Mysterious masked man who took a stand for justice



We salute you, Muhamad Syukree Hussain

Photo and tribute by [email protected]

I was shocked, then sadness engulfed me, and now I feel a sense of regret for not taking the time to get to know him better. I quickly sent a text message to all my friends; they were equally shocked as well. Why?

You see, when we attended the Abolish ISA vigils from the very beginning, everyone was like part of a new family, the Barisan Rakyat. All of us come in different shapes, colours and sizes.

So you go round and get to meet new folks. Some are easier to know; others take time to open up; that’s understandable.

At every vigil, we have an opportunity to listen to new speakers and its enriching especially when the sharing is from the heart. Views are always respected though they may be from a different perspective. It’s a lot of fun when you are standing in the rain, though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The PJ vigils have been blessed in that the supporters are gaining momentum; no matter what the weather conditions are like, over 200 people turn up. Last week, we had more than 12 first-time visitors as we marked our tenth vigil. Most of these vigils have been enriched by Syukree’s presence.

Though I don’t know much about him personally, Syukree always came with a mask on his face. Yes, a real mask, the one Halloween kind. Strangely enough, last Sunday, attention was focused on him. He used to walk around and mingle with the crowd and we had got used to his light-hearted, fun-filled gestures. Coincidently, as Zorro was speaking, he sat just right up where Zorro was addressing the crowd. Zorro, for the first and sadly the last time, introduced Syukree to the crowd.

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Here I am now, wondering what’s all this about. In retrospect, here we have a hardcore supporter in the vigils; we hardly heard from him, and yet he entertained the crowd with his mask, and best of all, always obliged those with cameras. And suddenly, he is missed! I do really hope and want to believed that Syukree knows exactly why he attended the vigils. The last mask he wore spoke volumes about his purpose and his personal crusade. Take a look at his face for yourself! He knew what the rakyat were feeling and what they were going through.

Perhaps, just perhaps, to him, action meant more than words. My consolation is that Syukree indeed made a stand for what he believed in and the truth has set him free. His contribution to the vigils has been immeasurable and he will be sadly missed by us all.

Syukree has a name and he has a face that God will recognise and He will bless his soul.

Now, my heart is determined and resolute. The vigils must go on and the ISA must be abolished! I simply and humbly invite you to come to the next PJ vigil and experience it for yourselves.

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Western Wall Prayers

I’ve only recently read about Muhamad Syukree Hussain. I don’t have the background information about him, but I have respect for the fact that he stood up for what he believed in. My prayers are with him.


Al fatihah.


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The masked man
He walked with purpose
I don’t know him
And I never will

Yet his crusade
Clowning to make it free
ISA vigils
Let the law goes away

The vigils may lose him
The trademark will not disappear
Like Zorro fighting for the oppressed
A new one will appear

The masked man
He played his part
Fighting injustices
Let freedom flow

Now I pray
Let his soul rest in peace
May Allah welcome him home
And we continue to light our candles
Let freedom flow

We salute you Muhamad Syukree Hussain
For bringing a difference in the vigils
Though I never meet you then
It is good to know we are part of the scenes

Justin Choo


No disrespect meant to Syukree. May he rest in peace.

May I share this info in your blog?

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DAP Bukit Bendera Parliamentary Constituency Office;
396A, 1st Floor, Wayton Court, Jalan Burma, 10350 Pulau Pinang;
(next to Jalan Gottlieb and Jalan Burma/Jalan Mt Erskine traffic lights);

For more info please go to :

Angela Ooi
Angela Ooi

I do not know him but I feel sad we have lost a colourful member of our Barisan Rakyat. I will say a prayer for him. God Bless him and help his family tide over their loss.

Cna Change
Cna Change

must be hollowman 2

Cna Change
Cna Change

Must be the hollow man ….

Estrelita Soliano Grosse

Syukree had a unique life. He lived it as he wanted to, without bending to the norms of, what we call, society. He was a brave man who chose to be what he wanted to be. He will be remembered for all that he represented while he was alive. I salute him for his courage in the face of adversity. He has gone to a better world. May his soul rest in eternal peace.