MPSP, MPPP implement gender-responsive budgeting


The Penang state government has set up a Penang Women’s Development Corporation, which is working with the Penang Island and Seberang Perai municipal councils to implement gender-responsive budgeting.

This report from theSun:

Penang promoting gender interest policies
Posted on 7 March 2012 – 05:16pm
Last updated on 7 March 2012 – 05:27pm

Himashu Bhatt

GEORGE TOWN (March 7, 2012): Penang government has set up a special state-run body to promote gender interests through the policies and programmes of the public and private sectors.

Called Penang Women’s Development Corporation (PWDC), it will function to advice the state government in formulating policies to realise gender and social equality, as well as undertake advocacy to promote good governance.

“It will monitor laws and policies which are gender discriminatory,” Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said during a press conference to introduce the corporation here today.

“It will also conduct programmes to empower women in various sectors of society as well as commit itself to raising the consciousness of women and men in Penang on gender equality and justice, human rights and good governance,” he added.

The state government has allocated RM1.5 million for the PWDC’s programmes and operations for 2012.

The amount is in addition to RM800,000 allocation channelled through the State Women, Family and Community Development Committee.

The PWDC’s board of directors, comprising activists, academics and social workers, is chaired by Ong Kok Fooi, the state executive councillor for youth and sports, and women, family and community development.

As a flagship programme, a 3-year Gender Responsive Budgeting project is being implemented by the PWDC together with the Penang island and Seberang Prai municipal councils.

The pilot project will work to make gender concerns become part of the mainstream focus of the budgetary process and policies of the two local government bodies, beginning with services related to cleanliness and safety, Lim said.

Both Penang and Seberang Prai councils have contributed RM63,000 and RM200,000 respectively for the pilot project.

One of the expected outcomes of this project is to have “sex-disaggregated data,” which contains core gender indicators, in the databank and statistics collected by the two local councils, Lim said.

These would then be used as evidence in making gender responsive policies and in their output-based budgeting, he stressed.

Lim also noted that Penang’s female labour force participation at 53.4% is much higher than the national average of 45.7%. “However, they are concentrated in low and semi-skilled positions in the manufacturing and services sectors,” he said.

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Pala Richie

Gender based retirement age is no gender bias, it is M’sian way of life, it is god given… Luckily, our indutry did not practise race based retirement age, should have thank BN for this. *********************** From M’sia Insider: Court rules no gender bias in workers’ retirement age By Clara ChooiMarch 21, 2012PUTRAJAYA, March 21 — The Court of Appeal today dismissed an application by female workers claiming gender discrimination in being forced to retire earlier than male colleagues. A three-man bench led by Datuk K. N. Segara upheld a 2010 High Court ruling on the 11-year-old case, which had in… Read more »

Spencer Gan

10 questions for Malaysians 1) Would you allow robbers to come into your household and steal you blind, taking away not only your valuables but also take away your dignity? 2) Is it acceptable that while you, your relatives and friends work hard and honestly to put food on the table, the political elite and their family members and cronies … plunder at will because they CAN? 3) Would it be acceptable for the head of your household to make significant decisions on everything from education, to what investments to make and then absolve himself from any mistakes when things… Read more »

Gerakan K

1 Question for you. Do you support PAS GREAT ambitions including hudud ???

Andrew I


Pala Richie

I don’t support Hudud, because it is not being fair.

Take example for stealing, then chop off your hand. If you rape, then …

So you see, it is not fair, the hand does the crime, the pennis does the crime, but it was commanded by your brain. It only fair, the head get choped off, not the limbs.

The same goes to Altantunya, the 2 faceless men did the crime, but they say ‘motive is not essential’ la, and you agree with them.

I don’t support Hudud, but I support PAS, support PAS to weaken Umno.


I support Hudud Laws for the prosecution of all corrupt politicians – chop hands; cut that manly’s you know what for raping; and more dreadful punishments for those already guilty in their conscience but until now still roam free.
After all the prosecution (clean up) of all these corrupts and criminals, then we can / will sit down with PAS over Kopi-O kau kau to decide on how to make life heavenly in Malaysia now that these scums cannot steal or rape anymore!

Gerakan K

Discrimination against a particular race is called racist. Then discrimination against a particular gender is called what ???


Pakatan really testing and preparing for male and female segregation. Testing the water, right ??? First step is female policy. Then oh, female need separate space in cinema, eatery, etc. Then you are walking into PAS hudud ambitions.

Andrew I

It’s called sexist. Seems to me you have a very wild imagination or maybe schizophrenia brought on by no gravy. Don’t worry, Gherky. Pakatan has some strong and great women like Betty Chew and Wan Azizah. Their husband’s don’t have to deal with cows.

Andrew I

Aretha and Annie…women without sell by dates.


THis is the difference between PR and BN rule in Penang. BN ADUNs felt trying to clean drains and sweep roads is enough to satisfy the needs of Penangites. Whereas PR meets the needs of a more educated population as well as taking care of the rakyat in general. Have also noticed that BN ADUN/KADUNs never had the pro-active mentality. It is always how can I help you solve the red-tape problems of the Government. BN creates the Red-tape and then have a whole lot of ADUN/KADUNs and MPs to help the rakyat to work thru’ the mess. No Value-Added… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

💡 GOD bless good Leaders from Pakatan Rakyat n more n more RAKYAT will come forward to support them this coming 13th GE bcoz of their GOOD + POSITIVE policy for all …..irrespective of which races they are from…..THANK YOU to PAKATAN LEADERS 💡

Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡