Judge quashes Minister’s ruling that Bersih is illegal


A judge today quashed the Home Minister’s order ruling Bersih 2.0 an unlawful organisation. .

The conduct of the respondent (government) after declaring Bersih illegal is not consistent with one that thinks Bersih is a threat to national security, said the Judge.

The judge said the Home Minister’s decision was irrational because after saying Bersih is a threat, the Home Minister and his officials then met Bersih officials, thus giving Bersih recognition. It was a decision that no reasonable decision-maker could have made.

Well, there you go! Bersih is not an unlawful organisation and all the nonsense about it being illegal has been exposed for what it is.

But of course, we wait for round 2: see if the government appeals.

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Another local celebrity joins Pakatan.

Singer Dayangku Intan joins PKR. Smart move!

Muhammad Suhaib

Don’t waste your time waiting for appeals. They wouldn’t need to. The Government will raise Bersih 3.0 instead. 🙂

semuanya OK kot

What is the importance of freedom of association? Why are capitalists and their fascist friends in government so rabid about destroying labour unions and preaching obedience? Why is Bolehland awash with foreigners from so many countries competing for the jobs of locals?

Many Bolehlanders worship USA. This simple graph shows how the tyrants succeeded there.

Anak Pulau Pinang

Tan Tanjung Bungah, I do hope you are not dreaming or, even worse, hallucinating. The BN will never lose Putrajaya. Look around you. Far too many things are happening and, by hook or by crook, it is more than likely that the BN will wrest back Selangor. Even Perak cannot be taken back by the Pakatan, all its big talk notwithstanding, and they will lose Kedah, retaining perhaps Penang and Kelantan. Perhaps, because Penang seems vulnerable, my friend, more vulnerable than you can even think. Can we leave things to rest there at this moment in time while the universe… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Anak Pulau Pinang & everyone, With the numerous corruption and mismanagement scandals, like Cowsgate, Anakgate, Prawnsgate, Taibgate and Musagate (in East Malaysia), PKFZgate, etc, etc, etc, and, the Mother of all Gates, the Scorpenegate, Malaysians and I are NOT hallucinating nor dreaming to want to kick out UMNO Baru and BN!! I would do my utmost to ensure the end of a very corrupted regime! Failure would mean a very bleak future for the country and the generations to come as such GATES would continue, and the country is then fast propelled into another GREECE and SPAIN!! For present… Read more »


Its funny the headlines on this even online is not as accurate as the comments which tend to be the one to hyperbole.. The judge said that Hishamuddin made a mistake saying the group is not legal because its not registered under the Societies Act..The judge DID NOT RULE the group’s action were legal. It just said Hishamuddin order was technically wrong.

So the online comments that Hishamuddin is an idiot … is accurate.

Anak Pulau Pinang

Tan Tanjong Bungah, Hisham can never resign. The moment he quits, Najib’s resignation will not be far away. Don’t you remember how Hussein Oon’s resignation was programmed? First, the minister closest to him goes, then another follows, and in next to no time, he was gone.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the two cousins will stick to each other like glue. If one goes, the other will follow soon enough …

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Anak Pulau Pinang,

Let him refuse to resign as more and more people would be convinced of his utter lack of character!!

His continued arrogance and “unaccountability” is fodder for more outraged Malaysians to go ABU and kick out the UMNOputras and BNputras, who only want to cling on to their positions and power to further enrich themselves and their cronies!! Has corruption and cronyism diminished since 308? On the contrary, it is BUSINESS as usual for UMNOputras, BNputras and their cronies!! The only solution is to vote for a new Federal Govt in the 13GE!!


Now that the court has spoken, we just hope the minister concern should just keep his mouth shut now.
Also, I wonder why TV has been showing adverstisement regarding Bersih 3 as irresponsible? Also is it ethical using taxpayers monies for this?

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, The ARROGANT and INCOMPETENT Home Minister must resign, failure to do so means that BN and UMNO Baru ministers are never accountable and not going to be accountable for whatever wrong actions and decisions that they made or going to make!! Malaysians are now more aware of their rights than formerly. Malaysians are going to be more and more vocal to demand that those who are wrong have to be held accountable!! Failure to heed their voices would translate into more and more Malaysians going ABU to kick out UMNO Baru and BN, for being so corrupt, that… Read more »


Ambiga: We want our rights; Not “Nambikkai”, Not Alms!


not much different from former home minister who put an journalist under isa for her own safety and protection


In Iraq we had “chemical Ali”
In malaysia we now have “irrational Hisamudin”


Hisham said high crime rate is just a ‘perception’.
BN flers are still in denial mode.

najib manaukau

It only shows what kind of knowledge and education our Home Minister has ? That is why (it appears) he has to depend on his cousin to give him a job otherwise he will be out of a job…

Ahmad Sobri

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely! There goes folks, we had been blindly voting for a single coalition the past 55 years, and this is what we get. A Government whose Ministers particularly the kins of former Ministers and Prime Ministers, they think power is their absolute right. They had been abusing and getting away with it, until the advent of the internet and the bravery of the youths of our great nation. The youths dared to venture where their parents had failed, and they knew that their parents had failed them real bad as far as their rights are… Read more »

Anak Pulau Pinang

Andrew I, you are right. Don;t count your chickens before they are hatched. We really do not know how oue appellate Judges will act on the High Court judgment. But then, we can see them doing their thing. I have seen Federal Court Judges vegetating for many years before they finally died. I have also seen someone whose brains oozed out before he finally died. They tell me that the brains were like those of a … and it wa a gory sight. Our Judges will have to decide whether they want to make this country a gory nation or… Read more »


According to the London-based Tax Justice Network, Malaysia is among the top 20 countries in the world when it comes to capital flight, .

According to a report by influential London-based daily The Guardian, Tax Justice Network’s researcher James Henry estimated that US$283 billion (RM892 billion) has been transferred to tax havens from 1970 to 2010.

For comparison, the amount is three and a half times more than Malaysia’s foreign debt of RM257.2 billion in 2011 and is second to Nigeria (US$306 billion or RM964 billion).




And who are they. Remember the ex Menteri Besar of Selangor who was caught by the Australian custom of carrying in 6 millions. And its all closed up…….


This show that the actionS by the home ministry and police are ILLEGAL


Yang. have they ever being legal all these years ?

Andrew I

Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched…isn’t that right, Gherks?

Anak Pulau Pinang

It is about time that Malaysians know their basic rights. The correct idea is that no one can make a ruling as to whether a certain strike or organisation is legal or illegal. No one, unless there is a “privative clause” operating in the Act. Save only that, such rulings are for a Court of law to decide after all the facts are deliberated. If, by way of example, anyone can make such a ruling, then we in Malaysia do not need to have Courts of law. I have attended a meeting with the Commissioner of Buildings in Penang where… Read more »

ong eu soon

This the most stupid federal minister we ever have, he think that he can rule by decrees.


Dictator grandson can do as ancestors/gangs did all the time


This is a good analysis (talk-show-style) on how Bersih 3.0 ws hijacked by those trouble-makers. In Mandarin.

Sze Tho

For once, we are in agreement. We have a government afraid of its own people, lashing out and acting above the law. The home minister is but one of many tainted politicians holding desperately to the reins of power.

… They need to be voted out.


Sure, BN needs to be voted out since long time ago !!!

To those who are still in slumber, please wake up la, sudah mau mati lagi tidur !!!

Anak Pulau Pinang

Tan Tanjong Bungah, I lke the quote. You know what you are about, but we need to do a lot more … QUOTE: “UMNO Baru and BN can only win in the 13GE with widespread cheating and with the connivance of SPR! Hence, I understand the sentiments of many people, including yourself, that with such unclean electoral rolls, the possibility is there that a very desperate UMNO Baru and BN would cling on to power at whatever cost to the country!! The movement to get every voter to come out to vote would hopefully neutralise the foul play of UMNO… Read more »


(Someone is calling) for Bersih 4.0 on 16/9/2012 !


Please give your support as Najib is planning to call election in September!


Ah Soon Kor, your opportunity has come to meet the person you used to love but now hate so much, Pg CM, Lim Guan Eng on the 4th of August at Penyayang Complex, next to the Governor’s mansion, to discuss the topic which you are good at, “How to make Penang a liveable city”.

Please attend and contribute guys, your chance has come, dont just brag at Anil’s blog.

Please also behave and dont be uncouth like the Ms Tow Truck, buat malu sendiri, ya. TQ!!!

ong eu soon

You don’t like to see me there. Anyway don’t forget to bring your video camera. Ask me to behave? You must be dreaming lah! You think that you guy can attack me like the Tow truck lady, dream lah!


“Ah Soon Kor” good name lah! Anyway don’t think so highly of yourself. You be there to just contribute lah. Whether you want to behave or otherwise is your own judgement and whether we are going to (counter) you … or otherwise is our wish!