Penang civil society groups not letting down guard after stalling PGCC


This speaks for itself. Some people are saying the government’s change of heart is just an election gimmick. But there was intense pressure from civil society groups and ordinary Malaysians upset over losing a green lung and horrified about what the traffic would be like.

It just goes to show what ordinary people can do, if they set their minds and hearts – and energy – to the task at hand.

So now we have rejuvenated civil society groups, Hindraf/Makkal Sakthi, Bersih, Protes, Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA… The socio-political landscape has definitely changed. Many believed that Reformasi in 1998-2001 failed to achieve anything – but the seeds were planted then, and much earlier by all those concerned Malaysians over the years who believed in justice but never lived to see the fruit.

DEVELOPMENT-MALAYSIA: Civil Society Stalls Eight Billion Dollar Project
By Anil Netto

PENANG, Jan 25 (IPS) – Civil society groups here are mulling their next move after having stalled a massive, private project to build close to 40 high-rise towers on a precious green lung on this land-scarce Malaysian island.

An intense campaign in the preceding months finally forced the Penang state government to announce last week it was effectively stalling the 25 billion ringgit (eight billion US dollar) project.

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2 Feb 2008 8.51am

Dear people,

There will be a press conference on PGCC to be held this Sunday, 3rd February 2008 at 10.30 am at CAP office at 10, Jalan Mesjid Negeri, 11600 Penang (next to YWCA).

You are invited to attend.

27 Jan 2008 3.55pm

it is very easyfor them to change their minds again. patrick submits an appeal, hearing after election then MPPP grants appeal, where do we stand then ???

It is all very tricky, we should push the DOE n show that there (have been what appears to be questionable) dealings …. get ACA to investigate !!

Vejayan Chinnaiah
Vejayan Chinnaiah
26 Jan 2008 11.31pm

Makkal Sakthi will win all odds.