Selangor state assembly member Lau Weng San was assaulted on Sunday Photos by Sunny Lim

Ever wondered what the view from inside a police truck would be like as you are hauled off to the police station? This is what Sunny saw…

Waiting… and waiting: Inside the PJ police station after being arrested

More than 100 people attended the Mass for ISA detainees at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus last night.  Parish priest Fr Marshall Fernandez and Fr Fabian Dicom concelebrated the Mass. Police presence was low-key, with just a couple of plainclothes officers outside.

There will be another Mass next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lau Weng San, the Selangor state assembly member representative who was assaulted during the vigil in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, has found a picture of the man in plainclothes who he identifies as the one who assaulted him. Click here. Gotcha!

Weng San was among 23 arrested on Sunday. Also among those arrested was Sunny Lim, who provides an inspiring account of his participation in the vigil, capturing the spirit of the occasion.  He was outraged by what he witnessed.

The weather was kind and the night air was filled with patriotism. The national anthem was heard loud and clearly sung by all present in unison. Before it was over, my arm was grabbed by a plainclothes officer. I suffered shock for a moment and wondered what had gone wrong. I remained composed and walked along with him. Full article on the Aliran website here.

What do all these vigils mean and why are the authorities now getting a bit edgy? I tried to answer these questions in the article for IPS below:

Heavy handed police action against a gathering of Malaysians, near the capital of Kuala Lumpur, protesting against a draconian preventive detention law, suggests government nervousness at persistent public vigils.

The show of force comes at a time when the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO)and its coalition partners are experiencing leadership transitions and factional struggles after a general election in March saw the coalition losing substantial ground to opposition parties. Full article here.

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terry, surely there are laws to punish cops for their wrongdoings but don’t forget we are in Bolehland which means semua boleh…..and the follow law of the jungle…..see my point?


This is Malaysia! Not America! The police here (rarely) get charged or sued by anyone. They (appear to be) above the law….

We fear for the safety of all those who try to speak out.
They fear nothing, they are sanctioned.


weng san,

sue that b…. who has zip conscience. the police is now trying to (copy) mugabe-style violence against ordinary citizens. if we dont nip it at the bud, these lawless cops will be more brazen next time in inflicting harm. dotn allow these lawless cops in turning thsi country into Mugabe-land.


why there is no way we can charge these cops into punishment for their wrong doing?


An urgent plea to All Caring Parents, Childrens, All Private Employees. You have read the price of true democracy nation. Many more inspiring stories, but do not stop short of what can truly be yours as a Bangsa Satu. These Bangsa Satu citizens are willing to stand up for their rights including yours. Whoever attends any Candle Vigils are very clear in their Objectives and aims. They are NOT the ‘hostile’ ‘rebellion’ ‘trouble makers’& whatever the authority is trying to have you believed. In fact, the reversed can be true. Before police arrived, Shop owners, from Amcorp to A&W sales… Read more »

Siew Eng

Whatever happened to SUHAKAM’s HR training for cops?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


When there’s abuse of the law by law enforcers
By taking law in the own hands by way of assult
All right thinking people must condemn these officers
For excessive use of force and reflecting bad result

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 131108
Thu. 13th Nov. 2008.


Its wrong for punch or hit anyone esp. if you are a police officer.The man who did this to Yang Berhormat an elected Representative of the Rakyat should be charged in court for this offence against Citizens who pay his salary.
Like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysia must be ruled by Law of the Court NOT LAW of the Jungle !


… hitting the very people who pay income tax to pay their salaries, are these cops not thinking people?