Malaysia Today, Aliran websites attacked


The Malaysia Today website has been hacked and defaced. Now it’s simply not downloading as Raja Petra is having difficulty restoring it due to a poor Streamyx connection.

A couple of days ago, the Aliran website came under bombardment with close to 60,000 hits coming from two unknown IP addresses within the space of a few minutes. “The account was being attacked,” said the webhosting network security administrator. As a result, he temporarily disabled the website and and restored it hours later, after blocking those IPs.

On 19 June, Mahathir’s website was “locked” because it was deemed to be a “suspected spam blog”. His webmaster was forced to change the domain name from to

This is the message on the “new” website:

On Friday June 19th, was locked by the administration of for what was termed as “suspected spam blog”. Following that has not been able to publish any new posting pending approval by

Despite repeated appeals have yet to “unlock” to allow for posting of new comments. Due to this measures have been taken to migrate from in an effort to avoid further disruption, hence the new page set up.

Is this all just a coincidence?

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Since 2pm today (7 sept), Malaysia today is inaccessible. Anyone out there knows why? Is there any address that we can log on to?


I need to go to Harris Ibrahim’s site click onthe
MT link to get through.Try it .


This is getting very very ridiculous.

Is it possible to start a petition on this? Maybe call it “Bring Back Cyberspace Freedom”….


Anyone have the site to MT? … is blocking also This is what I’m getting 404 Error – Not Found The resource you have requested could not be found on the server. There are many possible reasons for this. Either the file does not exist, there is an error in your request, or the file is not accessible in the requested directory. Please verify that: * You have used the proper case; requests ARE case-sensitive! * You have entered the URL correctly. (i.e. proper directory/filename) * You used the FULL URL. (i.e. proper file type: .html, .gif , .jpg,… Read more »


BN rather not hear the bitter truth, refuse to face the rakyat… To all the bloggers who hope and pray that they will change, dream on….


thanks for the link.

UMNO/BN day is numbered.


Dear Simon

Malaysia Today is being blocked by TMNet. To access Malaysia Today please go here

simon cheah

MT is down completely. anyone has an idea what happened?


they must have done a DOS attack on MT and coordinate that with (a telecom firm) capping RPK’s line speed. Easy to do when they control the backbone infrastructure.

maybe RPK should try to get some help from the Israelis!


not to worry when ba take over, the rakyat will propose that mt be made the official website fully funded by the govt with all the security required

Clayton Narcis

Hacked, attacked? What goes around comes around. Recently attended a security seminar in May held by MyNIC. Check this link out Abu Ubaidah Md Zain , Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission stated that they were working on a project to blacklist malicious website from the DNS server itself. At that point, they reported that they’re on testing stages. What i’m afraid, they used it against oppositions sites and blogs. I know i would if i can’t get rid of them. What’s even scarier, are we becoming like China? The golden firewall? Anil, you may not know me but i’m… Read more »


How come UMNO’s website is not hacked??

Identify and expose … cybertroopers !!!


Dear Anil,

I want a scholarship to fund my son’s education. Whom should I look for? Encik Hishamudin, Datuk Najib or the PSD. Guaranteed to get the scholarship if I approach Datuk Najib. and what is the consideration – … to accuse DSAI?


Thats right Sabahfan !!! got the same thing too


MT went on last night but today, it is very slow and seems on and off, meaning it is still being under DOS attack..

The … cybertrooper is really good at hacking sites that are against them…..

Super proof of cowards !!!!!


This fellow was offered ‘electrical enginnering’ in uniten lah But now dropped out ! He was offered scholarship too ! wow !

Concerned Citizen

They can block the sites, but the can’t never block the truth. The truth will prevail.

Malaysia Today is accessible behind a proxy. I have tried and it works. For those who want to read MT, get behind a proxy, but MT last updated was done yesterday. RPK and his men must be having trouble to update it. Sihh……………


Thanks Anil. Kept getting internal server error message. Take That’s blog and Malaysia Today gets quite personal, but Aliran?!


No access to Aliran website. What’s happening, Anil?

Mr. Mugam

Hello anil, It looks like everybody has now become so dependent on Internet because spceulation, conspiracy and gossips can be spread in here in a swift moment. However we cant blame the government for the locked website. It could be other people doing dirty works to make bad impression for the current government. Since we all are so curious of new informations derived in this cyber world, one could not imagine if people will do anything that could make their objectives achieve. It is either in our beloved country between the government and the oppositon or the third party which… Read more »


There are many these days who think that if they are so “smart” that they can deface a website or deny access to it, they have fought as warriors for their cause, whatever it may be. Punks. Not all that different from those who think that if they shout louder, or can pay enough money to get large numbers to shout loudly on their behalf, then they have won. Dissenting views is only met with closed minds. If Aliran does not sound sweet to them, then it’s “war”! Bah! These punks are also not all that different from those who… Read more »

raj raman666

You mean there is a mole in every website planted by BN?
Well anil i wont be suprised.

rajraman.I HAVE A DREAM – finally one soul ask whats my dream in People Parliments.(can u join me MR.ANIL for my dream- pls refer to Sodo trivia did you know…(1) in haris ibrahim blog)