Lingam inquiry: Cowing civil society into silence?


So the Commission of Inquiry thinks that Aliran’s statement on the refusal of the Commission to call in certain witnesses is “on the verge” of contempt.

That is so sad. They expect civil society to sit back and stomach the sort of testimony that is being offered in total silence while potentially important witnesses are left on the sidelines.

In an interview with Malaysiakini, Lingam’s youngest brother, Rajendram (the one that the Commission does not want to hear), summed up the state of the proceedings as follows:

Exactly what kind of lies is Lingam allegedly saying to the commission? You mentioned he has been lying to the royal commission about Thirunama’s mental health.

All these Tuns and Tan Sris and Dato Seris, my opinion is to save your own bl**dy skins. Simple. There’s a few things I don’t like. Assassins, cowards, and tainted angels. You make a hundred million, they’ll come and shake your hand. They want a share of the pie. They’ll use you and cannibalise you. Now they tak tahu (don’t know) you, lah. Tak tahu. I tak tahu. Dia mabuk. India mabuk. (He’s drunk. The Indian’s drunk). Ya lah.

So you’re saying it’s not just Dato Lingam who’s telling lies?

Use your imagination. You all are learned. You read ‘Animal Farm’ (book by George Orwell). You read all these books. Don’t you all? I’m sure you had good teachers. One person, Lingam – just an advocate and solicitor. He’s signing the judgment, you see? Is he signing the judgment? Who’s holding judgement? What happened to (late journalist) MGG Pillai’s case?

You’ve been rejected as a witness at the royal commission. Do you feel disappointed?

I feel disappointed, but I think the end of the matter is, I think I’ve said it. I’ll repeat myself. The bench must have integrity. People who serve the country and do justice, follow the rule of law. Then only can you call upon the bar on … The advocate and solicitor will toe the line. To have professionalism, to have ethics. You’re corrupted … Your master is corrupted, what more an advocate. They also will join in. Everyone will beat the drum.

One hopes that the Commission will be able to connect the dots and look at the larger picture (which, incidentally, almost all thinking Malaysians can see) revealing the real state of the judiciary.

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look at their history and that tells you a lot of what they are and what could and would do. really, do you expect the commission to perform its function as it should have. whatever it is, the general perception about their partiality would render their exercise as a big flop. lee lam thye made the smartest move of declining the job coz he knows there aint enough credibility in the commission. i guess the big “C” threat is the only way to go for the commission to obviate any further damage to the already tattered image.