Patrick Teoh interviews Ambiga


Today is the day that ‘petty traders’ had planned to set up shop outside Ambiga’s house, but let’s hear from the woman herself who is interviewed by The Voice.

Actually, when you think about it, it’s funny that those ‘petty traders’ chose to call themselves ‘Bersih 4.0‘. In this part of the world, the number ‘4’ is not usually associated with good fortune and prosperity!

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Hats off to Ambiga who bravely fights for the good of the nation.


Another one on Bersih 3.0 worth watching:


can always count on anil’s readers for good videos!


MUST Watch this:


Satu lagi mesti tonoton:


If Najib is true to what he said and what is wanted for the country, he MUST LISTEN to the majority voice. He will see this at GE13 and respect the decision. We pray and want him to respect the majority’s decision and he must declare sincerely that whatever outcome is the result of GE13, he/BN will abide by the voters’ choice. No uncalled and untowards dirty acts must be allowed to happen to disrupt the peace in our country. We LOVE Malaysia even if we want a change of government.


You don’t have to like BN to love Malaysia.

You don’t have to like BN to receive BR1M!

You don’t have to believe in BN to appreciate Rukunegara!


The power of Patrick Teoh and Ambiga, the true icons of modern Malaysia, resulting in the high number of hits to top the ‘Anil Top 10’!!!

We are awaiting the sequel!


The silent majority is not going to fence-sit anymore. “GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT” is this what we have become as a progressive nation?


Dear Global Friends, Since Dato Ambiga is being focused so seriously, it shows that the peoples’ voices of grivances and grouses are brought forward to the government’s attention. Whether the government is sincere to the loyal peoples’ moral proposals rest to be seen. Action speaks better than words. Who is abusing or misusing one’s power also rests on one’s resposibility and honesty. There is no blaming on one another if one’s moral values permit oneself to have a consensus close meeting. ” A clean mind builds a clean environment, A corrupt mind creates personal fear and dirties the environment ”… Read more »


If we don’t bycott and BN wins then they say they win fair and square in view of the electroll flaw. By bycotting BN can’t say that. Also if we don’t hold the trump card of bycotting then they will totally ignore the Bersih 8 demands. Unless, if PR culculation is favourable inspite of all odds, please, by all means go ahead. Let’s play bluffing pooker. On the other hand if BN is down then all hell will break loose. The big fishes will be gone the next minute and the tripots and goons stay …. They will come back… Read more »

Jimmy Tan

To support and thank Ambiga

Robert chin

Thumbs up for Ambiga & Bersih.

The misbehaviors of some UMNO & BN supporters were shocking, disgraceful & childish and judging from the other “information & explanations” from U-Tube UMNO leaders are still not telling us the truth and trying to confuse the people. Yet, the police’s policy of “always having to listen to the BN bosses” attitute plus double standard & mishandling of the situation had indeed helped to paint more dirt to the BN Government.


mcm berbau kaum…bagi bersih 4….hidden hands r behind all the hu ha…


I salute Patrick ‘The Voice’ Teoh for his principle.

Unlike many local artistes that are selling their souls to BN to safeguard their rice bowl on local TV stations, he is truly one that we should admire.

Just look at the celebrity clowns taking turn to host Melodi on TV3. Afdlin Shauki and O… Ahmad Daud are real shame to stoop so low to sell kontroversi on TV!


Patrick Teoh has put his talent ot good use, unlike the majority of those syok-sendiri celebrities wasting their time on Super Spontan and making a fool of themselves in Maharaja Lawak shows on Astro!!!


Perhaps Patrick could interview the likes of Awie Wings, Amy Search, Mus May, Salim Bachik and Afdlin Shauki why they suddenly joined Umno.


The Datuk Jamal failed SPM and until now cannot pass Math. He puts up RM1.5m to complain about a couple of thousand in losses which was caused by the Police (action) in the first place.

Malaysia is truly heaven for the biggest idiots in the world..

Andrew I

apanama ini? sen pandai, ringgit bodoh?


Why did they not sue Pak Samad
Why did they not set up set up stall and butting exercise in front of pak Samad house.

Why Why Why. This is the question we are asking. ????


Because Umno is a big bully of non-malays!

wilfred sunny gomez

UMNO goes by its initials U Must Not Oppose and so it has been like that for years supressing the poor ( meaning those who are not in position to voice out for some reason or other) but the time has come for change REFORMASI. tq

wow wow wow

After Bersih 3.0, the next event prior to GE13 will be called Bersih 5.0 thanks to those jokers who took that unlucky “4” away !


11 is the lucky number for Najib.
Could he possibly book ‘Bersih 11’?