Thugs disrupt Penang anti-Lynas protest


A group of about 50 unruly pro-Umno thugs tried to disrupt the anti-Lynas solidarity gathering at Speakers’ Square in Penang this evening.

Click to enlarge the photos and notice the writing on the caps
Chaotic scenes at Speakers' Square in Penang. Photograph: Nakesvari Shanmugam

The gathering began at 6.00pm but according to tweets the provocation by the thugs began at 6.20pm.

The mob reportedly hurled abuse at CM Lim Guan Eng when he addressed the gathering at around 6.30pm.

According to one eye-witness, the anti-Lynas group number at least 300 (Malaysiakini put the figure at 500) and the hecklers less than 20 (Malaysiakini, 50). “Earlier, 100 motorbikes paraded at Speakers Square with Umno flags.”

The hecklers were five metres away from the Guan Eng, said the Chief Minister’s special assistant Jeffrey Chew. “The CM was prevented from leaving. Fights broke out. Media people were beaten up by unruly thugs. Some went to the crowd to threaten them.”

But the crowd displayed courage. “What seems to be a simple event became a political showdown,” said Chew, who was part of the human shield around the CM.

“(The) thugs were shouting profanity and stupid remarks about 1Malaysia and asking the CM to go home,” he recalled, adding that they also hurled abuse at the crowd.

Malaysiakini, for its part, reported that two journalists were struck with crash helmets.

The anti-Lynas crowd in Penang. Photograph: Mat Pijan

Uniformed police reportedly moved in at 7.15pm and ordered the gathering to disperse. An activist ended the event by leading the crowd with Negara Ku.

Over in Bukit Merah, some 2000 gathered for a solidarity gathering this morning, reports Dr T Jayabalan.

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Anil Netto censors the mention of the word Chinese in any negative context even where the evidence is overwhelming. But he does not where the word UMNO which is necessarily Malay and Muslim is concerned. Did these protesters show cards that they were UMNO members and where is the subjectivity that they were “thugs”by description?


Why threaten to shut down Lyans? The Malaysian Greens were nothing more than a platform for Wong Teck to further his political career at the expense of gullible anti government elements. lynas is reported to have offered Wong Teck and others within the Greens to give up their caue in the more effective NGO space and move to the more restricted but lucrative space of parliament. So what about the financial contributions we made towards the campaigns and profile building by the likes of Wong Teck? PKR and the Pakatan including DAP and Guan Eng have a lot to answer… Read more »


Another example of the failure of the police, who chose to prosecute selectively.

Desmond Lee

WHAT IS THE PENANG CPO AND POLIS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT…???????????????????????????????????????…


I wonder why the 2 journos were wearing green and tried to protect the CM from the pro-Lynas group ?

BTW,do you think it is logical for 20 to 30 people to attack a group of 500 anti-Lynas protesters ? Be more sensible instead of blaming everything under the sun on UMNO/BN.

Richie pala

Wonder what you like and say what you like.

The fact speak itself, watch the clip, those thugs with umno hat on them, acted barbaric, cavemen’s behavior, that is fact.

The police (seem to have allowed) this (to) happen…

Those thung acted as if they are given special permit to do what they like, that is fact.

They are wearing hat’s with Umno logo printed on it, that is fact.

The CPO said the police were not informed about the assembly (implying he did not know and did not care to know), that is fact.


So typical of PR supporters. Do you know that the whole incident was provoked by the CM ? Do you think a small group of people will attack another group 25 times the size ? LGE’s (allegedly) racist speech triggered the anger. The thuggish behaviour of DAP was conveniently been edited out. Just go to the below link and you can see the photos that Mkini and others did not publish. Shame on the Cheap Minister and DAP.


Kometenmelodie, I have seen your clip. Same as all the others. It clearly show that its the UMNO that start the provocation. The Malay guy in green shirt was actually trying to defend himself. The chair was thrown after the UMNO people has already provoke the crowd. Its all very clear they are trying to bulldoze in to make the Lynas crowd disperse. LGE did not make any racist remarks.He only say UMNO tak payah cakap. Is that racist. Civilized people really would not want to create a scene … Just like LGE said, you can sokong Lynas the other… Read more »

Andrew I

He reminds me of the student who writes pages and pages during an exam and we’re sitting behind him thinking what the hell is he writing. Of course, we pass and he fails…without a stiff wrist.


Sunday is car-free day in Beach Street.
CPO was having a good afternoon siesta with sea breeze(?)
The same for the cops at Beach Street station(?)
Car-free, also ‘Duty’-free(?)


See the video under the sun one more time. It is clear as blue sky who is the penganas. Numbers never count but aggressive behaviour does!
And so does the foul sign language, a product of BTN … culture?


His eyes could have been blurred by the $$$$ of Barang Naik AMMO


Kometenmelodie Are you in a state of denial or simply opposing for the sake of opposing even to the extending of saying that the cat is a dog and vice versa. The facts is in the clip. The fact that these 50 people are not afraid to provoke 500 protestors is because they knew that they (allegedly) have the protection … The 500 are civilized people and would not be so stupid as to be provoked by 50 or so … doing something barbaric. Barbarian is barbarian and civilized people are civilized people. the clip clearly show that. … why… Read more »


Do you think its logical for a minister husband to get 250 million for buying cow and then buy condominium


“I wonder why the 2 journos were wearing green and tried to protect the CM from the pro-Lynas group ?” To show support for a worthy cause, duh!

“BTW,do you think it is logical for 20 to 30 people to attack a group of 500 anti-Lynas protesters ?” But they did,dude. Open your eyes and watch the video.

“Be more sensible instead of blaming everything under the sun on UMNO/BN.” ABU ABU ABU!


See the video one more time, dude.
Unless one is the same as those aggressors.
Numbers do not matter. Aggression does matter to these bullies.
This reminds me of my school days in PFS where this particular group … (small in number compared to the whole class) constantly made mischiefs in open defiance. Until the Police Cadet Master cum disciplinary teacher moon-walked from the back of the classroom!

Super Senior

It is interesting to see that no local malay celebrity is coming up to support Himpunan Hijau. Nak jaga periuk nasi?

Richie pala

Gerakan K-ing and NKKHOO, where are you? and what say you?. The CPO said the police were not notified of the assembly, but did not comment if Umno inform him, their mobs will be there.

Gerakan K and NKKHOO, you and I should start worry about your kids’ future, their safety, if Umno leads Penang.

These Thugs with Umno hat are just few meters away from CM, I think, soon they will able to reach him … CPO is ultimately accoutable for CM’s security, if CM get wacked, CPO should be sacked, either informed or not.

Gerakan K

Constant provocation by Pakatan will cause social unrest. From Bersih to Hijau. From democraZy tree to Anwar campaigning during non-election time. Threatening to sue a female questioner when lost a debate. All these contributed to today incident.

Pakatan should stop all these antics now for more peaceful Malaysia.

Richie pala

Watch the clip, and you saw the thugs with umno’s hat provoke anti lynas supporters.

Because Anwar speaks under the tree, it has provoked those thugs with umno’s hat.

When your tow tuck aunty lies about MPPP, they do have the right to sue, that also provoked those thugs with umno’s hat.

When these thungs with umno’s hat get wild, pakatan should stop doing what they think is right for the country?

Are you wearing umno’s hat too?


You call this anti-Lynas protest a provocation?
A concern for Rakyat’s health and safety and environmental care, a provocation?
What if I propose a mini nuclear reactor sponsored by your Barang Naiki goons in your mini market?
And if that happens, please relocate your mini market to somewhere far, far away from civilisation, AOK? Then you can protest day and night without provocating anyone but yourself and a coconut tree!

Phua Kai Lit

GK’s mini markets must remember not to sell radioactive salted fish etc products from Kuantan after the Lynas plant starts operating.

Otherwise, GK and his/her employees will “glow” !


Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
GK will glow ‘green’?
Like Shrek?


Look at the video and see who is provocating who.
… you have become blind or simply moron.
Anyway what can I say of a wannabe who is willing to sell his soul …

Andrew I

Yeah, everyone is wrong except you.


Gerakan K, I pity you as a human being….


Thanks Husain. Will check on your comment. – Anil


Dear Sobri,
From Melaka, to Johore to Pulau Pinang and now Gambang Pahang.

Violence, thuggery and disruption of ceramah & events

Isn`t UMNO & Barang Naik is now deperate and feeling the HEAT and INSECURITY of LOSING.


I feel from the begining of this Lynas episode, the Opposition could have taken a different approach. In this country, the opposition tend to always oppose – be in PR or BN, For example – from Day 1 PR could have agreed to the Rare Earth plant in principle. In return for support – International Atomic Energy & Local experts from independent bodies, to monitor all stages of construction, to meet Standard Operating Procedures in all aspects. This way PR would come out looking more mature, & practical. The fear in Malaysia in these areas would be mismanagement, Mismanagement that… Read more »


I disagree that the opposition tends to always oppose issue with the BN government. I wonder if the percentage is higher than 20%. Only those the opposition opposed are high lighted by the media.

Moreover, opposition can be of the form but not the substance.
Take for example, if I oppose negotiated tender, then automatically I would oppose every project that is being awarded in this manner. It does not necessary mean that I may object to the project content which can bring a lot of good to the country.


That is why KFC say can’t blame them for their workers – look at the talent pool they got to work with – they are after all an UMNO company..


KFC just got infested with BN culture: Berang Naik!
Bad for business, really!


They say they are not UMNO. The cap clearly shows UMNO logo.This show that Barang Naik & AMMO are just a bunch of hooligan and liars. These scum (could be the ones) who create the commotion at the bridge and riding against the traffic in Penang Road..


… UMNO caps clearly show that they are aligned to UMNO.


Organizers for all anti-federal government’s policies should hire private security guards for safety reasons.


Braddy thugs. Pollution affects all so cut the racial’s bull… Mr Bluesssss should act more proffessionally.

Jonny T

Those fools did more damage to Lynas and BN by attacking journalists and yelling racist words.

1) It shows BN/Lynas supporters are unruly and cannot debate civilly

2) Lynas supporters have no facts to back their cause

3) Violence and racism by pro Lynas supporters will draw more on-the-fence people to the other side


Police presence don’t mean s… nowadays.


Sunday is rest day for men in blue. And the nearest polis station in Beach Street is samseng-ruckus-sound proof!
Until someone barges in to make an urgent polis report!

Ho Hia Tee

Those who attend Sunday Speakers’ Corner will realize that there is a regular set of “ruckus” waiting to create havoc the moment someone starts to question barang naik policies.

Anil should be there to observe it if don’t believe.


These ‘samseng’ have no respect for Speakers’ Corner and Rakyat’s protest – a sanctified place for freedom of expression. With their threats of violence and foul language and hand signs, what do you think of their leaders behind the scene?
The same bred of scums. Desperate budak-budak have nothing to show for the care of this nation except for … desperate samseng antics. Especially the Black Cake species.


Tung Lung,
Its even worse they have no respect for the LAW and its condoned by the very party that governed the country. Where are all the chicken (boh lang hood) from MCA, Gerakan, PPP etc etc. Not a word of condemnation.


Umno thugs practising PM Najib best democracy in the world thru hooliganism mat rempit style !!!!!!!!!

Penang Voter

Thank you UMNO. You have decided for me this coming GE. ABU ABU ABU ABU ABU !!!!!!


What more can we say of AMMO Barang Naik culture which MCA is now imitating. Also what can we say of MCA President CSL whose imitation befits his character as an immoral … person that also befits MCA and their followers.



get him a nice room in KL. he needs it. tak malu.

Andrew I

No, he demands a suite. You need room for the cameras and lights. Smile, you’re on really candid camera…make sure the smiley is on the face and not elsewhere.

Andrew I

Sheila will be rededicating her hit song ‘Lagenda’, like Elton, from Marilyn Munroe to Princess Diana with ‘Candle in the wind.’

Sorry, no YouTube. Away from computer. Just remember you first heard it on

Andrew I

Anil, did you censor moi? If you didn’t, here it is again:

Heard a good one tonight, so I won’t be taking any credit for this. What does csl stand for? Ready? Chinese Sex Legend.

I have a competitor… just like Gherkin.

Andrew I

Well, thank you Anil. I thought I had posted it in the Star. Permission is granted to all DAP fanboys to use this wonderful interpretation as and when.


what? thuggery from UMNO again?

Andrew I

What do you offer mat rempits to work off their summons? Your guess is as good as mine.


The most vocal & angry birds are the Black Cake species, don’t you agree?
Time to teach them a lesson…


It was reported by eye-witness that the police (allegedly) ‘facilitates’ the entrance and presence of these thugs.