Good news! Bicycles freed… but no “perarakan” allowed


You will be pleased to hear that the Jerit bicycles, yes bicycles, have been released.  I guess they were innocent after all, poor bikes – and it’s all systems go for tomorrow.

So with that, the cyclists are expected to hand in a memorandum to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng tomorrow at around 12.30pm in Komtar.

Sungai Siput MP Jeyakumar Devaraj spent most of this afternoon negotiating with senior police officers in Penang. “I told them, come on-lah, there are so many criminals around for you to deal with; just let our cyclists do their thing and they won’t cause any problem,” he said over the phone.

“If you want, you can send police to help us with the traffic, though even that won’t be necessary as we have our own marshals.”

Top police officers in the state finally relented and gave the green light. Apparently, there’s one caveat though: the cyclists are not allow to go on a perarakan (procession).

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6 Dec 2008 10.57am

I was informed that at 9 something this morning Sat. (6/11) that Jerit cyclist in Johor had also been arrested. I have no other news at the moment about them. Will keep you posted if any more information comes in.
Thanks, good luck to Jerit and supporters!

5 Dec 2008 9.07pm

Yalor, police so free, go jalan-jalan, ronda-ronda at those public places lah. If cannot catch criminals, at least can scare some of those pesky, fake beggars and those collecting donation for charity.

5 Dec 2008 8.06pm

That’s the problem with our Malaysian police. Undang-undang takde daulat. How to implement Rukunegara?

Selective application of the law is equivalent to lawlessness.

What the hell happened to the Piagam Polis? Gone the way of Kepimpinan Melalui Tauladan? We have so much crime here, now the Jerit convoy gets their attention.

Better go after the prostitution dens and mesin kuda in Penang I say !