Journalists, activists demand greater media freedom (Video)


Several dozen journalists and activists gathered in KL yesterday to call for greater media freedom. Among those who addressed the gathering were Ambiga Sreenevasan and Malaysiakini’s Fathi Aris Omar.

Although most of their demands were targeted at the BN federal government, several of them were also aimed at Pakatan state governments.

The event was organised by Gerakan Media Marah (Geramm) or the Angry Media Movement. The event comes in the wake of the suspension of The Heat weekly newspaper.

A timely move by the journalists to assert the right to freedom of the media and of expression.

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Malaysia’s press freedom index plunged to a historic low of 147 out of 180 countries in the 2014 World Press Freedom Index released recently. In 2014, Malaysia fared worse than Brunei (117), Thailand (130), Indonesia (130), Cambodia (132) and Myanmar (145).

Malaysia’s ranking was two spots below that of Myanmar’s in the annual index compiled by Reporters Without Border (RSF). Last year, Malaysia was ranked 145 out of 179 countries, dropping 23 spots from the previous year.


NST is full of Umno stories embedded with propaganda.
It is now given free at shopping malls as nobody buys it anymore except teh government agencies.

Smart GrandDaddy

English mainstream media like NST & The Star skewed towards specific agenda and thend to polish minor events as great achievements to conceal deficiencies and corrupted practices; and the danger of such practices would be when the truths surface from underneath the carpets or insode the closets; the awakenings can be hurtful and the damage can never be repairable !

Don Anamalai

Cannot understand why people still buy NST and The Star…..
I get more info from Anil and his readers’ comments!

Stylo Logan

I like the video link and references provided by Anil’s readers. Keep them coming.

Do not waste your precious money on NST and The Star.


There are several new issues to be played up to the hilt to see if the MSM and who else get the heat – 1. the lease of RosmahNajib2 (NR2) till 31st December, 2013 from June 2013; 2. Riza Shariz bin Rosmah’s new-found money in Hollywood for the funding of `The Wall of Wall Street’ and a spanking spread in Park Laurel, Manhattan, for a 36yr old no – experience at all, in Movie Productions, Red Granite Pictures he founded was formed in 2010! In 2011 alone GFI reported Malaysia’s illicit funds outflow was over RM 1trillion; 3.MACC claimed it… Read more »


There is no such thing as total freedom. Freedom must come with responsibility


Responsibilities as defined by BN?
Are the writings of Awang Selamat and Ridhuan Tee meeting the criteria?

semuanya OK kot

Good trick. Who asked for total freedom, or for freedom without responsibility?