Now activist Peter Chong reportedly missing

Graphic: Free Malaysia Today

Update: Peter Chong returned to KL from Pattaya on 16 April 2017. He told police he had gone to Hatyai to find out more about a missing pastor Raymond Koh but was then abducted and brought to Pattaya.

What is going on? This is what many Malaysians are asking after it emerged that a Peter Chong, a Subang-based activist who attended a prayer service for abducted pastor Raymond Koh a few days ago, is the latest person to reportedly go missing, according to FMT.

Days earlier, a stranger had tipped him off to be careful as people were getting ‘disappeared’ and ‘they’ knew where their targets lived.

Chong, a former PJ city councillor, used to work as political secretary to Subang MP Sivarasah Rasiah.

He also attended the Bersih 5 rally last November.

Not many people remember that Chong had shot to international media prominence in 2014 when he vouched for the character of his close friend Captain Zaharie, pilot of the ill-fated MH370 plane, describing him as “disciplined and professional”.

It was only yesterday that the Malaysian Insight published a prescient piece titled “Does Malaysia want to be the land of the disappeared?” It concluded:

The police have to do more. It starts with one abduction. Who is to say there won’t be more? Who is to say that those who abducted Koh will not strike again? Where does that leave the police then?

After all, does Malaysia want to join the ignominious list of countries where people disappear and no one gives a damn?

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The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Office has expressed concern that the disappearance of pastor Raymond Koh and activist Amri Che Mat is linked to their community work.

“We are gravely concerned for the safety and well being of the two men and we fear they may have been abducted due to their community work.

“We call on the Malaysian government to conduct a prompt investigation to establish their whereabouts and to keep their families informed of any developments,” UN Human Rights Office acting regional representative Laurent Meillan said in a statement today.


ya. Missing to Patayya.


Anil need to update this issue else uninformed readers to this ‘classic blog’ may think Peter is still missing based on the headlines here.


IGP confirmed that Peter Chong was detected crossing into Thailand at 6.30am on April 7. Hatyai trip unknown to his family?


Peter has returned home safely. He has yet to provide details to the press how he was allegedly abducted in Hatyai and brought to Pattaya. Questions still linger although PDRM appears to push the matter to the Thai counterpart for explanation.

Any insider’s news from readers or Anil?

Stylo Logan

IGP gave the impression that Peter was in Hatyai to enjoy Sonkran water festival. So it is important for Peter to clear the air.


Zaid Ibrahim: “Don’t be afraid to speak out”

Renji Sathiah

What is going on with the disappearance of 5 activists now. Hope it is not the beginning of a pattern that brings those horrific “disappearances” in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.


Is this an example of South-South cooperation, where we have acquired the techniques and training from South America – or is it the School of the Americas at Langley, Virginia, USA?


Peter Chong’s case doesn’t look that simple all in all. Maybe we shall know the reasons behind soon.


Peter Chong is a close friend of MH370 pilot. Possibly a link there?


Malaysia has descended to the level of countries like Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Uganda, where political opponents and activists goes missing all of the sudden, and the police could do nothing about it. Time for change in the next GE.


X-Files of MIAs (missing in actions) of Bolehland a threat to social fabric of multiculturalism?


Is there a criminal syndicate operating with some support (political, religious or whatever)???
High time we should learn to [defend] ourselves.
Can speedily catch the North Koreans but HOPELESS to nab these criminal abductors.

It looks like these criminals are getting bolder & bolder b’cos of what we suspect (desperate measures by desperate loser entities).