Suzanne Mubarak, ex-‘First Lady’


Anyone want to join The Suzanne Mubarak Women’s International Peace Movement?

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“Our collective vision of peace is one that goes beyond the absence of war or the silencing of guns. It entails creating the conditions that lead to the foundation of secure societies — societies that are empowered to assume a major role in defending and preserving peace,” said Suzanne, the founder and president of the movement – and now ex-First Lady of Egypt.

I wonder if she is in good health now.

The privately owned news website Al Yaum Al Sabeh said first lady Suzanne fainted twice (alamak, drama-lah!) because of a heated argument between son’s Alaa and Gamal over the text of Mubarak’s final speech. Read all about the heated argument in this AFP report on the Yahoo! website.

With family and friends like that acting as advisers, no wonder Mubarak was so out of touch with reality.

Suzanne has a degree in political science and a master’s degree in sociology and yet, she could not sense the seething rage in Egypt. Or maybe she did but hubby just wouldn’t listen?

Befitting her status then as ‘First Lady’, she took an active interest in improving the lives of children through education and won several international awards for her work. According to Wikipedia:

  • The 1989 UNICEF Executive Board conferred upon Mrs. Mubarak its highest honour, the “Maurice Pate Award”, in recognition of her dedication and efforts for child survival, protection and development.
  • Given the highest Award in 1989 by the Rehabilitation International Centre for her outstanding services and support to disabled children.
  • Given an Honorary Fulbright Award, in recognition of her efforts in the field of child development and education.

She was purportedly “affectionately known” throughout Egypt as “Mama Suzanne”, according to the My Hero website. Here’s a photo of Mama Suzanne with Mama Bush.

Suzanne was the technical advisor for the ‘National Council for Motherhood and Childhood’ in Egypt. Is that why hubby kept referring to Egyptians as “my children”?

Here are a couple of reasons why the Mubarak family were so reluctant to say maa alsalamah (Egyptian for goodbye, adios, selamat tinggal) to the people of Egypt. Take a peek at their two opulent palaces courtesy of

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Spook the Sphynx
Spook the Sphynx
16 Feb 2011 8.47pm

Many people think Taib should go…

And Taib himself is asking whether he should –

16 Feb 2011 5.42pm

This is a good Zunar’s cartoon on Taib Mahmud:

Spook the Sphynx
Spook the Sphynx
16 Feb 2011 12.36pm

You know, you people of Malaya have now, mosquitoes that suck your blood, and Walla! You ain’t got no fever! Ain’t that nice? Or is it? πŸ™„

In Borneo Malaysia, they have not. Mosquitoes there, suck your blood and they make you mad…

Then you just get feverish! And talk nuts! Those you thought you used to have! πŸ˜‰

Stay away from Egypt. They have terrible mosquitoes there. Some kind gets you blind…

Don’t think about Egypt.

Well, you could try. You could try not to spook the Sphynx, too! πŸ˜‰

16 Feb 2011 11.46am

Bik Mama is trying to copycat the mama Suzanne…..

16 Feb 2011 12.36am

And here in Bolehland@Bodohland, we have our very own Big Mama aka Fat Lady (actually, not sure if I’ll call her a Lady!!) of Malaysia. Sounds very similar to Mama Suzanne, but at least Suzanne is much easier on the eyes, heheheh…

16 Feb 2011 12.13am

I would prefer watching Ma Ma Mia rather than all these sycophantic praises Mama Suzanne and Mama Bush.

After the glossy PR image is shattered, what is left?

15 Feb 2011 11.18pm

Balkis anymore? … purveyors of waste. Why dissolve Tempe? More trips to shenzen, dumdo UMNO.

Abang Adek
Abang Adek
15 Feb 2011 9.18pm

Let’s topple an authoritarian regime today..! Walk like an Egyptian.

Andrew I
15 Feb 2011 11.57pm
Reply to  Abang Adek

Heehee. The highest rated comment is quite funny: riot like an Egyptian.

telur dua
telur dua
15 Feb 2011 7.02pm

As far as First Ladies go, there are the real McCoys (like the above) and the fakes.

The fakes can be spotted from a kilometre away. Some people shouldn’t try to become what they are not. It’s disgusting.

Andrew I
15 Feb 2011 5.46pm

Mama Suzanne and Mama Bush. Heehee.

The children can never be greater than the father simply because the dynamics of their lives are different.

Cushioned, protected and lavished with material things throughout their lives, you’ll only end up with wimps who are legends in their own minds.

Take a leaf out of Stella McCartney’s life and she’ll moan what a tight fisted *+%# her daddy was (e.g. egg and chips for lunch). See where she is today.

15 Feb 2011 5.30pm

Mine. Mine. There seemed to be many similarity with a certain first lady who is not really first lady.

J Prakasam
J Prakasam
16 Feb 2011 8.23am
Reply to  LBJ

Did she join the First Lady Summit organized by our FLOM?

15 Feb 2011 5.05pm

At least the ex-First Lady of Egypt appeared less disgusting and revolting than (a certain other) First … Lady!…

15 Feb 2011 4.30pm

Someone has been practising this for a while, too.

In a shorter a while than you might imagine FLOM will have flown, off and away?