Happy New Year to all readers – and a blog report for 2013


Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year, Barang Naik notwithstanding! You might be interested to check out a report on this blog for 2013.

From the report, you can check out how many times this blog was viewed during the year and the most read posts. Also, find out which of you were the most frequent commenters on this blog in 2013!

Thanks for all your support and interest and let’s work to make 2014 an even better and more just year for all.

Please help to support this blog if you can.

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Smart GrandDaddy

Dedicate this top trending song of 2013 to all readers.


The song is called “Aku YANG dulu bukan YANG sekarang”

quite appropriate as Yang sekarang bukan lagi Yang dulu 🙂


Randy Orton ended the year 2013 as WWE Champion after turning heel.
Same with our friend Yang turning heel, with a tag-team partner Rich Daddy.


To all regular commenters of anilnetto.com including Ori-Maestro Blogger Anil,

Cakap Banyak Shiok-Shiok (Bahasa Melayu Kosmopolitan)

Gau Kap Siao Tang (Hokkien)

Hau Sui Tor Ko Char (Cantonese)

Dà Zuǐ Bā (Pu Tong Hua)

Mikutiyāka Pēcukiṟa (Tamil)

Ngi Oi Gong (Hakka)

বাচাল (Bengali)

Bho Lui Liao, Ai Kong-Ua (In-Law’s Teochew Kong$$$ 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

Lu Luan Luan Chiau-Chiau, I Sue Lu Kau Kau (Metrosexual Gurney Drive Lingo)

Greetings to all: Bai Bai NgiSip SipSam (Bye-Bye 2013), Fon Ngiang NgiSip SipSi (Welcome 2014)

Smart GrandDaddy

Lingo 2014 : Gua mau Sengat sama itu orang yang (no pun intended here) gila kuasa & gila duit tak prihatin sama mereka yang betul betul patriotik untuk masa depan Msia yang lebih telus & prihatin sama rakyat berbilang kaum n budaya.


What does “Mikutiyāka Pēcukiṟa (Tamil)” mean? I’m also a Tamil speaker, and truthfully, I don’t understand this phrase.

Kerala Indian Staying in Langkawi

Mikutiyāka Pēcukiṟa means a talkative person.

Rich Daddy

I’m one of the top 5 contributors in this blog 🙂

Smart GrandDaddy

Rich Daddy wanna piggyride of infamous Gerakan K, Shame On You !
Anil being truthful finally revealed that Rich daddy ain’t the retired ex Gerakan K.
K has retired in KL and be proifessional to call yourself Gerakan M (for Mah) lah.
Happy 2014 to all readers from both sides of the political divides + all sorts of NGOs.

Rich Daddy

Ha ha Anil, except you, no one is more familiar with my style after more than 1000 comments moderated by you these years !!! “They sound alike” statement is more than good enough 🙂

Come on Smart GrandDaddy, still “trolling the troll”, huh ??? I think that is fine as long as we keep connected in this blog. Who cares about the name change ??? Maybe the day will come when we celebrate PR victory together !!!


You are changed totally. Just refresh me what the last game we play before you disappear and turn to Pakatatan supporter.

Rich Daddy

Not support anyone anymore. You see I criticize Mercedes Lim where I see fit and also the rogue coalition. I try to be as neutral as possible. I just need to evaluate my local ADUN and MP candidates. This time my votes go to true caring and working ADUN and MP. I will reject all parachute candidates. Voting for specific party regardless of candidates is not my thing anymore.

So the keyword is “maybe”.


As the people ended the year with belt tightened and look towards 2014 with uncertainty, our CM LGE is smiling with a new Mercedes Benz and increase in salary. I wonder how many can smile especially those wage earner earning less than 1200 per month.


Who needs a Merc S300L in order to smile like a 2014 CAT?
Itu orang cakap ‘ikat perut’ tak serupa bikin.
Rakyat Pulau Pinang semakin berpeluh, ada Orang Komtar Tower shiok-shiok sendiri.
Inilah legasi CAT tak serupa bikin.


Dulu 1st term naik Airasia datang Kuala Lumpur, sekarang dia naik Gold (MAS) atau private plane(?)
rajraman.Semua orang Politik bila tanya dia kata Harta Negara tapi Harta Negara mereka pakai maa. They meow meow dapat mewah and we woof woof to remind them.No wonder politician fight like cat and dog.


Previously, I worked in an ad agency co-managed by a bean counter CFO (accountant).
So stingy, good times or not you either got the same miserable increment or salary cut (at short notice).
While everyone sweated, this shortie accountant would justify purchasing his ‘toys’ with hard-earned money meant for rewarding bonuses.
Such CFO, if I even can smell from a distance, I will stay away with a long salt fish pole.

Chinese has a saying: Kiam siap ka si bo choon kut.
Are we seeing one (around us)?


Happy New Year Anil.

rajraman.Wish all Malaysian Happy New Year.

We can be racial but can’t be racist because we need a better Malaysia for future generation.


The 47% could sing these verses from the song ‘Madness’ by Muse, as they usher in the Barang Naik year of 2014:

And now I have finally seen the end,
(I have seen the end)
And I’m… I’m expecting you to care,
(Expecting you to care)
And I… have finally seen the light,
(Have finally seen the light)
And I… have finally realized,