‘Occupy Penang’ draws youthful group


An ‘Occupy Penang’ gathering at Speakers’ Square in the Esplanade yesterday drew a couple dozen mostly young people.

At the ‘general assembly’, each person took turns to talk about the problems they face everyday including issues related to education and the economy.

Several police personnel turned up, but just listened and did not intervene, according to an eye-witness.

Over in Tahrir Square on Friday, Egyptian activists made good their promise to march to the US Embassy in solidarity with Occupy Oakland protesters.

Photograph: Egyptian blogger Mohammed Maree

Full report on the boingboing website.

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Yesterday 200 Mat Rempits ‘Occupy Georgetown’ to make unreasnable demand for racing track in Penang.

They should ask Petronas or Mokhzani for racing facility since these people are promoting kapcai racing, and do not cause disturbance on public road.

Haslam P

Dr M’s vision 2020 of Kapcai Racing circuit can be realized by his sons like Mokhzani. With so much fortune from Petronas etc can build a Sepang-like race tracks at Langkawi so that such an accomplishment can be appreciated by Kapcai riders – a distinct honour added to apanama gallery perdana at Langkawi …… this is what rakyat UMNO wants and M can fulfiill this as his parting legacy. Kapcai riders from Penang can use ferries operated by Petronas etc to shuttle to Langkawi and create a new Velentino Rossi of Malaysia and KRU bros can make a movie about… Read more »


Well, a lot is being said about bringing back PPSMI to schools. It is a good intent and I’m behind it 100% but before we rush into things, it is really important to ensure teachers are genuinely good in English, undergone proper training (Buddy Support/EMIS was a failure) and most importantly really use English to teach Science and Maths and passionately want to improve the level of the students and not merely eyeing for the 10% BISP. Unless, teachers who are carefully selected and passionate about the children’s development are brought onboard, PPSMI will always be a failure.


A few hundred people were at Speakers’ Corner on Oct 23 to support the teaching of science and maths in english. That must have been the largest gathering there. See Sunday Star…


Also there are now more than 100,000 people who have joined the Support PPSMi group in Facebook


Syiok Syiok

Penang’s Speakers’ Corner – a site to revolutionize the thinking of Penangites ?

Syiok Syiok

One of the hot topics at Esplanade’s Speakers’ Square is PPSMI issue which Anil should be aware of but hardly mentioned in the blog.

A ardent speaker we called UNCLE LIM is a very active and popular figure there.

Check that out vrt Sunday from 5pm.


Can our Education Minister tell me how many books in this world is published in Bahasa Malaysia? It is a known fact that most (if not all) of the new research, self help books are published in English. So if we reduce our students’ exposure in English and continue to teach Maths and Science in Bahasa Malaysia, then let our graduates to wait for 5-10 years later to read a translated book (if there is any). Wait till 5-10 years later then only ask our graduate to learn and write software for Ipad. Why are we driving our country with… Read more »


The readers should not be confused. That UNCLE LIM is not related to Kit Siang or Guan Eng. He’s just a simple senior guy we called him Pakcik Lim who is not computer savy yet seems able to articulate his thoughts/concerns via hard work like research done in traditional way. We salute Pakcik Lim because he’s a true bangsa Msia who can speak eloquent Bahasa P Ralmee style (hence his appeal to traditional folks in heritage Penang). Anil If possible, do interview him as he has inspired many for past one year despite being handicapped in many ways the young… Read more »


Actually LIM is very common in Malaysia.

You see Detektif LIM on Gerak Khas.

You also see a LIM character in Sembang Rakyat to tell people how good BN is.

There is also a local universiti by a LIM guy that produces coffee-table book to glorify Pak Lah, 1Malaysia song/video to bodek Najib…

I got two friends with LIM surname, one is a rich doctor and one is a poor taxi driver.

LIM is everywhere in Malaysia! Just like Mat and Mutu.


i missed it………will it be organised again? when?

Kris Khaira

Atila, the assembly decided by consensus to have Occupy Penang every week on Friday at 9pm, but there may also be workshops and speeches before and after the assembly. Decisions like these are made by consensus by all participants at the assembly including yourself if you attend one next week. This should be a very exciting experience for all those new to the experience of being part of direct consensus decision-making in a people’s assembly.


I’m as unhappy and upset as many other people at the way the Financial Executives who created the world financial crisis not only got away scot-free, they have profited handsomely from the unethical transactions which they carried out.

However, watching how the “Occupy xxxx” movement has played out, I cannot support them in my conscience. No doubt there has been heavy-handed police action, but in many cases these people seem to have been itching for a fight..
This isn’t a civil disobedience movement any more.

Richie Hee

I think we should focus on having Pakatan ‘Occupy Puterajaya’ as the recent 2010 A-G’s reports has confirmed to us that the current BN government has failed repeatedly to curb excessive spending beyond budget (9 ministries overspent by RM3.6 billion) while the nation’s debt is ever increasing on the road to Greek tragedy. Not to forget paying ridiculously high price for basic items (e.g. Giatmara that spent RM18.2 million to purchase household appliances for between 71.9% and more than 200% above market price) with rakyat/tax payers’ money.


“Occupy Putrajaya”? Now I’ve heard it all.
The entire financial system worldwide is systemically screwed due to being based upon fiat money, and you think that changing one party for another is going to make any difference? It won’t.
Whether BN or Pakatan or whoever takes the seat of government, it won’t change anything. The dye was cast the day the Federal Reserve Bank of America (a private institution) came into being.
But supporters of the opposition are as brainwashed as supporters of the government, it would seem.

Gerakan K

Anil, mereka mungkin ialah kaki lepak. Kalau tak pergi shopping mall mereka akan kemana saja

Andrew I

Err…off topic.


Boh Hoot v. Bold?

Gerakan’s essence of chicken.