Happy Lunar New Year


Wishing all of you a very happy Lunar Year. May your coming year be filled with love, peace, joy, compassion and everything good.

And here’s a special message from [email protected]:

A New Year gift to Paula Khoo

Date: 28 Jan (3rd day of Chinese New Year)
Venue: Pattani Road Police Station,
Time: 8.00am

Dear peaceful rakyat of Penang and Malaysia.

Please make time to be with Paula Khoo because she have stood for you, possibly for your children too, in calling for the abolition of the ISA. (She has to report at the police station to find out if the police are going to press charges over her participation in an Abolish ISA vigil.)

Calling all those who were with her the evening when she was detained. DAP? PKR? This is the time when your support would be most valued. For justice and for your rights, JUST DO IT.

Please help to support this blog if you can.

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Paula Khoo

Dear Anil and readers, especially those who commented in this post namely LSChin, Han2, Lucia, Rajan, Dalbinder Singh etc. For your words of encouragement, support and assurances of your presence, I am eternally grateful to you. All I pray for is a breakthrough and for the police to rise up against the real enemies of the state and not against me. [email protected], Thanks so much for your compassion and thoughtfulness to write the appeal that Anil kindly posted. Your reward is certainly in heaven and I am always inspired by the singlemindedness of your commitment to the cause. Angela, Thanks… Read more »


Wishing everybody the most robust and awesome year ahead, fulfilling everybody’s heart desires and wildest dreams coming true !!!

Dalbinder Singh Gill

I will definitely come. Happy CNY to all and Anil.


I will b there


yes, as one of the organisers together with paula, a few of us organisers will sure be there with paula. my CNY off days is only 2 days (mon and tues) but i specially take wed off so that i can go support paula. it will be a CNY get-together for us too. 🙂

all those who are in penang should come support paula.

Angela Ooi

Paula, my prayers and good wishes for you when you face those blues on the 28th Jan. Keep your chin up, you did NO wrong, those ‘higher ups’ will reap the bad karma they sow.

angela ooi


Happy New Year to you too Anil. And a special greeting to Paula Khoo as well….

Why are the police wating their time on all these itsy-bitsy stuff when there are bigger things to do. There are so many cases of extortion for and pow and protection money across Georgetown, Paya Terubong, Air Itam and across at the mainland. Where are the cops when you need them? …

LS Chin

Yes, I will be there,
with my wife too.