High stakes general election


More than 500 Penangites packed the first floor hall at the Caring Society Complex in Penang to listen to Bersih 2.0 Steering Committee co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan’s thoughts on ‘Elections and Democracy’.

In a stirring address at the forum organised by Aliran on 7 October 2012, Ambiga thanked the audience in Penang for their impressive turnout at the Bersih 3.0 solidarity gathering at the Esplanade on 28 April.

She highlighted the harassment experienced by Suaram after it had exposed the Scorpene submarine scandal and noted that the brouhaha about the human rights group’s sources of funding mirrored Bersih’s own experience not long ago.

But after the Bersih 2.0 rally last year, she said Bersih had been funded entirely by Malaysians, she noted. “In fact, I even get SMSes from ordinary Malaysians asking, where can I send money to Bersih; I want to help.”

Ambiga noted the irony of politicians complaining about sources of funding: “Who are they to question these groups about their sources of funding when they have practised dirty money politics for the longest time?”

Full article on Aliran website.

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haruan idris

Empat lagi Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat akan berlangsung di seluruh Malaysia sebelum kemuncaknya pada 1 Januari tahun hadapan.

Pada 1 Disember depan himpunan akan diadakan di Johor, 7 Disember di Kedah, 8 Disember di Melaka dan 9 Disember di Pahang.

Jom hadir ramai-ramai!

Phua Kai Lit

This song is dedicated to Gerakan K and his hero Najib:

Gerakan K

@the mythbuster,

Pakatan princess, Nurul will lose in coming GE. You don’t understand the implications of Nurul actions recently. Not only Nurul herself, but all pakatan candidates also KENA.

Google Nurul action. Google sultan reaction. Google Malays sentiment against Nurul action.

Remember my prediction (bookmark this page now), Nurul will lose heavily.

Gerakan K

@Phua (professor wor),

1) Anwar is nobody, why our 1Malaysia PM Najib mau LAYAN ??? Kesian anwar, dreaming days and nights wanted to debate.

2) Unelected PM ??? You have to buy the cheapest SPM history reference book in order to understand our system. Malu tau if a professor DUNNO the simple thing like this one.

3) General Election perpetually postponed ??? What ‘postponed’ ??? The mandate given to BN is yet to expired. Please-lah professor, don’t comment if you DUNNO, ok ???

p/s: You know nowadays many KOPI-O Phd holders cari makan in Malaysia.

Phua Kai Lit

Hello Gerakan K

I won’t be surprised if your hero Najib is ejected
from his current position as unelected President of UMNO
at the next UMNO General Assembly by the UMNO warlords.

That would be an interesting development, won’t it ?


Andrew I

No worries there. He’ll just support whoever is next, just like the international football fan who will support whichever is the current winning team.


anwar represents all the malaysians who voted for PR in the last PRU cause he is the elected opposition leader..wheres najib is NOT an ELECTED PM… he used the backdoor ..the true PM is Abdullah Badawi.. n in case u still don’t know..more than 45% choosed PR but the EC (allegedly) always manipulated…by changing the geographical status of voters so that ONLY umnomangkuk n their goon parties wins!..just see the ratio of voters for each conts..in urban n rural areas…u will know how EC cheated us…


I am tired of this. She is speaking to a crowd who already supports bersih. Even if there were ten thousand people attending, it won’t have any impact on the elections. Coming to Penang to talk and subsequently claiming a good turnout will achieve nothing but make you feel good about yourself. Again the syok sendiri syndrome. If she wants to help promote free and fair elections, pls go and speak to those in the rural areas, to those who have less access to information, to those who have been cheated all these years and to those who have not… Read more »


The opportunity for change is too precious, the top leadership of PR is NOT going to as strong as it is now..Even if Anwar finds away to make another try for Putrajaya, Nik Aziz and the old stalwarts of DAP Karpal and LKS is not going to be the same force again.. It really is now or it may take too long if Anwar really step back after this.. For “kedekut” and “kiasu” Penangites, the issue can be made very simply. There is basically RM200-300 BILLION or more to be saved over 4/5 years at the Federal Govt level. Do… Read more »

Andrew I

Off topic.


“At best, it is just a case of political correctness in the wake of flak that PAS has drawn, having treated women as mere chattels and suppressing women’s progress and gender equality,” she said in a statement yesterday.

Unfortunately, PAS doesn’t have a video out to show how to treat a woman.

Unfortunately, PAS doesn’t have a video out to show

Phua Kai Lit

High stakes for the environment too:


We would prefer Bersih clean money than corruption and dirty money politics.

Gerakan K

Sudahlah ambiga/pakatan. Taktik yang sama guna berkali-kali. Buatlah perhimpunan di kawasan lain seperti Pekan, Pahang. Asyik-asyik buat benda yang sama di kawasan penyokong sendiri. Nak tipu siapa ???


Hadi shall make Pekan the Waterloo for the Cheap

Phua Kai Lit

When is your hero Najib going to debate Anwar Ibrahim?

Unelected President of UMNO
Unelected PM of Minister
General Election perpetually postponed

The rakyat of Malaysia are waiting

Andrew I

Hahahahabatukbatukhahaha. Nice one.

the mythbuster

Would Ah Cheat Gor dare to stand for elections in any of the multi-racial constituencies in Malaysia, especially in the Klang Valley? For that matter would he dare take on Nurul Izza after a public debate with her or her father?

Why don’t you persuade your … PM to be a leader of all Malaysians and stand against Nurul?


Talking about Pekan, Ah Cheap is shaking head

Gerakan K

Anil, can you find the BERSIH account ??? Account for public donation should be made public right ???


Why do we have to keep on having liars and deceivers in the blogs. Does liars and cheaters who have siphons so much of the nation resources through corruptions, lies and deceits have any right to question the integrity of Bersih when they do not have the guts to be transparent.

… GK … knows very well where he can find the updates of Bersih and donation.

Bersih 2.0 said the funds collected would be regularly “““updated on its website““““` with ““““audited accounts““““` made available. And only a liar would still question that.


Gerakan K

But after the Bersih 2.0 rally last year, she said Bersih had been funded entirely by Malaysians, she noted. “In fact, I even get SMSes from ordinary Malaysians asking, where can I send money to Bersih; I want to help.”

BERSIH = money machine

Andrew I

Kotor = money vacuum cleaner.