Paula’s police bail not extended – but probe continues


paulaPaula (in light blue shirt) with friends at the police station this morning – Photo by Paula’s 10-year-old son.

The emcee at one of the Abolish ISA vigils in Penang, Paula Khoo, found out when she turned up at the Patani Road police station this morning that her police bail was not going to be extended.

The police instead told her they would call her once their investigations are completed.

The police had earlier contacted Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng to obtain her statement in connection with her participation at one of the vigils.

You can read Paula’s account of her experience in her blog here.

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Sam G
Sam G
30 Jan 2009 12.30pm

If I am not mistaken, a gathering of more than 4 people is the key in any gathering for police to intervene. So I propose that in the next Anti ISA vigil, the participants should break up into groups of 4, and as per the law maintain a distance of x meters between each group. Then it will be interesting to see if the cops have a case with that. That will be nice to see cops walking around with a measuring tape!

Angela Ooi
Angela Ooi
30 Jan 2009 12.09pm

This is one of the reasons the rakyat is furious with this govt. The crime rate is sky high and everyone feels so insecure even in their own homes. The Govt and Police say they have insufficent manpower. This is an OUTRIGHT LIE cos they have plenty resource whether finance or manpower (usually outnumbering the protesters) to undertake such wasteful task of undermining the rakyat’s right to assembly and should STOP hounding us, the citizens. WE are not the criminals – the cops should DO the jobs they are paid to do, go get the REAL criminals in the streets… Read more »

29 Jan 2009 11.11pm

Protection we seek from the men in blue,

Harrassment we meet whenever we sing the blues;

Obama is “dream” come true from sacrifice of King,

ISA is doomed the moment Paula strums her guitar strings!

Hang in there ….. for like the “king”, you are not alone.


29 Jan 2009 11.06pm


I just can’t digest thing happening around us.
When will all this stupid act/harassment from the authorities over for good. Almighlty God protect & shower your spirit to strengthen these wonderful people who wanted to save Malaysia.

They have not change even after March 8th 2008. Well than we are looking forward General Election earliest possible.

29 Jan 2009 11.31am

Continuing probe? Harassment is the word, Mr. Polis!

29 Jan 2009 9.59am

Thanks to all of you for turning up to support Paula.

29 Jan 2009 8.02am

The police should concentrate on safeguarding the neighbourhoods, which are far more important. Eradicating hardcore crime like robbery, burglary, rape are far more important than Paula’s issue.

Police should be patrolling neighbourhoods 24 hours. This is far more important than anything else.

johanssm / khun Pana
johanssm / khun Pana
29 Jan 2009 1.37am

Thank you to all who turns up to accompany Ms.Paula in Penang.
Paula is not alone, this means we are not alone in our struggle to abolish the ISA. Good Job.

29 Jan 2009 12.10am

Hahahahahahahaha… “PROBE CONTINUES…” hehehehehehehehehe… that’s akiller, Anil! What are the police probing? Do they require the services of another professional proctologist? Oy… moral RECTITUDE cannot be found in anybody else’s rectum except your own… so probe no further! 🙂