#KitaLawan rally: Activist group disappointed with Penang government’s ‘stay put’ instruction to YBs


A group of activists from the northern region heading for the Sogo protest rally against injustice in KL today have expressed disappointment with the Penang government’s instruction to its elected reps to stay put in Penang.

The state government reportedly wants its elected reps to remain in their respective constituencies to oversee the launch of this year’s programme of cash handouts to senior citizens in their respective constituencies. The Chief Minister said he himself would not be attending the rally in KL as he had to be at a programme in his own constituency.

A group calling itself Sekretariat #KitaLawan Utara said they were disappointed with this position. “Himpunan 307 adalah kebangkitan rakyat menentang rejim BN. Kerajaan PR Pulau Pinang berjaya dibentuk kerana kuasa rakyat, kenapa sekarang tidak bersama rakyat?” it said in a statement. It urged the Penang elected reps to state their individual stand on whether they would attend the rally.

“I am sad, really, really sad and lost for (polite) words,” said one Penang-based activist. “Just look at all the repercussions and disappointment written in social media from young PR supporters.”

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng later clarified that the state government was not opposed to the #KitaLawan rally. He was reported as saying that a general instruction had been issued to all Penang state assembly members to be present at the cash handout ceremony in their respective constituencies this weekend.

But Penang PKR’s elected reps have reportedly indicated that they would be attending the rally. They said they had not been given any instruction or warning not to attend. PKR is also holding its party convention at Shah Alam today. They said they would leave it to their assistants to handle the cash handouts to senior citizens.

Meanwhile, Pas has not given any directive to its members to attend the rally, but one Pas grassroots leader said he believed Mat Sabu’s supporters and the party’s Unit Amal members would be attending the rally.

Solidarity rallies are expected to be held in 10 other cities around the world: Adelaide, Canberra, Geneva, Melbourne, London, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Taipei and Washington.

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Unbelievable! Giving out cash to senior citizens also need the presence of ALL YBs in person. Showing solidarity towards political partnership and a very unfortunate leader is less important and can be ignored!

gk ong

LGE was already invited to be a speaker at a DAP dinner function in Alor Setar last night. The topic of the dinner ceramah was ‘1MDB- 1Malaysia Dalam Bahaya’.

If 1MDB is successful, why then it is having RM42 billion of debt and have cash flow problem in paying RM2 billion debt?

Why 1MDB chaged 3 CEOs in 3 years, 3 accounting firms in 3 years?


gk ong ; Don`t talk like a CAT parrot. What about the 55 billions of assets


Good that LGE stayed away from this event else the Umno folks will use it to bash the Chinese again and will then call for Malaysia unity talk.

SiahBoay Ice Cream Man

YB Ah Lim Lu Kay Bo Piao!!!


Welcome balik chendolman.


SiaBoey Pek may not have parking space for his 4WD once Komtar Phase 5 turns Sia Boey into a Victoria Market?

Can sell ice cream from the boot of 4WD?

Pengemis Lima Kaki Sia Boey

Sudah ada kereta mewah Mercedes S300L untuk makan angin petang di Gurney Drive, mana ada perut hati menjuang habis-habisan untuk DSAI? Sudah senang lupa apa nya seksaan jiwa dipejara!
Begitulah perangai … Kelas A1 di kalangan PR (yang semakin di cabar).


How about that son of Felda chairman buying high end luxurious property in UK?


To the CAT, its more important to my cause than yours as you will not be of any use soon. Pas too has not given any directive to its members to attend the rally.
PR comrpising DAP,PKR & PAS is a fragmented coalition each for their own self interest.


Sometimes housekeeping duties can wait a short time if the call is made for a higher ideal…