Live – Penang Forum 5


Join me here for live coverage of Penang Forum 5 this afternoon. The event will see Penang Forum NGOs and residents groups engaging with the Penang Chief Minister and the MPPP and MPSP presidents.


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6 Aug 2012 10.32pm

What a joke ! After all the sounds and fury…habuk pun tarak. It was supposed to be the platform for the civil society to question and grill the Cheap Minister for all his destructive policies but in the end, turned out to be a carefully cheorographed to give him much publicity and credibility.

I think Aliran and Penang Forum just stop the charade and join DAP officially.

Buttock Brainy
Buttock Brainy
6 Aug 2012 1.07pm

The start’s joceline tan held high expectation on OES, but he let her down!.

The star published this on Aug 1, (

//..Some imagine there will be fireworks at the meeting. For instance, activist Ong Eu Soon is planning to ask some penetrating questions about some of the land deals that have taken place and even to hold a rock and roll performance at the event…//- The Star, Joc. Tan

Ha ha ha!, what a disapointment! after all those thundering remarks. SOU!

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
6 Aug 2012 12.41am

The format of this article really sucks !!! My browser crashed 3 times and I need 10 minutes to open this article !!!

Anil, what happens to your website ???

Ahmad Sobri
Ahmad Sobri
4 Aug 2012 4.27pm

It is now 4.25 pm.

Just where is my hometown friend, Ong Eu Soon?

He mentioned he is going to question KM kaw kaw, just where is he? Froze in front of the crowd? I hope not.

Mr. Anil, did you see Ong Eu Soon? And have you been watching the Olympics, Mr. Anil.

I saw something while watching the Olympics. Will share with you and your readers later.

Have a nice day!

5 Aug 2012 5.02pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

LOL!!! I thought those leaflets came in very handy, act as fan in that packed hall with the aircon running on overdrive to cope!

There was great interest and good turnout indeed; could have been better if some of those participants had been more considerate, kept to one question/query each time eg the lady from Sg Ara reading from her sheets of fullscap papers.

Boo Soon Yew
Boo Soon Yew
4 Aug 2012 2.44pm

Good to hear of the GOOD turnout despite the heavy rain right now.. Here’s to a PRODUCTIVE Q&A session !!