Generation 709 vigil for PSM 6


A group calling itself Generation 709 held a vigil earlier tonight seeking the immediately release of the six PSM political activists detained without trial under the Emergeny Ordinance.

Photograph: mediarakyat
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24 Jul 2011 2.01pm

EO is just a tactic of intimidation to scare off the average rakyat in case they entertain any thoughts of an “Arab Spring”. THe BN Govt is well aware that they should not go too far to detain the better known leaders as that could a huge outcry and backlash at both local and international level. They hope by detaining these lesser known and average activists will achieve the desired effect of intimidation yet would limit the splash. Communism and waging war against the Agong were just some hairbrained charges dreamed up by overly ambitious PDRM officers as excuses to… Read more »

22 Jul 2011 3.01pm

(we dont have mainstream media coverage, so please broadcast over the internet. thanks…)

COME register as a voter this weekend and next weekend at Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia (RABM) from 2-4pm.


16-17 July (Saturday & Sunday)

23-24 July (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 2-4pm


Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia,

66 Lorong Setiabistari 1,

Bukit Damansara

If you’re already a registered voter, you can drive all your friends and family who are not yet a voter to RABM on these weekends!

+603-2095 0435


Andrew I
Andrew I
22 Jul 2011 10.21am

Please 1email your English teacher to find out the meaning of begging. Since you yourself admit that you are uneducated and proud of it, we’ll ignore this comment, like all the ones before.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
22 Jul 2011 6.01am

Hah, begging for freedom 2.0 !!!

People, take this as an important lesson before you do anything. Enjoy your ABC drinks, don’t cause trouble and you have the freedom.

Yummmmmmmmm seng !!!