Images from the PJ vigil last night


Videos courtesy of Sivin Kit, who was at the vigil last night. He says, “After reading the rules for the gathering, I realised by lighting the candle I was in fact breaking the rule as I spoke. But then I did come later, so I missed the briefing! haha”

Standing up to be counted Photo by [email protected]

Restrictive conditions of the police permit Photo by [email protected]

A section of the crowd Photo by [email protected]

MP Teresa Kok addresses the vigil Photo by M S

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Malaysians esp. the future generations appreciate deeply all your sacrifices ( esp. those who were arrested by the police ) in being present to seek change and end to ISA .
Terima Kasih to you all Brave Souls for laying the foundation for a more democratic and the ‘free of fear of being detained without trial ‘ society of the future .

Sivin Kit

As promised the “NegaraKu Uninterrupted” video (and more) is uploaded and posted here

We Care

The Permit 12 restrictions did not forbid you all to ” Sing A Simple Song of Freedom ” ?

Sivin Kit

Anil, here’s some videos (or vimeos)

uploaded by a friend to add on to your image. 🙂 I’m still uploaded my “NegaraKu Uninterrupted” Video. Once ready I will give you the my own link.

I arrived later at the tail end of the event. It was good see many who were there especially after last’s week’s eventful experience.