Penang Bersih 3.0 ends on a high


As you can see, all was peaceful and happy at Penang Bersih 3.0 attended by 7000 people – despite ‘phantom voters’ making an appearance!

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The worsening police brutality at Bersih Rally in KL is an indication of the BN’s increasingly desperate and ineffectual efforts to respond to the prospects of losing power.



was majority Malays in Bersih in KL that was so different than
Penang scenario?


Andrew I

Recent studies have suggested that one of the withdrawal symptoms of stopping the intake of viagra is talking through … Can someone give him a viagra and shut him up, please.

Andrew I

“He said it was obvious that DAP was supporting PAS for its own survival and at the expense of the non-Muslims.”

Rebuttal: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Andrew I

Didn’t know it’s so hard to sell a newspaper nowadays. Sorry if I have caused any offence by describing it as a newspaper.

Pala Richie

When you employ the gov resources, the cops, the DBKLs, the FRU, and the court order to protect grasses of merdeka square and not the people.

Whatever happened after that, you can’t shake off the perception being the master of the hidden hands, just to show off your arrogance and ego.

Penang shows it to the nation, we need a PR federal gov. very badly.


When i looked at all the violence especially on the part of the police’s brutality, kicking and hitting the people, etc etc etc i feel so sad… It is really not necessary… It really should not have had happened if in the first place our electoral process is clean and without any cheats… Shame on PM and BN really and my highest respect and admiration to Ambiga and team !!! I can only hope for a miracle that Pakatan will triump over BN in the coming GE and we need to overhaul and putting everything right in the country. The… Read more »


Wow !!! … tak takut mati now, all came out to shout Bersih Bersih !!!

Long live Pakatan !!!


The end is near for this regime. The rakyat will come after each one of you corrupt crooks and see that justice is done.


Someone should ask KL Datuk Bandar – how come Penang and everywhere else so peaceful? They did not even do much to control the crowd? Who is responsible for chaos in KL then?

Gerakan K

Pakatan event of course will perform better in pakatan state. What is the reason to celebrate ??? Look at LGE face. It’s just like another dap election ceramah !!!

Andrew I

Haha, Gherkin logic when he’s hard pressed for a reason.


Just b’cos PDRM did its job commendably well in Penang does not warrant calling it a Pakatan event. You sure want it ended like KL’s? What kind of brute sentimentality is this? Bersih 3.0 is for all Malaysians irrespective of skin color. Unless one is living under the 513 syndrome of intimidation & fear mongering. Worst, still fearing & blaming the Hai San or Ghee Hin generations for the loss of himself selling coconut water in the wrong place at the wrong time of trouble! GK should have an original taste of tear gas & acid laced water instead of… Read more »

Lechmi R Kumaran

Senator Nick Xenophon from Australia stressed that the demonstration itself was peaceful, and the “unnecessary violence” that occurred was “planned provocation” to provide images for the “officially sanctioned media”.

extract from


Yes if Pakatan could perform better in their own states, then chances for Pakatan will roll over into other states. Perak will definitely fall together with Negeri Sembilan.


Mak kata if you have nothing to say nothing!!!!!!

Gopal Raj Kumar

In Penang it was nothing more than a Chinese show of faces. hardly what one might call a democratic or a representative cross section of society in Malaysia.

Bersih had fired its last shot in its proverbial chamber. Ambiga allowed Anwars men to (allegedly) take over and riot by provoking the police into action. Now Anwar is on his own after a heated argument over strategy, tactics and unity with Anwar Ibrahim.

A bunch of loosers. The US State Department and McNair Anderson reveals their polls show a significant surge in support for the Barisan and especially for UMNO….

Andrew I

It’s losers, not loosers. And here we were, thinking you were half white. So what if it was mainly Chinese faces? What, don’t they have a right to attend?

Lechmi R Kumaran

There are … agent provocateurs in cyberspace (eg G R K) as there were at KL yesterday.

The agent provocateurs are product extension of rempits who find thrills like jumping & overturning on polis car (see NST).

Barang Naik will go all out to ensure they abusive power stays on.

I for once after yesterday event believe Putrajaya will see something positively new after GE13.


Go Pal : You don.t even know what you are writing. Is it a mistake or a shadow of your hollow mind that drifted without thinking. Maybe this will show the world the truth. 7 to 8 police kicking a lone Bersih person.


Go Pal : Don’t be a liar like Nacheat. Bersih come from various segment of Malysian. Int’l obesrvers praise Bersih protesters, slam mainstream media for biased news

James Cameron

Care to share more information about your allegation on The US State Department and McNair Anderson’s data? Even google can’t locate it.


That 7,000 Malaysians are able to walk peacefully together speaks for itself. I was in Penang recently (from KL) & highly impressed with many aspects – traffic, development (new bridge) some garnered from my relatives (investment &. Jobs) and one in particular personally, that of no plastic bags ( or paying if we wanted one) at the supermart. (KL practices this only on Saturday with little success). FYI, it doesn’t matter whether we are of a particular color or race/ religion. I am not Malay, my spouse and children are – and our extended family respect look at on another… Read more »

Calvin Chang

A good move for Penang’s people. Make Malaysia change!!