‘No McDonald’s in Tecoma’ protest: A resident speaks


Blog visitor Sharon, a Tecoma resident, speaks about the campaign:

It’s great that the “NO Maccas in Tecoma” campaign has gone international. Tecoma is a small town in the Dandenong Ranges and although it is not far from major suburban areas near Melbourne, it still possesses that quiet, small town atmosphere.

The main concerns are that the majority of the town’s population didn’t want the store, the local council supported them in this, and that their submissions to VCAT (Victorian, Civil and Administrative Tribunal) came to nothing. The tribunal stuck with the legal aspects of the case in that the area is zoned ‘business’ and therefore McDonalds has every right to go ahead and build the store. VCAT gave no credence to the strength of community and council feeling on this matter.

What’s so amazing is that what started as a local issue is now gaining so much momentum that hopefully the McDonald’s corporation will find it in their best interest to pull out and not try to infiltrate the Dandenong Ranges. Personally I feel that while McDonald’s has every right to set up their stores and sell their particular product, they do not need to be in every town, suburb and street corner on the planet.

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