Gerakan and PKR


Gerakan might as well close shop after 42 years of existence. Almost like Samy Vellu who has rejected the post of MIC adviser, former Gerakan president Lim Keng Yaik has quit as adviser. They are abandoning their sinking ships.

In reality, Gerakan lost its navigational bearings long before it struck an iceberg. Its idealistic multi-ethnic politics had long been subsumed under the racial politicking banner of the BN and Umno in particular. Self interest and jostling for the spoils of power and position assumed greater importance.

Gerakan needs to account for so many issues. Its failure to deal with Umno on an equal footing and to put property developers in their place looms large. Think of how the right to reclaim land in Penang was given to big developers in exchange for peanuts; examine the roots of the Buah Pala fiasco (carried through to its conclusion under the present administration); look at the grief surrounding the eviction of low-income communities from the inner city with the lifting of rent control, reflect on the general neglect of Penang.

And who can forget the monumental scandal over the PGCC/Penang Turf Club deals that sealed Gerakan/BN’s fate in Penang? I remember attending a meeting of activists with CM Koh Tsu Koon over PGCC during the last weeks of his administration when they tried to persuade him to put his foot down against the project. Instead, he acted like he was in the dark over the PGCC – like ‘buat don’t know‘ about the humongous scale of the project.

Gerakan’s lack of traffic planning, its failure to protect green spaces and vegetable farms (the loss of which has driven up food prices in the state), the polluted seas and dirty rivers, and the Komtar eyesore are testament to the party’s failure to practise sustainable development. Instead it made Penang heavily reliant on foreign investment-driven GDP growth – making us more vulnerable to global shocks. The prevention of mass unemployment and the provision of affordable housing in places like Seberang Jaya and Bayan Baru were a couple of its saving graces.

But looking back at the run-up to the 2008 general election, it is laughable to recall how the Gerakan folks were unable to see the earth opening up from under their feet. Imagine, they were arguing over who should be the next chief minister when the entire party was about to be dumped at the polls in Penang – the result of a wave of public anger and revulsion over failed leadership.

Now, as vultures circle overhead the writhing carcass in its throes that is Gerakan today, the ludicrous fighting over positions continues. But what are they fighting for, when the party is about to vanish into the mists of history? To use the sinking ship metaphor again, imagine the Titanic sinking and its officers still fighting to become captain as the ship takes in water! Like MCA, MIC, and of course Umno, Gerakan has shown that it is incapable of reforming itself. They have not learned a thing from the GE2008 debacle.

Which brings us to PKR. PKR, like Gerakan, was born in the idealism of multi-ethnic politics – in PKR’s case during the heady days of reformasi.

But since then, we have seen a string of PKR politicians betraying the aspirations of the rakyat by their katak politics, factionalism and ambition.

Some PKR leaders appear to behave more like ex-Umno/MCA/MIC  politicians. But then again, that’s not surprising because many of them ARE former Umno/MCA/MIC politicians! In fact, PKR is in danger of becoming BN Lite.

Instead of serving the rakyat and struggling for social justice, human rights and democracy on the basis of people-centred policies, ambitious PKR politicians, sensing that the party could clinch federal power, are scrambling to climb the party hierarchy. Sadly, though, the party election campaign has been devoid of any serious debate on policy issues and ideology.

From what we see in PKR and Gerakan today, there is one thing we can learn. Never rely completely on politicians to see through our aspirations for a more socially just Malaysia. If we do leave it to the politicians, we are going to be seriously disappointed and disillusioned.

How many times we have heard this: in the next election we must go all out and vote and make a difference.

Big mistake. Why wait five years for the next election before you try and make a difference? We need to play our part through a constant participation in the larger democratic process. Make your voices heard – now. Do something – write, speak, campaign, castigate racist politicians, speak out against corruption, lobby for policy and legal reforms, join a voluntary or civil organisation, read, discuss, debate, reflect. Do it 365 days a year. Small ripples of change will gradually spread across the country.

Never rely 100 per cent on politicians and political parties, no matter how progressive they might seem – for their compromises, betrayals, and disgusting ambition will invariably disappoint us.

Think of the great women and men down the ages – how many of them were prime ministers and presidents? Not many, right? That’s because realpolitik and compromises left many promising political leaders neither here nor there; ultimately many of them grew beholden to powerful political and business interests rather than the people’s interests.

Before the elections, these politicians refer to themselves as Team Rakyat, Generasi Reformasi, and people-centric. After the elections, we shouldn’t be surprised if they evolve into Team Developer, Team Kroni, and Team Korporat. It is the rare minority who hold true to their early idealism and genuinely struggle for the people.

So let’s work together to bring about the change we desire.

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Any reason why the Komtar 3rd floor traders did not want to move to 4th floor to allow renovation to be carried out?


It must be remembered it is incumbent upon the Government to provide schools or basic education to all Malaysians irregardless of their colour and creed. Asking the citizens to raise fund on their own to build school had made a mockery of Najib’s 1 Malaysia concept….


The same with good teachers from SJK (C) or SJK (T), they were transfered to SK causing a loss to SJK students. This is total irresponsible and uncaring of Education Ministry. Fearing good competition from SJK I suspect is the main reason, this will not garner well for the nation.
This will definitely make SJK students more determined to compete relentlessly and to excel in education, in career and in life later on (sans those debilitating crutches).


Total investment for Penang now ranked #3 in Malaysia’s with RM2.25 billion An increase of RM717 million or nearly 50% in a month compared to 2010 first half of RM1.5 billion Penang’s total investment for Penang has surged from RM 1.53 billion for the first six months of the year to RM RM2.25 billion as at July 2010. In other words for the month of July alone, there was an increase of RM 716 million of investment or an increase of nearly 50% in one month as compared to the total investments for the first six months of the year.… Read more »


Hahaha Lim Keng Yaik was speaking to tv news, reminded Tun Lim Chong Eu advice -“Heavy’s the head that wears the crown” and in reference to Koh Tsu Koon, he said “maybe his head is too small for the crown!”. LOL!!!!

How can that tortise head wear a crown when he’s always hiding in his shell?!!!


LKY passing word TA BOLEH PAKAI LAGI. Gerakan mission to be around is just to fool the people . They now becomes vote collecting agency for UMNO. They just do that and the reward is a back door offer as Minister of Unity. Unity to fool us so that UMNO may remain in power .Lest we remain stupid to see KTK as a bogey man.


What is LKY yelling for ?? One one thing. For his son.
What is CSL doing. Again only one thing, For his son.
One is a bla bla bla man and the other is an ice cream man. What they do is not for you, the country or the party but for their sons.


Not only for their sons and son-in-law,… but also for their sons’ sons and sons-in-law, including daughters and daughters-in-law.
The only way is to cut this family-rule craps thro’ the ballot box – be wise, Malaysian voters.
Did God says you and your family can rule perpetually?
Or is there such a damn thing as family-run politics in democratic society?

Ann Seng

If you guys are as smart as your writings, i really wonder why you guys could allow KTk to ‘rule Penang under Umno’ for so long.

The more you complain now, the more ironic you are.


Did We? We wanted a Salivating, Tail Wagging Lembek Leader? You must be Joking!
Or you weren’t on Ground Zero to see for yourself what happened during elections!

Ann Seng

At least now Lim KY’s son has said he would not run for Gerakan top post.


Jong: Don’t underestimate this guy …. sell out Penang!

Because to him, Penang is Kacang Putih – land, people, cultures, heritage, memories, talents, political bargaining, your future, my future, rights to vote fairly. Ask any kacang putih seller what he thinks of his kacang. Cheap-lah!

Yet, he could sleep soundly and dream every night for the umpteen 18 years!

Wayang Street

It doesn’t make life any easier for the rakyat that the socio-political environment in Malaysia is so hostile that they can ever make informed decisions. How could you get good info when the Malaysian Press is so locked up. Apart from being the public watch dog, the Press could have informally educated the kampung folks. Then we have court’s decision not many have faith in. What’s good about Malaysia is the Bursa. The company with the most corruption will be the darling of punters and investors. Ok so you have the peversion. Don’t you ever wonder if the political parties… Read more »


I think that all citizen of Malaysia is aware of the crisis that swollen through DAP dan PKR…seems like they don’t even have the complete control over their own people..greed and hunger for power overcome’s dignity and peace…not to mention justice… to all of our beloved citizen, no matter what kind of religion you hold, or what kind of principal you behold, just shut your eye’s and think deeply..would you support a party that promote aggressiveness and violence? Would you support someone that only think for the benefits of himself to be your leader? What would happen to our kids… Read more »


Well done Anil, love this post, especially this para.. # And who can forget the monumental scandal over the PGCC/Penang Turf Club deals that sealed Gerakan/BN’s fate in Penang? I remember attending a meeting of activists with CM Koh Tsu Koon over PGCC during the last weeks of his administration when they tried to persuade him to put his foot down against the project. Instead, he acted like he was in the dark over the PGCC – like ‘buat don’t know‘ about the humongous scale of the project.# Don’t underestimate this guy …. sell out Penang! Of course no one… Read more »


KTK is one of its type where UMNO will love to have Not that is is smart but will never go against them… Gerakan is not what it was now it is only there to fish votes for UMNO to stay in power and continue to fool us around.


Anil, Just to share this… Perpetrators’ public versus private personas - “The vast majority of the public does not understand that life “at the top” is often drastically different from the lifestyles and environments with which we are familiar. Too often, we make the very human, very understandable mistake of assuming that because we think, live and behave a certain way, then others must think, live and behave the same way. In reality, the world is full of diversity… To understand the world of the perpetrators, we must first mentally remove ourselves from what is familiar. To many, their world… Read more »


KTK adalah budak suruhan Umno.
Belaiu takut sama Umno Penang dan ikut arah Umno.
Apakah ini pemimpin bila parti sendiri tak diperdulikan tapi bagi perhatian pada MCA?
Gerakan telah mampus dibawah pimpinan KTK.


KTK must continue to lead Gerakan. There are no other capable leaders within the ranks. He has shown true leadership by “tai-chi” management. He is also thick skinned and brushed off criticism when LKY called him an ostrich, what more can you ask from a politician! He has great leadership qualities by keeping his cool at all times and not getting confrontational and counter-attacking all those who have heaped insults after insults at him from a political eunuch, to back-door minister etc. His level headedness is also seen when he explains that it is all a misunderstanding by people. The… Read more »


Gerakan should purge Koh out,let him be minister on his own accord.Enough of stupidity done by Koh.All old timers shd stand down and let talented young leaders take over who have a greater plan for Malaysia, not a greater plan for himself!Gerakan shd stand alone as 3rd force independant-don’t mix with those $$independants$$ in Parliment.I can’t believe it that I as a Form 5 kickout knows better what to do than the hundreds of thousands members what’s good for the party.


LKY, what do you mean the party is “going to the dogs”. It was already full of tail wagging … for UMNO for umpteen years including under your so-called loud-mouth but do nothing capable leadership. Your so-called leadership quality was a reflection in the ‘lembek’ KTK as CM of Penang for umpteen lousy years.
So continue to be salivating …, Gerakan! Your ‘Boh-L-Hood’ Gerakan’s days are numbered.


The black garden The skulls of departed souls There it lies for eternity The remnants of lost lives The ground buries deep Out of the reach of mind There lies the evil serpent Licking out its tongue of wisdom The potholes of waiting souls The evil serpent will drag its victims Crying and struggling through The domain once in hardly an escape You can try to reason Maybe bargain for your life It only flares its anger The taste of live The evil serpent makes no promise It makes you dance in its eyes Slowly when you are tired It… Read more »


Do we need to expect KTK to be leading a failed party.? He is only being there in as a back door Minister just to fill in the blank seat. Once he goes against UMNO the UMNO goons and PERKASA will tear him apart. He has to look after himself and be a good man just to please UMNO not for the members of GERAKAN. In Sabah we also have one ex DCM RT being the same just to be in place to please UMNO.


Muhyiddin and the Umno guys in Penang have created this ridiculous issue of ‘haram’ money so as to turn the Malays against the opposition. The people who participated in the act of returning the money most probably knew they were participating in a ‘wayang kulit’ show and were probably well rewarded for their acting. The Umno leadership must think that the Malays are really stupid who can be made to forget about the billions stolen by the Umnoputras and be made to hate the opposition by putting up such shows. Umno still has not learnt that Dr Mahathir Mohamad put… Read more »


It is very sad indeed to note that politics has degenerated to such low and mean level in this country. Whilst the rich Muslim ministers enjoy all their salaries and perks from the Consolidated Fund, that include ‘haram’ taxes, these Muslim ministers and leaders influence poor innocent Malays and manipulate their ignorance to return RM100 paid in good faith by the Penang government for their welfare needs by citing Islamic tenets, which are ignored by the rich and mighty Muslims.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Is it any wonder that the political eunuch choose to attend MCA’s AGM over his own party’s EGM? At the former, he could rub shoulders with big guns (who matters to him), like PM, TPM, and other UMNO ministers!! He must surely be the ‘bodek king’ amongst all the component party leaders! By the next GE, Gerakan is not only going to remain buried in Pg, but elsewhere, Malaysians would surely bury them for good. PKR has to pull up its socks, present credible candidates in the next GE, especially wary of those recyled and who abandon BN… Read more »


Chua Soi Lek does not even want ‘Ostrich’ Koh to attend the MCA’s agm !!!

‘Ostrich’ Koh is a real sick joke. He simply has no self-respect and no pride.


It was very obvious, Gerakan was used to cone the Chinese votes to capture the State for UMNO/BN. Gerakan never had a free hand to rule…just a figure head…even the lowest tier UMNO … have no respect for the (political) Eunuch Gerakan Chief. PR gomen is not perfect but, compared to other UMNO State gomens, at least, they were able to give “Halal” angpows to the senior citizens! Can anyone enlighten me, whether, UMNO/BN have ever done such a nice gesture to the old? It was not a big deal but, it was definitely, a fine start!

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
💡 ‘RAKYAT’ in majority all out must send all those bad + greedy politicians that they will be REJECTED STOCKS comes this 13th GE no matter who they are 💡
Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

Ellese A

What we should do is make the parties to compete for our interest and benefit. It’s not what we can do for them but what they can do for the rakyat. In that way they will always be kept on their toes and mindful of the rakyat.

Dr rafick is trying out this responsive political model. We went through a huge debate on this issue. See his blog rigts2write. This is a dawn of something new and if it works can be replicated elsewhere.


Gerakan have no b….. Period.
Subservient to corrupt UMNO.


I was wondering earlier if party politics hadn’t ‘had its day’. With Constitutional guarantee of freedom of association and no obligation on the part of the candidate to continue flying the flag they were elected under, there appears to be almost no value to the voter in declaring an affiliation. Worse than that, it appears to be actually misleading in cases such as that of Ibrahim Ali.

Would it be simpler and more representative if we elected only Independents whose attitudes to our concerns we could check on a one-to-one basis?