Lawyers say loud “No” to ISA; Kickdefella is back!


The man himself, blogger Sheih (photo courtesy of his blog)

People power is slowly but surely having an effect. Blogger Sheih Kickdefella has been released and he hasn’t wasted much time in updating his blog with an entry titled Sheih is back:

Hi folks, sorry for all the unreleased messages and comments. As you know, I have been away on holiday in Lokap Balai Polis Kota Bharu and Lokap Dang Wangi. I tried to check in at Pudu Prison but was turned away because not enough qualification.

I wish to thank all for the support and prayers.

The police have treated me well and most of the time, beyond the call of duty. I made lots of friends too.

A PC is arranged for me at 5.30pm today for me to bare all. Hehehe if any….

Till then, rest assured, I have kicked Dollah again as soon as I was released. You can ask the press.

The Malaysian Bar’s EGM, attended by 739 members, has unanimously called for the repeal of the ISA and all preventive detention laws and the release of all ISA detainees. It’s six-point resolution also condemns the show-cause letters issued to several newspapers.  The resolution, also supported by the Bar’s four past presidents, will be handed to the Prime Minister on Monday.

Three special guests addressed the EGM: S. Pushpaneela (the wife of Hindraf leader M Manoharan), freed ISA detainee Teresa Kok, and Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) activist Norlaila Othman.

Pushpa together with her son took to the podium and thanked the Bar Council and the Malaysian Bar for their support and assistance. She also highlighted the challenges faced by her, her children and all family members of the ISA detainees. Although she was visibly upset, she still managed to express her relief that Teresa had been released and was glad that at least one person’s prayers had been answered. Pushpa received a standing ovation from the floor when she completed her very touching speech.

Teresa Kok then took to the stage to a rousing welcome. She started by saying “I’m back!” She briefly highlighted the circumstances of her arrest and the 3 areas of questioning she faced during her detention. She then described the conditions of her detention. She questioned the need to detain her to answer questions about the three issues when she could have easily answered such questions at the police station. She then highlighted the ramifications of her detention to her personally and to investment opportunities for the state of Selangor. She said that she had on the morning of her detention held a briefing for investors from China and she had told them that Malaysia was a peaceful nation.

“Can you believe it? A day after I told these investors that Malaysia was a peaceful nation, they read about my arrest”, said Teresa, who ended her speech by thanking the members of the Malaysian Bar for their support.

Norlaila Othman, fondly known by many members of the Bar as Kak Laila, then came forward to describe her plight as a wife of a detainee who has been held without trial for six years. She first said that her husband was very happy with the visits organised by the Malaysian Bar. She then expressed her gratitude to her personal friend, Edmund Bon, who had been assisting her ever since her husband was detained. She thanked Edmund and his team for all their assistance and support. Full report from the Malaysian Bar’s website here.

Probably mindful of the groundswell of public opinion against the ISA, Rais Yatim is now suggesting, ahem, a “cautious review” of the ISA.

All this is great news, but Malaysians will not rest easy until all ISA detainees have been released and until the ISA and all oppressive laws have been repealed.

Power to the people!

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Welcome back kickdefella. Apa la lu I think you don’t have enough frequent flyer points to masuk the main ISA hotel like our RPK and the Hindraf five. Never mind la keep working on it heh heh heh. People don’t realise we bloggers are not anti government as such. We bloggers just want a clean government, with government machinery running smoothly and a country which is relatively corruption free. We want the economy running smoothly and we want social justice for a Malaysians and not just the favoured few. So when the government is not delivering then we bloggers have… Read more »


Hi, just being inquisitive, did YB Zulkifly Nordin attended the Bar council’s EGM?


Relaese HIDRAF!
No reason to detain them!!!
Show proof if you have against them!
Don’t tell lies anymore to us!!!


Adam & The Ants,

Apa yang masyarakat cina lama menunggu? Cakap tu biar tersurat jangan tersirat.

Yang saya tau peratusan rakyat Malaysia yang mengojolkan majoriti 2/3 BN dalam undi March 8 tu pun dah lama menunggu….

Lagi pun tak nampak pun saya ada cina di negara ini…Yang saya nampak semuanya Malaysian….


Ayo kita bangkit sebagai bangsa yang berani berkata benar dan jujur..


Hidup malaysia dan terus berjaya dan menjadi negara Demokrasi dan berani berbicara untuk kebaikan negara Malaysia


ISA should go. So much bad publicity is given to this Act that Malaysia is perceived as a ‘police’ state by the developed countries. Free the detainees and show to the world that democracy works in Malaysia. More often than not, ISA has been used for political reasons and this does not bode well for a democracy.


that rais, he cant even honour his own PhD thesis. Touch him with a ten foot pole at your own peril


Please kick “fomca”, a commentator out. His comments are treasonous and quite seditious too. Thx


isa must be abolish to open up the floodgates of democracy…the hundreds of detainees are there just because they want reforms ..awakening of the rakyat for a nation to be amongst the stars..the lost of time when this detainees could have contributed to the nations development by putting their thoughts into a big think tank data . i hope pkr will release them so they can put forward their ideology for the goodness and betterment of our nation..long may malaysia live as a multiracial country..syabas…

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

It’s always good to be back
After going through days black
Like movie scenes in a real ‘hijack’
And then spirited away without any track

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 200908
Sat. 20th Sept. 2008.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Sincere bloggers are not footballs to be kicked around
So please respect them well with methods safe and sound
And not try to rub them unfairly straight to the ground
Nor disturb them unnecessarily without solid evidence found

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 200908
Sat. 20th Sept. 2008.


abolishment of the isa sedition .will bring malaysia at par with developed countries…the need to share..will make our nation aware of democracy and will bring confidence from investor and put multiracial composition into multinationals and increase success of the smi…and doing away with preference and tiered banking loan will give every malaysian a chance to succeed and the nation leap ahead and amongst the stars….


Before you go sleeping beauty Think of ways to legalize your legacy Your UMNO party warlords have ganged up Pushing you far into the side walk You realize your time is up Your supreme council members are baying for your blood They don’t care what happen to you You forgot your promises in 2004 Now you realize your own folly too late Do the right thing now Release all ISA detainees Abolish all the draconian Acts Establish and push through Agendas of change The sodomy charge on Anwar It is a joke if you care to admit Abandoned the trial… Read more »


Just as much as I would like to congratulate the Bar thus far I would also strongly urge them to take it the next level and have it completly abolished. It is time to move ahead and join the community of civilised people.


Kickdefella needs a kick in the butt. Stupid idiot.

Adam & The Ants


masyarakat cina dah lama menunggu

hidup DSAI 3x

hidup PR 3x


simon li

Malaysians are thinking the whole situation is a complete TRAIN WRECK. Pak Lah is the head of government, BN and UMNO and so they single him out for blame. But blaming him does not explain why train wrecks happen in Malaysia. Many things happen because of Accidents. A train wreck happens when the engine breaks off from the coaches, which is an accident. People get in and then out of 6 by 8 windowless cells like hotel guests when the police do their own thing, also an accident. The police force (appears to be like) a runaway train when Syed… Read more »


Our brothers from the Bar Council have done the right thing. We hope the other bodies will do their fair share to deliver the views to the “sleepy one”. Enough is enough!