Hundreds sign petition calling for humane control of strays in Penang


After three silent awareness walks in Penang in recent weeks, over 800 people have signed a petition to handle the population of strays in the state as humanely and kindly as possible.

Have a read through the petition and lend your support to the cause if you share the sentiments in it.


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SHAH ALAM: Twelve puppies that were almost euthanised by the local councils were given a second chance in life when Good Samaritans raised the money to “bail” them from the dog catchers. The puppies were then admitted to two veterinary clinics where they were vaccinated and treated under canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better ( MDDB). Once the puppies were discharged from the veterinary clinic, canine boarding and training centre G-Pets temporarily took them in and organised an adoption drive to find the puppies a good home. The puppies are up for adoption at the G-Pets Centre at Jalan… Read more »


Would Penang Forum support the proposed mini animal park at Relau as reported on The Sun today, to house the stray dogs?

Mike Shum

Heritage bicycling getting popular with rental bikes deployed.

May be Penang Forum can propose mountain biking project in Jerejak ?

If need sponsors, can get the likes of LeRun or Rayleigh to be green partner ?

Stylo Logan

It is relevant as bicycle tracks should be built in Jerejak to promote cycling. Of course the Penang Forum people will find it irrelevant since they are likely car drivers so cannot empathise.


Vietnamese expatriate in Penang increasing, and they may be a strong factor in reducing the strays as their traditional cuisines need to be sustained in Penang?


Malaysian law, unlike the new law in Taiwan, did not forbid eating dog or cat meat.


Either adopt them as pets, or donate $ to sustain their living cost at shelter places. Don’t be kind hearted to feed them on roadsides and dirty the surroundings, and let them multiply to cause rabbies or other transmittable diseases.
Otherwise, don’t be sorry if they are put to sleep most of time inhumane way.

Dalbinder Singh

Damien please contact me 0162134273, looking forward to a peaceful diplomatic informative exchange on your comment


Peaceful Diplomatic informative exchange?

Hopefully can happen between tunglang and zoro in this blog.


Dalbinder is a kind soul caring for animals. Read more about him in link below and support him :


Mr Dalbinder, which organisation (NGO, religious, political party, newspaper?) do you represent?

Are you doing focus group study? You should present your opinion in this blog.


Mr Dalbinder
Pls be active in to continue exchange practical ideas that can be implemented by ordinary folks if not the authorities.


Anil, stray dogs + cats, if groomed & trained properly can make good companions for old folks @ old folks homes. Tanjung Rambutan Mental Hospital may also need pet animals for some of the patients for stress relief. St Nicholas’ Home is another place where dogs can be of help to the blind. Where the rats are (wet market, food stalls @ alleys, godowns), cats can be of use. Just adopt these felines, train them (yes, cats are difficult to train compared to dogs) & let them do the rat-catching job at night. Durian farms also need dogs for durian… Read more »


Nowadays rat’s evolve as new mutant species even cats stay away from them.
CATs vs RATs also common come GE14.


Stray rats invading heritage dim sum shop and clear up lines of nasi kandar; and may be stay cats and dogs can be trained to hunt them.


you go and train them? you pay medical bills if durians fall onto your dog? you make a good watch dog and watch man


Those humane 800 people should adopt the stray dogs/cats as pets for their home, instead of just signing petition and feeding them at the roads.


Land is scarce and expensive on main island of Penang. We hope PForum can strike a deal with UDA and Ideal to allocate a piece of land in Jerejak to accommodate the strays, and kind folks like MargieMagician can take care of them there with donations from caring public to feed the strays living in harmony with the spirits there.


Sounds like a good plan Damien… but like to keep Jerejak natural and the dogs might find many bones!!!
Where are those strays… I have seen none!!!

In Langkawi the vet does free castration certain times a year, I guess there are plenty vets here who might do that!!!


So not so wise idea as vintage traditionalists may not like to see stray dogs in Jerejak digging in on skeletal bones in massacred sites to create unrest to the spiritual souls there after all?
The vets in Penang island unlike Langkawi, cannot afford free castration service as they need to charge to earn to pay off expensive lifestyle condos here ???


Margie, dont try to be smart aleck and introduce dogs to jerejak. You better do research as what has happen to Australia. Best make a trip down under and see the first question the custom officer will ask you. Also try interstate border crossing.