Malaysians hold GE13 protest rally in London


Malaysians in London came together to express their unhappiness over the conduct of the general election and show their solidarity with those at home.

The rally was held a couple of days ago at Whitehall, London.

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Phua Kai Lit

Definitions of Electoral Fraud in the UK

NOTE: In the UK, our 1PM would be guilty, guilty, guilty

Phua Kai Lit

The battle for international public opinion continues.

Let the world know about Malaysia’s stolen election of 2013 !

Gerakan K

Stolen election ??? How ??? Still persist with Bangla/blackout stories ???

Gerakan K

Malaysia election system is same with the England one, isn’t it ??? So, why protest ??? Sudahlah, jangan bikin malu di tempat orang lain.

Andrew I

Because in the Engrand one, protest make perfect.

Andrew I

…lagi show we have best democracy in the world.

najib manaukau

Najib and all the rapscallions in Umno is so thick skin that a protest outside Malaysia is not going to prevent them to continue doing what they have been doing for so many decades.
Nevertheless so long as the idea is to have the world to know what has transpired in Malaysia that would have been sufficient, These rapscallions in Umno think they can do what they like and above all getting away with all their actions without any fear !


They chanted… “Najib jangan tipu”!
The man knows no shame; world’s attention is brought to the recently concluded Malaysian GE-13 on 5th May 2013. Najib Razak has tipu’d(cheated), gone against will of the Rakyat/People, the election definitely rigged big time!

We now have no choice but to back 100% Bersih’s ‘People’s Tribunal’ for a ‘moral force’ to investigate the electoral fraud –