Electrifying atmosphere at launch of Bersih 4


A crowd of a few thousand attended the launch of Bersih 4 tonight at the PJ Civic Centre.

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gk ong

The ability of Bersih to collect more than RM1.2 million in 10 days from donations and sales of T-shirts indicates public support towards the upcoming Bersih 4 rally.

Many overseas Malaysians are also ordering via online the Bersih 4.0 t-shirts, as they could be collectors’ items in time to come.


Ambiga wrote this in her article on NYT – ‘Among Malaysia’s Many Scandals’:

One of the Election Commission’s tactics was to break up constituencies that were BN strongholds so as to increase the number of seats allotted to them in Parliament, and thus bolster the BN’s potential gains. At the same time, it clumped together constituencies dominated by the opposition, reducing those constituencies’ total number of representatives and the opposition’s chances.

In addition to Bersih’s demands, redistricting should be suspended, and the Election Commission should be dismantled. A new commission should be appointed in consultation with civil society.



Bersih 4 should proceed to Dataran Merdeka…

Don Anamalai

Please watch these good speeches:

Dr Azmi Sharom clarified the term ‘Parliamentary Democracy:’

Ambiga Sreenevasan: When We Criticize Them, They Want To Shut Us Down, Is Not Going To Work

Mat Sabu: Melayu Rasuah, Kita Lawan, Cina Rasuah, Kita Lawan, India Rasuah, Kita Lawan


The Mat Sabu speech is a must watch.

Let us all support Bersih 4 and join the rally!


Thanks for sharing the videos, very good!

Phua Kai Lit

Bersih 4.0 = popular democracy and People Power.


The unofficial Bersih 4.0 promo trailer


A bunch of troublemaker

gk ong

Bersih 4 will become the key highlight of this year Merdeka celebration as BN has got no cash (unless Najib could spare whatever is left of the RM2 billion donation) for some firework display at Dataran Merdeka, similar to the SG50 celebration at the red dot recently.


Non-participation from PAS and its Unit Ammal in Bersih 4 is another indication that it is pursuing Malay unity government with Umno. MCA and Gerakan should start preparing their press statements on this matter.


Crowd of a couple of hundred or even less made up of mostly their kind. You could say it’s a failure and it look like the people are just not interested with bystanders being there out of curiosity