Malaysians have a dream


This video clip captures vividly the mood on the streets during the Bersih 2.0 rally on 9 July.

They sing,
they chant,
they blow bubbles,
they wave,
as they march forward,
carrying the torch of democracy
and their hopes for a Clean New Malaysia.

But suddenly the sound of truncheons
crashing against shields
reminds them
of what they are up against

A bell rings
Tear gas fumes choke
the cries of freedom,
Chemical-laced water extinguishes
the clamour for democracy
Freedom arrested

For a moment…
The crowd retreats
they scramble out of harm’s way,
they pass salt around,
they share water,
and douse each other,
softening the sting of oppression.

Then, bravely, they regroup
and once again, the chant resounds
refusing to be silenced
like the roar of ocean waves
crashing on the shore
“Hidup, hidup! Hidup rakyat!”

A lone guitarist strums
ballads of hope

With unity and solidarity
comes Empowerment,
Something has changed,
They refuse to be cowered,
for they are now
1 Bersih Malaysia on the move.

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Rejab Relau
Rejab Relau
19 Jul 2011 12.26pm

Rakyat have dreams but BN want you to dream within the scope of its definition, beyond which is called haram. Such restriction is to ensure BN can stay in power. They have done it in BTN and SPM Sejarah curriculum and now they even want to dictate what you can wear outdoor as well as indoor. BN is so scared of Bersih that it is labeled as a communist-related, Jewish funded organization, that is out to topple the government. But Generation 709 will persist to counter these lies that are concocted with rakyat money through its APCO agent (incidentally a… Read more »

25 Jul 2011 12.55pm
Reply to  Rejab Relau

Penang under Pakatan did not need to do much other than cutting waste and corruption the last few years to turn a budget surplus. Imagine how much these BN rogues have robbed from the public purse during their tenure. UMNO controlled BN is selling us all the craps about the need to remove subsidies albeit selectively to ensure their cronies are not hurt and now the Defence Ministry is considering replacing all our jet-fighters at a cost of RM30 billion. Isn’t it clear what the BN government can do for us after so many decades? Besides they keep wasting public… Read more »

Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee
19 Jul 2011 12.47am

The BERSIH Marchers of all Races came with sincere desire and hearts (NO BRIBES ) as they can see through the DECEIT & CORRUPTION of those who are dividing us with Racism yet at the same time STEALING the wealth of Nation.
Malaysians could have better Health & Social Welfare Policy and a better standard of living but sadly all the kickbacks ,commissions in the billions and even Murder ( remember ALTANTUYA ) has resulted in us being poorer in Unity and std of living.

18 Jul 2011 4.26pm

We are all dreaming for change and will make it a reality in the ballot box provided that EC is playing fair.

While a PR government may not provide all the solutions to 50 years of rot, I believe it does not take much to do a better job than all the low life leeching off the rakyat presently. Given the direction the country has taken, I will take my chances because I think it takes a moron to screw this country worse.

18 Jul 2011 2.14pm

The most touching WALK ever, a WALK of unity among all the races !!!

The BN politicians want us to be divided. UMNO emphasises on Malay supremacy; MCA and Wong Choon Wai remind the Chinese of no representation in the government if we dont vote MCA and MIC fools the Indians for half a century.

But on 709, the RAKYAT of all races with ONE voice tell the BN government we want UNITY !!! Shame on the BN politicians and those who seek to divide us !!!

My appreciation and gratitude again to all the participants of BERSIH WALK !!!

Andrew I
Andrew I
18 Jul 2011 6.26pm
Reply to  kee

CSL and his … chum, WCW were at it again today, calling the reversal of the Kedah ban a show.

If it is, it took them that long to realize, besides falling for it.


18 Jul 2011 1.20pm

The EC is the first line of defence for UMNO…, Utusan and Perkasa are the second line of defence for UMNO for helping to stoke fear and using religious and racial cards. The third line of defence for UMNO (could be) the thugs in Perkida and Silat group when UMNO has been defeated in a general election….

18 Jul 2011 11.51am

We all know what happened on July 9.
The brute action of the police is captured clearly on videos and being posted on Youtube for all to see.

However, BN is still in the state of denial, countering the eye-witness account with its spinned news and lies through its controlled media and press.

Bersih is not about voting for the opposition.
Bersih is about fair practices in election.

Strangely BN is refusing to listen to the rakyat.
It is proving to be contradicting its 1Malaysia’s claim of ‘rakyat didahulukan’.

18 Jul 2011 10.44am

This one may capture the mood well BUT for dramatic, selling the message especially the young, I like the Transformer version.

The last rip-off, corny but somewhat appprpriate:

“You may lose faith in us but never in yourself. From here, the fight will be your own..”

Andrew I
Andrew I
18 Jul 2011 10.35am

Am waiting for a troll to counter…

18 Jul 2011 10.16am

What Najib and his mutli-million splashing of the rakyat’s money will never, ever achieve – True patriotism and unity in the face of blatant threats both directly from his own Home Minister , IGP and UMNO Youth chief, as well as assorted mouthpieces like that silat mahaguru and ‘frog’ Ibrahim is something which money cannot buy. All the hundred of millions spent on NS, millions on BTN, RM111m on FLOM’s Permata outfit, millions on that 1Million Youth gathering on the Boulevard in Putrajaya [quickly hijacked by Najib & Co for their own glorification], millions on APCO… I have often pondered… Read more »

18 Jul 2011 10.18pm
Reply to  Leithaisor

Bersih is only for Clean Hearts such as:
Brave hearts against evil
Outspoken hearts against trickery, lies & false witness
Loving hearts against violence of polis state & hatred of races
Justice-in-hearts against mistreatment of the timid, caring & weak
Caring-for-the-nation hearts against falsely elected, malevolent & lying leadership
That is why Kotor Hearts have such vivid fear of Bersih Hearts.

18 Jul 2011 9.49am

Decency binds all men of goodwill together. What builds a family is the same as what builds a community: real care for each other. What we experienced together is the energy of EMPOWERMENT.
Thank you for consistent input to empower via your Blog and other writings elsewhere. mikequah