Live coverage of Aliran forum on Friday night


Airan will be holding a forum in Penang on Friday, 8 March – exactly five years after the general election in 2008.

Admission is free and no pre-registration is required.


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Gerakan K

@cseng: That is why I always say, turn on your brain and think for a while. Forget about opposition propaganda just for a while. Let’s say that one day suddenly GK (ok with blue ic) has committed terrorism actions like bombing here and there. Then, what my actions have to do with JPN (who issue ic) ??? Nothing, right ??? Understand now ??? Then, about the GE timing. So far it is within the winners right (BN) to call for election until its term legally expired. What is your problem now ??? Please research relevant laws/acts/conventions before pointing fingers. Be… Read more »


Gk, stay cool. You just fail the test, he, who give ic to your ‘terrorist’ is called ‘bapak permodenan’. You need to turn off you brain to come up to this answer. He, your pm, is a non ellected pm, merely a constitutional pm. First, the 5 yrs election cycle lapsed after march-8-13. Even during that period, he still not an elected pm, last election 2008, the voters went to vote giving mandate with Pak lah as the pm, he substitue pak lah after the election. Now 4 yrs over, the rakyat not given their right to endorsed him officially… Read more »


GK, no rush!, 2 yrs ago ppls talk abt the lection, 2 yrs after, ppls still guessing the date for election.

Define ‘terrorist’, please. Assume terrorist has IC, what do we called those issued to them?



He is no longer an elected PM after 308, that 5yrs has lapsed, but a constitutional PM.


Let us relive the spirit of 308 today!
Tumbang BN!

Gerakan K

Yang: “Is UMNO BN Najib going to try something such as Sabah to avoid holding election”

Wow that is HUGELY irresponsible comment … Yang. Don’t play play with national security.

Let’s united against the terrorists. Why the rush for GE ??? There must GE within few months time. Let’s pray for our armed forces safety !!!

Andrew I

Hey, Gherks, something that might interest you since you used MI to back up some of your earlier assertions:

Funny, nothing in the Star though.


You can bet your money that while Najib was in Sabah, he has been holding talks with UMNO/BN local boys about GE..


After March the 8, Bn is no more the legitimate govt.
They should have call for election earlier.
Is UMNO BN Najib going to try something such as Sabah to avoid holding election.