Farewell, blogger Rustam; welcome, blogger Mustafa


And so the baton is passed in the relay of life.

From one true Malaysian and leading public intellectual, Rustam, and his blog

…. to another, as Mustafa K Anuar, the asst secretary of Aliran, kicks off his blog with his first full entry on World Press Freedom Day.

When Mus told me he was starting a blog, I remarked that he would be taking up the blogging baton that Rustam has handed over. Mus is also coordinator of Charter 2000-Aliran, a citizens’ media initiative to promote press freedom, and fellow of the Asian Public Intellectuals (API) programme.

Some of the best journalists in Malaysia today were taught by Mus and his colleagues – and they will undoubtedly be delighted to see his blog.

Rustam and Mustafa – both wonderful people with a broad, universal outlook; both involved in the media; both passionate about the cause of justice; both Aliran members – and both genuine Malaysians.

One blog goes dormant and another springs to life.

Mus says he is starting his blog because he has

“this nagging desire to know how it feels to be a monkey, a prostitute and an unemployed, among other unsavoury things!

For the uninitiated, these ‘labels’ were hurled against Malaysian bloggers by the powers-that-be especially before the 12th general election”.

Visit Mustafa’s brand new blog.

Please help to support this blog if you can.

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Dear Anil,
Am a journalism student at Monash U. Is it possible to write to you privately through a separate email?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

When it’s a choice of jail over bail
The blogger’s brave guts we must hail
Though the path to full justice is no plain sail
We know ultimately truth and God’s justice will never fail

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 070508
Wed. 7th May 2008.


glad to hear that!

i met mustafa once during the aliran round-table discussion and he seemed a nice, friendly, soft-spoken person. i’m sure his blog will be as interesting as yours.


From RPK’s Malaysia-Today.net written by little dragon, May 07, 2008 | 11:04:29 tian chua asked in parliament yesterday whether those who hv so loudly called (n written) for aab to resign (read umno members) shud also b hauled up for sedition? n since pete’s r article is more closely linked to najib, he also questioned whether No. 2 is now more important than No. 1? going by d wide application of d Seditions Act, wat tian chua said is indeed poignant. shudn’t d actions of these umno warlords also b equated to instigating a REVOLT against d government? isn’t d… Read more »


This morning, when Kak Marina, RPK’s wife, went to the Sg. Buloh prison to visit RPK, she was told by the prison guard that RPK refuses to see anyone, including his own wife. And the following is from RPK’s site — http://www.Malaysia-Today.net written by erin, May 07, 2008 | 12:46:29 I received the info frm Kak Marina, and from the officer statement it’s like RPK requested not to be visited by any body at the moment. but it doesn’t sounds right, right? is this another ‘power abuse’ practice? is the gov try to put away RPK from us? and yet… Read more »