#KL112 – It is time to fly


It is time to fly like seagulls soaring into the air to reclaim our freedom.

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What freedoms do you seek Anil? You write and publish allegations and innuendos about individuals like Rosmah and other like Mahathir with impunity. In most civil countries more advanced democracies they would have had you in chains for publishing a defamation (meaning a falsehood without foundation or defence brining the object of that falsehood or defamation into disrepute and ridicule). Malaysia appears to be highly tolerant of blogs like yours and you have not specified what freedoms it is you and your subscribers (supporters) aspire to. Secondly What sort of policy is attacking Dr. Mahathir who is no longer prime… Read more »


If possible, give live feeds on the KL#112 on the eve night as in bersih 3.0

Phua Kai Lit

Dr M already having heart palpitations and sleepless nights(?)
Evidence? He keeps on blessing us with his constant barrage of race-baiting propaganda.


Here is why people should go – The more people go, the more they will p…-off Mahathir and sends shivers down Rosmah’s diamond-crusted fingers Trust me, if the the crowd exceed even the wild numbers that they are asking to show up, Mahathir may even get a (fright)…


Hi Anil,
A very nice clip indeed !
So, Are you having a live feed on KL112? I hope you do !