Four arrested, taken to Dang Wangi Police Station (Photos)


The scene at the Dang Wangi Police Station following the arrests of four activists and politicians for alleged ‘sedition’.

Safwan Anang, Tian Chua, Haris Ibrahim and Tamrin Ghafar are expected to be charged at the Jalan Duta Courts tomorrow.

A crowd gathers outside the police station as news of the arrest spreads
Gobind Singh and other lawyers wait inside the police station
Student activist Safwan Anang arrives at the police station
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They are doing the bidding of a sinister hidden hand to ensure that he will not get the Pink slip come the next UMNO GA and Party Election! so are the rakyat going to be cucumbers to their sickenings bullying and selective persecution of OKTs..
They believe they got Laws and arms to stifle and silence Rakyats anger and dissatisfaction!
What is left to be done, we cannot just leave it to Haris< Tamrin and TC!
Safwan will be mince-meat if not quickly protected! Look at how Adam Adli's fate affected his mother!


The next move by BN is to emulate Singapore’s PAP government to ‘regulate’ websites that report on local politics?


Gobind Singh Deo just twitted Haris Ibrahim,Tamrin Ghafar Baba and Safwan have been released on police bail. Have to attend Sessions Court KL at 9am tmro morning to be charged under the Sedition Act.

Why all the fuss and intimidation by Polis in the first place? Why not just give them notices to appear court tomorrow? What hope do we have for a better Malaysia with these morons running the PDRM? – that’s definitely not in the best interest of Rakyat Malaysia!


Call for “reconciliation” next minute Najib Razak/BN on a witch hunt suppressing dissent! A real hypocrite, cannot be trusted!


The current poll on Yahoo shows that 78% did not agree with Najib’s choice of cabinet members.

Phua Kai Lit

Stolen election, illegitimate government, usurper PM.
Neofascist regime.