penang Government (partial or in full) can help the general public ?

Gerakan K

Good !!!

Anil, need entrance fee or not ??? Got free refreshment ???

Andrew I

“It’s an ideal opportunity for those of us who believe in sustainable transport to make our views heard – especially if you are pedestrians, cyclists, bus users and ferry commuters. All of us – the public – are the real ‘stakeholders’ and we should be pushing hard for the sustainable transport agenda in this era of congestion, air pollution, global warming, rising fuel prices and depleting oil reserves.”

Your scene, meh?


Yes free air as compare with (certain parties who have) A Go Go girls show on stage


Can you sponsor Kopi-O kau kau? Or simple orange juice to juice up our creative thoughts for effective solutions?
You are richie-rich mah!