Live updates – Bersih 5 forum in Penang


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Will you be at KL this Saturday to provide live reporting?
If so, please take good care of yourself.
IGP will likely fire tear gas.

gk ong

Personal Protection Equipment: Goggle and N95 face mask.


Apart from small fries, S’pore should go after 1MBD sharks

Tell us what is 18mth sentence when that Udang Kecik can swim in a pool of millions of cash after that?
SingLand is disappointing – Kia Si, Kia Su, Kay Bo.
Nevermind, after all more small Malaysian islands can be transferred to SingLand.
Also, more cheapo raw water from our rainforest to SingLand dams till Kingdom comes!


Actually Singapore government is (allegedly) using the situation to have better leverage against Najib, who has to continue to sell water to Singapore at a very low price, having previously conceded Tanjung Pagar railway station and KTM lines in SingLand.

Ti Wang

Because of 1MDB scandal, Trump has already got a leash on MO1.
Even China has likely made Najib a puppet after providing so much loan for him.


In the end, who suffers b’cos of 1…Fool!


Fact is the biggest problem facing any election is UMNO-Hadi’s PAS combination. Whether you like it or not, the likes of Jamal Yusuf and Najib will bring out voters FOR UMNO/BN. Bersih can demand all they want but the fact is they have lost so long as they don’t have an answer for UMNO-Hadi’s PAS.


Support Bersih 5.0 for the sake of our future.

Ti Wang

Please wear yellow this Saturday if you cannot join the rally.