Marina Lee receives a standing ovation


Marina Lee speaking yesterday in KL

Loud applause greeted Raja Petra’s wife Marina as she addressed a large crowd yesterday. Few politicians can win such genuine love, affection and concern from the public.

“Please don’t forget you all have a part to play” in abolishing the ISA and freeing the detainees, urged Marina.

Blogger The Whisperer comments:

I was there, Anil. The support for Marina was overwhelming. Indeed, an inspiring moment.

No way they are going to break our spirit with their dirty tricks. This is what I can assure you from the ground.

Do you know where they have taken Raja Petra?  He is here. Say a prayer over this image for the immediate release of all the detainees.

Do consider sending a Raya or Diwali card to an ISA detainee. The list of names can be found here. Pick a name, write a message of encouragement in the card, and mail it to the following address:

Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
34009 Kamunting

Remember the candlelight vigil this Friday at 9.30pm in front of Dewan Sri Pinang, organised by the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI).

Free all ISA detainees! Abolish the ISA! Close down the Kamunting Detention Centre!

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Pakcik Ali

Sorry to say this but what RPK wrote about Islam was totally uncalled for. Obviously, his understanding about Islam was very little and mostly on the surface. When he mentioned about Islam with negative perpective, of cause the non malays bloggers/readers just love to add on further rediculing Islam. There was no shy because, RPK is a muslim (if he really is) and since a muslim started it, why bother to hold their words. Frankly, I do not think any of our typical Malaysian Chinese or Indian dared to write negatively about Islam/Malay as we were groomed to respect each… Read more »


Let the rule of law prevail. IF RPK defames, he need to be trialed. Similarly, ISA denies the right of people to seek recourse. If any of the so called Islamic terrorist in Kamunting is actually not guilty (or actually are), having them trialed will be the correct thing to do.


I am not only touched by Marina given such a warm and encouraging reception. Importantly, it was given by a packed multi racial supporters in the hall. It keeps the dream of a better Malaysia alive!


Courtesy of Wiki : “Tugu Negara, literally the “National Monument” in Malay, is a sculpture that commemorates those who died in Malaysia’s struggle for freedom, …The monument depicts a group of soldiers holding the Malaysian national flag, the Jalur Gemilang, aloft. Each of the bronze figures symbolizes leadership, suffering, unity, vigilance, strength, courage and sacrifice.”

I say we all leave a yellow flower at the base of the Tugu to show our solidarity for the ppl fighting for the nation’s freedom today.


I`m with you sam. Sent a card to rpk today and will also continue everyday…got my firends and family to do so too…


I sent a card to RPK yesterday and will continue sending one everyday…

Eagle has landed

Very impressed with Lim Guan Eng approach to abolish ISA. That is the quality of a leader that we want. Someone who understand what freedom and liberty is all about. This is what missing with BN leaders, something that is strange even to PM and DPM. No matter how sad we are, but it is a lot more painful to the families affected. To all of them, let us be resolved to continue to fight for the release of all ISA detainees and continue to pressure the government to abolish ISA. The idea suggested by Rababa to force a by… Read more »


marina was brilliant. even if i was to be arrested under ISA also i think my wife would do the same. except that i dont think i will be arrested under ISA because i dont write BS stuffs like RPK did. and i am not referring to those political stories. u know which one or which ones that locked RPK there. marina should know that. all those articles about BN’s political figures or crooks or whatever his husband wrote, neither of those land him into kamunting. which one really put him there? i would say RPK is stupid. he was… Read more »


Yes it is a very good idea to have RPK to stand as a PR candidate. Bloggers united must now petition the PR leaders to have RPK as a by-election candidate. For once show the Malaysian public what the Bloggers united are .


You can imprison a person but not his mind…


Mr Singh should get brasso to polish syed”alba’ b****. in the meantime the internal security act should be changed to institute syes alba.the pakayan govt.must maintain the name so that one day it will become our national singh deosnt represent the views of the sikh people or is he the b**** carrier…?


RPK must be proud not only have the rakyat stand by him, but also his wife Marina. It feels good to know there are so many out there trying to help to get you out of ISA.
This Baldie … should be thrown into ISA when PKR come to power along with AI and all the coruupted … bums in power.
Long live RPK!!

fliff menon

God is watching those responsible to send RPK and others to Kamunting.Your days are numbered !!!


Dalbinder Singh Gill
sorry , u should voice ur support to ISA in umnoputra site ,
not here ok


dalbinder, you belong to the ….!!!

Cheers Marina, you are another Wan Azizah, you both are Woman of Substance!!!!


isa zalim lapok dan dah tak sesui lagi………..hapus kan isa …….abolish isa……for once stop using gods name….hamid


It’s because there are intelectually bereft people like Dalbinder Singh that this corrupt despotic regime have continued to rule in Malaysia. How can exposing the truth and defending justice be a crime that is punishable by imprisonment without trial for (potentially) an indefinite period. No civilised society should tolerate such laws. I canot believe that despite of all the evil, corruption, ineptitude, incompetence, wastage and arrogance of this so-called government and the previous ones, there are people still dumb, gullible and quite frankly, stupid, enough to support the Barisan National. Surely if you have Malaysia’s interest at heart, there needs… Read more »

The Whisperer

I was there, Anil. The support for Marina was overwhelming. Indeed, an inspiring moment. No way they are going to break our spirit with their dirty tricks. This is what i can assure you from the ground. All we need to do is to continue exerting a little pressure and they will self implode. 916 was not a big deal at all. In fact, we managed to bring out the worst of them. Just too bad many people has been blindly pull into this 916 hype and they foolishly expected the best to come. 916 didn’t materialize and they just… Read more »


Sorry if Anwar can not help now then we have to have an alternative plan of action to free RPK. Remember when Anwar said he has a number of PKR parliments seats to choose from for a re-entry to Parliment. What better time is now then to have one of the opposition MP resign his or her seat and force a by-election. This way we can see if they are willing to help and payback the support RPK has given to the opposition parties. Get RPK to stand as a Independent or a PR candidate supported by all PR parties.… Read more »


Just finish the card will send later to RPK. Let us all flood Kamunting with cards and letters!!!!


What the heck??? Most of the names found in ISA detention are alleged terrorists (e.g.) JI, Darul Islam Sabah, etc.

Which donkey requested us to send Hari Raya cards to them? …

As for RPK’s case, it’s normal. If one dares to eat chillies, one must be prepared for get spiced. I’m sure RPK knew this long ago.

“To RPK, enjoy your stay in Kamunting & do send my warm regards to all in there!”


Abolish BN-UMNO and all what they stand for.

Go to hell with BN-UMNO regime.


The Jail House Rock RPK gone to lock With it the juicy stories halt On the 4 walls………. The freedom one seeks It lies buried within walls The UMNO leaders think they win Branding him a national security risk! The order signed A detention for 2 years without trial It is just merely to silence a man’s view About the ills running in the UMNO mind Never mind the spin The day will come soon For the Jail House Rock It will be empty without souls Only the echoes of past residents Clawing on the walls……….. Wishing it will fall… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

RAJA PETRA deserves to be in ISA for what he did ok