Three dozen Jerit cyclists detained


1453: The Jerit southern cycling team have been hauled up near Bangi Lama.

Thirty six of the cyclists will now proceed to the Kajang police station (phone: 03-8736 2222 for more details).

Earlier, Jerit reported that the police wanted details of the cyclists to check with their parents whether they had really given their consent.

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16 Dec 2008 7.50pm

Anil I have to agree with you and some others that PDRM’s plate is rather full and better of chasing real criminals than go after teenage cyclists. But I think this matter also raises some uncomfortable issues. 1. What’s the point of having an MP in the Parliament when you had to resort to such dangerous and unncessary stunts ? 2. Why can’t apply for a police permit and make things easier for everyone ? 3. Why are they involving underage students ? Do the students really understand the objectives and implication of the campaign ? 4. Isn’t this an… Read more »

kenneth iswara
kenneth iswara
16 Dec 2008 12.57am

police biased
police … work 4 umno-bn
police busy going after citizens exercising their rights
police too busy 4 real criminals
political police not people police
polis raja di malaysia

hope our beloved sultans speak out on police who harass their loyal subjects

16 Dec 2008 12.12am

Malaysia is looking like Zimbabwe everyday. Just what is the role of the police? Harassing cyclist? Hey dummies, it is a very healthy exercise. Why do you do what you are paid to do? Like policing the city of crime. KL is crime ridden now….

Ong Eu Soon
15 Dec 2008 11.44pm

BN will never learn. After making big mistake with HINDRAF, they are now trying to fool around with JERIT. It is a good opportunity provided by the police to transform opposition supporters to be hard core followers.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
15 Dec 2008 10.15pm


Perhaps the cyclists are ‘guilty’ of turning the country’s latest ‘wheels of justice’
Seen by certain people to be not of good, strong, healthy and valid social practice
Thus they are being constantly harassed and troubled by being served with harsh notice
Treating all of them (road heros) poorly, badly and openly almost like mere tortoise

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 151208
Mon. 15th Dec. 2008.

15 Dec 2008 9.04pm

Call up the parents and take their own time with it la !

What idiotic statements is that? If parents tak bagi ikut, u think they would not have made a missing person’s report by now? So how many reports have you got? None? Wah I thought they don’t understand the law, but now maths also fail ah?

Standards have really fallen in our PDRM. Itu pun kalau betul standard dah turun (the other conclusion – jadi … UMNO, which is much worse).

I have asked this before, apa dah jadi dengan Piagam Polis?

15 Dec 2008 7.11pm

How pathetic this country’s police force has become. Mat rempits are everywhere, challenging the police,do they get any approval from their parents and the Botak Minister? Someone at the top even called this bunch of road menace as “young turks looking for fun”. How naive. (Or maybe they are the sons of the divisional chairman/committees or some top public servants?) Snatch thieves and robbers are everywhere,yet how many are caught? How many are released after they are caught and they are roaming free in the neighbourhood? People are living in fear, and these people take their own sweet time to… Read more »

15 Dec 2008 5.51pm

Its the crime rate, stupid!

15 Dec 2008 4.05pm

Serious ke? Naik basikal pun kena ada parents’ consent? Now I have reasons to tell my kids not to ride bicycle – polis tangkap.

15 Dec 2008 3.25pm

Earlier, Jerit reported that the police wanted details of the cyclists to check with their parents whether they really gave their consent.
so now our police is so free that they want to help parents take care of their children as well. Even if their parents didn’t give consent how? Arrest them for not having consent from their parents? utterly bulls***!