Three elected reps among 21 arrested at anti-war vigil


Twenty one people were arrested at an anti-war vigil held in Dataran Merdeka in KL tonight. The event was attended by some 200 people. More were arriving when police made the arrests at 8.45pm.

Among them were Klang MP Charles Santiago, Kuala Langat MP Abdullah Sani (PKR), Selangor state assembly member Dr Nasir Hashim and PSM secretary general Arutchelvan.

When contacted just before 11.00pm, Charles said he had been released on police bail and he expected the rest to be released one by one.

Over in Penang, a similar anti-war vigil, attended by over 100 activists and concerned Malaysians, took place without incident. Police, however, kept a close eye and snapped lots of pictures as usual.

Charles said he tried to talk to police and persuade them that the vigil was in solidarity with the people of Gaza. He told them the participants at the vigil were also supporting the Malaysian government’s position in highlighting the issue in the international arena. “I told them I personally have friends in Gaza who have to face the bombing at this time.”

But his pleas fell on deaf ears.

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15 Jan 2009 11.35am

It was very unbelievable.. I was there witnessing the whole thing and seriously, I just can’t get over the fact how the government insults our intelligence Time and TIME again.

Such a blatant lie…. how can they be supporting palestine and arrest us at the same time?

12 Jan 2009 6.03pm

The Mamak wants to use the issue to regain political support behind him and umno. Who cares about the Gazans?

J Yeoh
J Yeoh
11 Jan 2009 7.31pm

Typical … behavior from the PDRM – . …. the boots o their political masters. Any fool can see that there (appears to be) 3 sets of rules in this country : 1 One for the Yang berhormats warming the chairs in the parliament 2. One for BN componnt parties, their followers, cronies and b… l…… 3. One for the “Others”. I can only wish for a (lesson to be taught) to BN and especially najib in Kuala Trengganu and YES, a serios wish and prayer for the knock out blow for BN in the next Elections whenever the BN… Read more »

11 Jan 2009 3.52pm

Silly Santiago! Doesn’t he know that only UMNO-organized anti-war rallies are sanctioned by our Police? Doesn’t he know that only UMNO and its BN-component friends are allowed to protest atrocities in the Palestine-Israel conflict?

11 Jan 2009 3.33pm

Maybe the Police are Pro-Israeli supporters?

Disgusted Malaysian
Disgusted Malaysian
11 Jan 2009 1.21pm

It is clear that the authorities do not support the Palestinians. If they do, how can they not allow a peaceful anti-war candlelight vigil? Basically, it seems like they are supporting the Israeli killings of innocent children and civilians in Gaza. I thought Malaysia don’t have any relations with Israel. … I am disgusted by their poor excuse of the lack of a permit, which is nothing more than a piece of paper, to prevent such an important gathering. Every second, more Palestinian children are being blinded, dismembered, heads blown off, killed like insignificant flies. To the police and those… Read more »

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
11 Jan 2009 1.10pm


Why are there some folks with ears that won’t listen
Why are there some brains that will never ever hasten
Why are there some hearts never to commonsense fasten
Why are there some nuts only with wrong values chasten

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110109
Sun. 11th Jan. 2009.

11 Jan 2009 12.27pm

indirectly the police men are supporting Israel!!

11 Jan 2009 8.45am

The police should concentrate on patrolling neighbourhoods as crime is so rampant. Residents are so scared to even come out of the house. When we do come out, say to throw the rubbish, we have this fear in us, a fear that should never be in any person. Ask anybody and they can relate to you how an old ammama or appapa got their chain pulled out from their neck whislt throwing their rubbish outside their gate. Children cannot even go out to play. Unlike our days when we were young, children cannot climb trees or play guli or gasing.… Read more »

Angry Citizen
Angry Citizen
11 Jan 2009 3.53am

By haressing this anti war vigil, the … polis (appear to be) supporting the isreal zionists war against the palestinians. A sad day for KL …

11 Jan 2009 1.14am

Strange you guys got arrested. Did you have malay/umno participants… If you did not have the above ingredients for your vigil, you will be arrested.

11 Jan 2009 12.41am

Why was’nt any arrest made on the 5000 rowdy crowd demonstrated earlier in the day. Was it because this virgil was organised by the Opposition?
Both these crowds were fighting for the same cause…supporting the victims of Gaza. Very strange and unbelievable.
I really hope, Botak has a good explanation for the action of his blue uniform…. Or, he does not know, why (they) reacted differently.